Posted by: Editor | November 13, 2009

Assassin of Hazaras Arrested: Police


Police say "Assassin of Hussain Ali Yousafi and other Hazaras arrested".

Quetta: Quetta Police say the assassin of Shaheed Yousafi, Chairman Hazara Democratic Party, Syed Talib Agha , DSP Hassan Ali, a Hazara police officer, Chief Mine Inspector Eng. Ashraf Changezi, Advocate Wulayet, and many other Hazaras, who were killed in the recent wave of target killings, have been arrested.

Hafiz Usman alias Abbas Muhammadshai is a high-profile member of Lashkar-e-Janghvi, the militant outfit that claimed responsibility for the attack on Hazara Imam Bargah, Hazara Police Cadets and many other secterian and ethnic attacks in Quetta. Police say Hafiz Usman has accepted responsibility for the murders of Hussain Ali Yousafi and all recent incidents of target killing. While presenting him in front of media, Hafiz Usman made “Victory” sign. Police also said it has seized the AK-47 used in the recent incidents of target killing of Hazaras.

The consecutive target killing of Hazaras have claimed lives of over 300 innocent people since the beginning of 2009. Law enforcement agencies were totally failed to stop the target killing, which is still going on in Quetta. The recent dramatic arrest of a member of Lashkar-e-Janghvi seems a symbolic move by the concerned quarters. Lashkar-e-Jangvi is not an underground outfit. Intelligence agencies know all whereabouts of its leadership and members, but have kept closed-eyes towards them.

Some Hazaras beleive assassination of the professional and political leadership of Hazaras are carried out by “hidden black hands” with strong presence in the establishment. Arrest of one member of a militant organization is very dramatic. His “victory” sign shows he is assured of his fate. Last year in January, two terrorists of Lashkar-e-Jangvi, Hafiz Saifur Rehman and Shafiqur Rehman, responsible for attacks on Ashura Procession of 2004, Hazara Imam Bargah and Hazara Police Cadets, broke away from a high-profile Anti-Terrorist Force Jail in Quetta.


  1. Killer’s hand and fingers! Forecast is a better option!!! HAND and EYES!
    Learn to value your lives! Nothing else!!!
    Turk_Mongol is the Shaman because I am from Mongolia:)

  2. Or Vise Versa!!!! Reverse Psychological graphical effect! Innocent Hazara_Mongol_Turk Lives!!!!!
    Our Branches are growing with technology in partallel!!! We are in Turkmanistan, Ozbekistan, Kazakhistan, Mongolia, Azerbaycan, Russia, America, Alaska, Kyrgizistan,Tuyrkiye, China! Well, Hazara life losts are on screen and what happense is a killer of all Hazaras in jail many times! Value Hazaras! This breed teaches you of loyalty, purity, obedience. Killing them means !!!! Figure it ut!!!
    Hit the Turk with the CLUB!!! What happense? only The Club suffers!!!! Unity! UNITY UNITY 🙂
    One man has many copies in this world! Kill one will leave the others alive!
    Shaman the Mongol:) Be respectful:) To good Humans:)

  3. Nawaz (Knows) is guranteed, Majeed (He knows nothing of all operation) is worried, and the policeman in the background, has some important job to do 🙂 May be to meet his lover!
    Only Eyes !!!!

  4. The Eyes show everything!

  5. The V sign shows Victory of corruption, madness, extremism, ugliness, crime, lack of education, inhumanity and SLAVERY and “Masked Killing.”
    The Impression shows that the Masked Killer is captured and that he is able to show V sign in democratic environment!
    World has changed a lot Victorious killer! Get along with the changes. Discover, learn before departure. Love and accept the knowledge. Please. My request. This will save you.
    Shaman the Turk-Mongol.

  6. i am a teenager from norway who thinks that the killing of hazaras in pakistan is terrible! how can they have hearts to do this with innocent people?! im glad they’ve been arrested, it makes me glad, but im sure every men in pakistan is scared. take care people, may god be with you!

  7. A person whose face wa can not see is really a is just a policy.i heared that politics has no mother and father but now they are making a mother and father for it.

  8. Since the past so many months, hazaras have been forcing and pressurizing and blaming the government for not doing anything. It’s quite clear that this is all just a drama to offset the minds of the hazaras off the basic fact that they are being murdered for no good reason and there is no stopping to it.
    This arresting of the so called “terrorist responsible for killing almost ALL the hazaras” is merely a drama. Just because he claims responsibility to everything does not mean that he actually did do all those things. He is just a pawn on the chess board, the king and queen are hiding far away from all this matter.
    if our government/police/army was so capable, they would’ve stopped all this a long time ago and prevented everything from happening. And like one of my brothers mentioned earlier that the two terrorists who were arrested, broke jail with a couple of their other friends just before the day of Ashura (i think). This just shows how strong our police force is.
    So don’t be fooled my brothers n sisters. this is just a lie. I do hope with all my heart that i am wrong and he truly is the guy who did all those things. If so then the government should torture this person to death and try to reveal the whereabouts of his friends and group members. And if this too is a too big of a task for our FORCES then i’d suggest just hand him over to US. We will do what needs to be done.
    At this time, all we need to do is stay united and stop back biting. If we won’t look out for each other then no one else will. please. UNITE!!

