Posted by: Editor | February 12, 2010

All Hazara Youth Football Tournament 2010

All Hazara Youth Football Tournament 2010

All Hazara Youth Football Tournament 2010 has been started in Hazara Goth, Karachi from February 06.  Participating teams are divided in two groups A and B. The Tournament is launched by Hazara Students Federation (HSF).

Teams in Group A and B

1st semi final will be on Saturday February 27 between Hazara Steel Face and Hazara Dead-evils. 2nd semifinal will be on Sunday February 28 between Hazara Challengers and Hazara Black Tigers at 5:00 pm on Haji Hussain Ali Hazara Ground Karachi.



  1. BASA BASA BASA…, Taifa parasti ra BASE Kaniin, AAlii Bayeen Yak Dist shooda HAZARAGI kaniin, Waqti EE Gaab ra famidiin Azoo baad Matanin Kamyaab basheen, Har kaas ki EE Gabi ra AAmaal kad, OOoo the Zingagi Khoo khamyaab asta, Moo balay azoo taar adama fakhar moni ki Faqaad barayi HAZARAGI kar mona. Kamyaab amoo asta ki barayi nijaat khoo Saar khoora bida, Shinakht dashta basha, Kamyaab OOoo niya ki Paisa dashta basha wa shinakht khoo ra Gooom kana. Wasalam.

  2. salaam baraye tamaam qauma.mashallah ki final ra az peshe dushmana baal kadin.ayinda ham amitar kamyaab bashin.khuda maula madad kana. thanks

  3. Bacahi Qawm khuda shomo ra kamyab kamyab kamyab kamyab wa sar buland kana…….. i loveeeeeeu hazaras

  4. mashallah qauma-e-gullum
    i always wanted to play in this tournament when i was young and when i grew up, we moved but it is still my dream to play in this amazing tournament and inshallah one day hopefully my dream will come true….

  5. It is a very good iniciation to organize such tournament out side Qeutta by the name of Hazara which represent our national indentity- I would say that if the names after hazara were the colours name like Hazara green or white would be better but i appriciate your efforts.

  6. Its great effort, we need our every Organization to act like this.
    So happy for this.

    Even “chem safeed, matlab ki tez” is very nice name for any team of sports.

    Very nice effort.

    thumbs Up.

  7. Ur Right Behroz..
    I tell u that this team named White Eyes …
    They r Really White eyes in Hussain Goth
    therfore they use this name to match their natural attitude with their team’s name

  8. and Also it is very 1st time in karachi we organize these type of competition…
    Insha allah time to time things will be get better and better…

  9. thnx for ur comments..
    Bro…U know that we hazaras doesnt listen to anyone..
    I also advised the teams that plz dnt use these kind of names….
    but they didnt listen to me..

  10. Well Appreciated………………..
    Hope they will establish HDP unit also in Karachi

  11. I became very happy when i listened that hazara students federation has arranged a football tournament for hazazars of Karahci. it will create an sport atmosphere among hazaras in Karachi which is a positive activity among hazaras in Karachi.

  12. I am very happy about the compitition. but the name of the teams are very strange and doesn’t really reflects any thing about hazaras. please name your team something related to hazaras. thankx

    • Oh! let them play. What if the names don’t portray the Hazara culture? It’s no big deal.

      I am more interested in the game.

      P.s. only one team’s name is kindda funny. the white eye….translate it in Persian and you will get “chem safeed” haha! No offence meant though. And “Dead evils” is inspired by the movies.

      Okay enough about the names. It won’t do a big harm. Just Play good!

      Good luck!

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