Posted by: Editor | March 18, 2010

Baba Mazari Anniversary in Quetta

15th Martyrdom Anniversary of Baba Mazari.

Quetta: 15th Martyrdom Anniversary of Baba Mazari was commemorated with reverence on 14th March, Friday under the joint auspices of Tanzeem Nasl e Nau Hazara Mughul and Mazari Foundation in Quetta, Pakistan. The Anniversary was attended by the representative of the Consul General of Afghanistan in Quetta, Murtaza Khurami; Founder and Chairman of Tanzeem, Ghulam Ali Haideri; former Minister Sardar Nisar Ali Hazara, representative of Afghan communities; Pushtoons and Tajiks in Quetta and many intellectuals and professionals.


  1. i have visited to this site in which about the baba mazari anniversary in kabul and pakistan so we are also are participating through the net way, The God bless on him.

  2. salam to all hazara or to one who read n see that comment.
    yea thanks for the one who orgizna that Anniversary in Guetta Pakistan and i hope you all be fine well done for that.

    by Reza from Melbourne Australia

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