Posted by: Editor | March 11, 2010

Shaheed Baba Mazari’s Anniverssary

15th Anniverssary of Shaheed Baba will be held on March 14, at Khadija Mehmoodi Hall, Tanzeem Quetta, Pakistan.

Quetta: 15th anniversary of Shaheed Baba Abdul Ali Mazari will be held on 14th March 2010 at Khadija Mehmoodi Hall Tanzeem Nasle Nau Hazara Mughal Quetta, Pakistan. This grand anniversary will be attended by representatives of Hazaras, Pashtoons, Tajiks, Uzbiks, Balochs. Intellectuals will talk about the vision of Shaheed Baba Mazari, the martyred leader of Hazaras across the world.

Program: 14th March March, 2010 Sunday.

Time: 2:30 PM

Venue: Khadija Mahmoodi Hall, Tanzeem Nasle Nau Hazara Mughal Quetta, Pakistan.

Read here last year’s anniversary report.

Meanwhile, Hazaragi Academy has arranged a poetry session on the occasion of 15th Anniversary of Shaheed Baba.

Hazara Academy has arranged poetry session on the anniversary of Shaheed Baba.


  1. Br Dayyar, slaam.
    thank you very much for your hard work and doing well to keep informed all our people who have access to internet in connections to the new happenings of our people.
    15th Anniversary of Baba Mazari, obviously demands from us to think that weather we have followed the path of Baba or not? Where are those leaders today who were committed with Baba? Where is the party of Baba Mazari today and in what a condition it is? What was the philosophy of Baba in his life till his martyrdom, Are we following Baba’s philosophy? Dozens and Hundreds of questions are arrising, waiting for reply to our so called Leaders of Today Ustad Khalili and Ustad Mohaqiq.
    Where are those people who claim to be the followers of Baba Mazari. Baba put his life in the way to make secure our future and our life. Today we people whereever go, the world knows about us, they respect us and they give us enough protocol. Have we ever thought, why is it so? Why before Baba Mazari, no body was ready to accept us as a Hazara.
    Brs and Sisters.
    This is the time that on 15th Anniversay of Baba Mazari, whereever it is held, all of us, the followers of Baba must commit that we will keep continue the path laid down by Baba.
    Khalili and Mohaqiq both of them have devided the Party of Baba into two rather into four different groups. WHY? WHY? WHY?
    All of them calim to be loyal to Baba, in fact non of them are loyal to Baba.
    The only decendant of BAba Miss Zainab Mazari is living in Iran, who had a key role in martyrdom of Baba. What are the responsibility of the people who have occupied the Chair of Baba?
    Brs & Sisters.
    Please Pay a Sura-e-Fatiha for Baba and commit that we will fight to keep continue the mission of Baba in our routine life, not only one day on the anniversary Day of Baba.

  2. Here are some quotes of Martyred Leader Abdul Ali Mazari and one of the true national heroes of Afghanistan who sacrificed his life not only for Hazara. He did it to secure for all the ethnic and religious minority in Afghanistan once was call the Heart of Asia.

    1. “Our only wish for our people is that being Hazara should no longer be a crime.”
    تنها خواست مابرای مردم ما اینست که دیگر هزاره بودن جرم نباشد.
    2. No society can survive without social justice, equality, tolerance, and brotherhood.

    هیچ جامعۀ نمی تواند بدون عدالت اجتماعی،،تحمل ،برادری و برابری باقی بماند.
    3. I have no interest at heart other than your interest…. I have never asked God to separate me from you just to save my own life and leave you alone on the battlefield. No I never asked God … I have always wished for my blood to be shed and to be killed in your midst … Away from you, my life has no value at all.”

    من هیچ منافعی غیر از منافع شما ندارم….از خدا هیچ نخواستم که من بدون شما جایی بروم ،شما را در معرکه تنها بگذارم و خودم جانم را نجات بدهم و نه این را از خدا نخواستم ،خواستم که در کنار شما خونم اینجا بریزد و در بین شما کشته شوم و در خارج از شما زندگی هیچ برایم ارزشی ندارد.

    17. All Hazara people have only one single choice. This is their unity and solidarity. For those who are in Europe and those who are in Pakistan and those who are living in Afghanistan. You all must become united by asking one single right, by having one goal. You should be aware the rights will not be given to you; the rights should be taken for you. Therefore you must be prepared to take your rights.

    در مقابل همۀ مردم هزاره تنها یک راه وجود دارد ، و آن وحدت و یکپارچگی آنهاست، چه آنهائیکه در اروپا هستند، چه آنهائیکه در پاکستان اند. و چه آنهائیکه در افغانستان اند. یک حق بخواهند و یک هدف داشته باشند. باید آگاه بود که حق داده نمی شود، بلکه حق گرفته می شود. لذا باید برای حق گرفتن آماده بود.

    ترجمه توسط احمد امانی از کتاب احیای هویت آسترلیا

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