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Hazaragi Academy Book Launching Ceremony

Hazaragi Academy Book Launching Ceremony

Quetta: Sunday December 6th 2009 in Khadija Mehmoodi Hall, Tanzeem, Hazaragi Academy Tanzeem Nale-Nau Hazara Mughal, organized a book launching ceremony for “Aakhri Safha”(the last page) and “Dast-e-Barther” (Upper Hand), two new books published by the academy.

Renowned personalities of the community, intellectuals, poets, bureaucrats, officers, teachers and students attended the ceremony. Famous scholar and educationist Professor Nazir Hussain presided the ceremony and Rahat Malik scholar and prominent columnist, was honored as Chief Guest of the occasion. Talib Hussain Talib, famous Urdu poet was the stage secretary.

Jalal Ohadi, a historian, poet, scholar came on stage and expressed his views on the book “Dast-e-Barther” briefly. Citing an example of a hostage treatment for more than thirteen years, he said that the writer has articulated many valuable points of the Hazara society and the overall situation of the area where he was detained.

Mirza Azad, President Hazaragi Academy and writer, in his speech said the Academy was laid down in the inception of 1970s, unfortunately it did not materialize. Later on in 1989, a group of twelve members constituted a body and registered the academy; again it did not go ahead. At last, in the end of 2003, the leadership of Tanzeem decided to make active the Hazaragi Academy by resuming its activities from the very bottom and zero level. In the short journey where academy had commenced its journey with no book, and only two monthly magazines, now there are published a dozen of books on various subject and five monthly magazines are being published every month. HA-President further added that the academy is rendering its services freely and voluntarily within its limited resources. He said that until there is no space of appreciation and encouragement for the writers, writers, poets and 1intellectuals will not be able to play their role in society effectively.

He admired the work of Mustafa Shahid, poet and writer of “Aakhri Safha” (the last page) by saying that Shahid, creates his characters in the backdrop of the realities prevailed in our society. He said that Shahid picks his characters from the core of society. The influence of Ghulam Abbas, Krishan Chandar and Saadat Hassan Manto is clearly seen in the writings of Mustafa Shahid. The writer of “Aakhri Safha” can be said to be a humanist, who does not believe in all creeds and distinctions of race, religion and color.

Mohsin Changazi, eminent and well known Urdu poet read his appreciative article on “Aakhri Safha” saying that Shahid’s adore his characters, his commitment to literature is amazing. He said that when Shahid was going aloof from poetry, times and again he expressed his critic but by the passage of time, it came on the surface that Shahid was sunk in discovering characters in an other field. He said that like Shahid’s  poetry his short stories are also a source of inspiration to him.

Large number of people attended the Book Launching Ceremony of Hazaragi Academy.

Rahat Malik, the famous writer and columnist, said that though he has not gone through the stories of Shahid deeply, but it seems that there is a man hidden somewhere in the mind of Mr. Shahid. He referred that it was a time, where people lived their happiest days in this city, while today the weather of Quetta city is colored with blood, fear and menace, but it is hoped that Mustafa Shahid’s voice would help to attract the caring and humanitarian feelings of the rulers and the people who are at the helm of affairs.

In the end the President of the ceremony Professor Nazir Hussain said that it was a time when the atmosphere was not conducive for such activities. He said Shahid’s characters do what it seems to be deemed and appropriate in the story. “I have gone through his poetry and some fictions which are well knitted by Shahid.”  He said that in times of crises people turn to unhealthy activities, but here in our society we delve in writings whatever be the times. These are all done not by ease but by passion and hard working of the academy. Well done and keep it up.

Mustafa Shahid, the writer and author, thanked the audience and the participants warmly and said that in the background of continuing tensions, the atmosphere permeating the events are exemplary. He admired the achievements of the academy, recognizing that all his short fictions are the fruit and products of the magazines published by Hazaragi Academy.