  9. my Dears,

    Just arresting a person whose face we dont know who he may be is a joke. When the agencies are much in pressure or the provincial Govt. is not satisfied with its police department, then they do such dramas to ease the tensions and hatred among the people. We have seen many incidents of such dramas before in different parts of Pakistan. There is a very big network of Target Killings of our people in Quetta, they know everything about our prominent leaders, they know about their addresses, where they go and where they work, its not a small amount of people my dears, its a big network, in which some officials of the Govt. is also involved. Its also possible that there may be link from Jundullah.
    We should not rest now or relex or to enjoy about such dramas played by the police.

    we should continue our protests, demonstrations and blaming the present Govt. with its Chief Minister, we should go in detail about every case of our people, we have lost so many prominent persons, just arresting one person is not the solution of such incidents, the whole network should be demolished and disclosed infront of our people, but it needs our commitment to goto different parts of the world, tell all the hazaras of the world to organise protests , Im very encourged by the steps taken by the HIF in UK, that they will present our genocide in the European parlament.

    my brothers, blame the Govt. as much as you can, until all the hypocracies will be disclosed to us.

    God bless you all

    Anwar Azeem

    Vienna, Austria

  10. A new baby in this world:)
    My DNA test shows I am a Chengiz Khan’s blood holder.
    1-To Baluchi Brothers: Can’t you find a specific person to ask your questios? Why to kill randomly? Why do you kill an innocent Hazara who is the only bread earner.
    2. Did Hazaras stop you from progress?
    3-To LJ(Lashkar Janghvi): Can you be so specific regarding your targets? That is the Arabs who transferred this philosophy of Shiaism to Hazaras. Go to Saudi Arabia and kill the source.
    3- To Pakistanis (You still use Turkish Word URDU as your national language. You have many words from Turks. You have lessons about Turks in your text books). Turks think of you as a brother nation but you are killing their kinsmen?
    4. If you are unable to govern, soon there will be outsiders to govern you! know and remember this theory before it’s late!!!!!!!!
    Snow White:)

  11. his name is also HAFIZ USMAN how? and his video clips comd in 8th november 2009 and this HAfiz USMAN Arristed 12th november 2009.. understand what i mean .. police shows us that he was, but i dont think if he is mardar shia hazara in quetta ,,, we must take care of us ,

  12. watch this video and i dont think that he was in quetta i think he was in swat and police arrestd hi mand show here in quetta that he madar shia hazara …

  13. Asalam o alikum ,
    I became happy when i listen the news that the terrorest had arrested by the police . and the terrorest Hazif Usman had accept that he had killed Hussain Ali Yousufi and other 27 Hazara . if the court of pakistan is independent ,then he should be death sentence …… , and the police of Quetta should not leave him like before they leave terrorests . because the police can do anything for the money and all of us know ……

  14. It is a very good progress. As I remmber few year ago same person was captured by police and he escaped from prison……
    Let see what will be happen this time….. this person must be hange till death.

  15. plz read this.

    This looks a turning points and seems that the agencies want to make their exit way back from Sectarian Killing. But here they seems to changes their tactics that might be because some internatioanal action might be about to take place against this target killing and my other speculation is Muharram and this is also a factor where people might get out of control.

    I don’t think that this alleged person or the group is the right person or group. By this trail I think the agency just try to deceive we as Hazara to keep us silent and also misguide the judiciary process to hide the real faces involved.

  16. The killer is arrested

    This is not enough to be satisfied with. He is just a tool used by a strong network which includes politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, religious personals etc. We have seen in the past that terrorists like this one and even worse were caught and killed but the assassination and genocide never stopped rather its intensity increased with time. Terrorism is not executed by few culprits like these, it is a philosophy and way of thinking of a strong and capable group of people. Today this person is arrested so easily and God knows what are the intentions behind this. Definitely this culprit was not capable to point out the main persons in Hazaras neither he knew the schedule of their daily life. To stop the political awareness and protests of Hazaras worldwide ???
    One thing is 100% sure that this genocide will never stop against us. We will always live with this threat unless we stand on our own feet and be able to tackle them by ourselves. Today this person is arrested and tomorrow people worst than this will appear.


  17. Simply a Drama!!!

  18. Not providing enough solace to me atleast. He should be made an example…but being lashed to death.

  19. This issue has to be disscused with leaders of hazara in quetta to pressurise on provincial and central govt to execute to death the arrested members, there should no longer be life sentence for those merciless assissinator, otherwise the will run away from prison under the command of Raissani the provincial first ministor.

    I would like to request to Abass ali, the runner of the hazara news pakistan to accumlate the suggestion and comments to put on the table to leaders and politcians of hazra in quetta to consider the issue seriously, we dont want the assassinators to run away again from prison and prey hazaras again. the should be killed other wise we live in trouble in the whole of our life. thanks

    • I think he is Small pace of puzzle and it is not rocket since that no body can under stand that it is not a job of one or few people to find all these high profile Hazara people timing when how they go or come to work.It need a lot effort time and money/management and covering them .I think it is very highly organized group with the inside Govt help .
      On the other hand the police or what ever…………. are trying to show or cut story off they bring only one person in front. So what it mean first for those family they lost love ones and the hazara people that many people were killed ?
      why in the past few years they involve Hazara in these kind of game and if any body remember Pervaiz Musharraf when he was doing press conference in Germany or it was some where in Europe, when these people did attack on nimaaz-e-Juma and he told the world look this is happening in country or befor that Interior Minister told look in Quetta their is no sectarian violence. the very next day it happened against Hazara police cadet.It was start and it is going on and on till today……
      So stop think like (Shola khoo bukhar pardey khoo kanoo) World changing very fast if we want to leave or go with the rest of world . then we should change our thing and way of life.


  20. Have A Lot To Say BUT


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