Posted by: Editor | October 22, 2009

Hazara Zero Gravity Gymnastic Group

Despite no facilities, these young gymnasts are making fabulous performance.


  1. Dear Qowma,

    Be proud of what we are and keep motivating each other of what we do.

    These guys are really fantastic!!!

  2. May Allah bless Hazara youths, youngisters and protect them from Devil activities. May Allah give them his marefat, so they could get physical exercise with spiritual exercise , both are Lazim o Malzoom. Inshallah Taala.

  3. خدای بجه های هزاره را نیگا کند. د هر کجای دنیا که هستند زنده باشند. بدرستی که عقل سالم در بدن سالم است.
    خدا را شکر میکنم که شاهد شکوفایی استعدادهای خدادادی و انکار ناپذیر بچه های هزاره هستیم. انشاء الله که شاهد پیروزی شان در عرصه های بین المللی باشیم.

  4. Though they do not have access to better facilities, still they attempt and got to this position is really superb!

    Keep It Up!

    You are all great!

  5. Mind blowing! Amazing!

    Appreciate such stunning job by Great Hazara gymnasts.

    Surprising talents!

    United We Stand!

  6. Isnt It Awesome…

  7. A thousand more Nikpai’s on the way inshallah!

    This is what you call natural talent – totally innate, can be polished but not taught

  8. Guys think, if these guys had the facility and support they could do alot better.

    i wish i could support them.

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