  1. great effort by hazaragi academy. Hope to read the book soon

  2. why the creator of this site is not updating the news. it has been more than one month we have not heard any news.
    i hope that my comment will be considered.

  3. Great acadimic efforts….Highly appriciated, All this efforts needs to be channalized on a track towards greater goal that is still unclear to all of us as nations. Most of the character in our society are not inspired by a larger goals that help the society towards a clear goals. They mostly hunted in a complexity in their inner self created by the different writer of such kind that has not been clear for their own. While one with none clear goal always can creat problem with magnificent words of itself like a Jugler that is a fake beauty and a fake trick to to show other and impress others that has always been without clear and visible outcomes for society.
    The efforts with out clear impact on the life of people can be converted to a more meaningful track. Certainly these are a potential energy of our nation that should be used in more meaningful way and it needs of re-defining of what we should do and for whom? what impact can it can have on the people or population of concer.

  4. There is no doubt that a writer has got a very major role to form or shape a society in either way.If we study the revolation of France than we come across ROSO i belive his one sentance based the revolation that MEN BORN FREE BUT WHY HE IS IN CHAIN?.no doubt the hazaragi acadmy does a good job but hazaragi acadmey has probably published like HAQAIQ NAAMA and now HA published Mustafa Shahid books it proves that HA published diffent quality of book

  5. Any Litrary activity in our society is praisworthy. Good job Hazaragi Academy.

  6. Salam Dear qoumai Gul.

    Have a nice time. Yes, Hazaragi Academy has been rendering its selfless services since last many years to the nation in the field of literature and history successfully. Four to five monthly magazines are being published by the Hazaragi Academy, and much more about a dozen of valueable books are published and brought to the readers available in open markets.
    For all such literary information U can visit the Web site of Hazaragi Academy

    and information about the function is available at:


  7. az shomo request monom ki khod khora da mazarai nisbat bidin naki da CHANGEZ KHONKHAR wa DARINDA. azra besyar khob mardom aste khoda nakana ki mo CHangezi shoni.

  8. please yar khod khora da CHANGEZ adam kosh wabasta nakin ami chiz sirf da mane chand mardom da quetta aste ki mo azra nasli CHANGEZ aste bilkol dorogh aste
    da afghanistan 1 nafar ham khod khora CHanGEZI namoga ami chiz ra chand nam nihad QOM PARASTA mashoor kada ki mo az nasli changez aste. power azra da afghanistan aste naki quetta. ona ech ham khod khora changezi namoga. changez 1 SAFFAK wa QATIL insaniyat bod

  9. No doubt that if our hero Changez Khan the Great had a well known and experienced historian with him. Today we would have much in our hand. Since the Great Khan on earth had no writer with him, his posture was distorted by the Chinese, Iranians and Russians. Why..? the reason is well known to every body. He was the ever great conquerrer on earth. Iranian King Khuwarzam Shah, betrwayed thrice with the envoys of Khan and made him compelled to teach him a lesson, so did Khan. Now, the Iranins call our hero Changez Khan as the bloody face of history, forgetting their own blood thirsty kings like Nadir Shaqh Afshar etc.

    Writers and the Hazaragi Academy is deserving highest appreciation. Well done.

  10. Slam,

    this is an impressing work from Hazaragi academy. Hard work can bring success and i am very happy to see your success.

    wish you a vey bright and wonderful future.

  11. Very pleased to know about the literary work. We need more such activities.

  12. dear Mr.Dayyar.

    This is a source of information for us to have the best information through this site. After a very long time, it has come to my knowledge that there is working a Hazaragi Academy in Quetta. I have lived my fifteen years in Iran. And I am in great britian since last nine years. It was excellent to read that our people are doing literary job in Quetta to the extent reported in ur site. Their work is really remarkable. They must be appreciated very much. If they are endorsed and appreciated they will be able to do more better job in future. Here in London, people run after such activities, besides all the limitation of time.
    In the end I must say thank you too, that due to your efforts, we are informed. May Allah give u 2 strength to continue ur job and deidcation.

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