Posted by: Editor | March 21, 2010

3 Killed in Target Killing

Three Hazaras were killed on March 20, 2010.

Quetta: Three Hazaras were killed while three others sustained serious injuries when unknown armed men  opened fire on a vehicle carrying Hazara vegetable-sellers from market to Hazara Town on Saturday March 20, 2010.

The martyrs are Ghulam Raza, Khan Muhammad and Muhammad Ali, who died on the spot. Others including Asmatullah and Muhammad Yousaf got critical injuries.  Police arrived late on the scene, when the assailants had fled the area.

Angry protesters blocked the Brewery Road in front of Police Station and chanted against the Government and law enforcement agencies for being failed to arrest the target killers.  They demanded on the higher-ups to immediately arrest the assailants and later dispersed peacefully.

In a recent wave of target killing, the other day two Hazara laborers were killed in Akhtarabad Area of Hazar Ganji, Quetta. Police officials call the incidents as sectarian target killing, but yet no outfit has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Target killing of Hazaras took a peak in 2008 and 2009. More than 400 people have been killed, but non of the terrorists have been arrested. Hazara Democratic Party has called a protest demonstrated today, Sunday March 21.

Protesters chanting against the Govt. for being failed to arrest the terrorists.


  1. dear editor!
    thank u soo much for creating this site for hazara people.. alot of awareness is being developed in our nation by these activities. yet we need alot more! we need to progress coz if someone is pushing us down it only means one thing that we r above them. we need the spirit to live n struggle!! untill we have that no one can finish us!!

  2. thnk u so much for making this website for hazaras

  3. salam to all and i hread this news i feel very sad for there family that they lost their fathers brothers and a great person of their family

    and at last i think that i will happen untill we do not take any action we have to wake up now pls wake up my hazara nation face them and tell them we are hazara and we are from changaz pls wake up nation

  4. first of all,i share my deeply sadness with my brothers in quetta.we can not afford more of our killing by animals.just be united.we should arrest our enemy and get our right.we can help ourself,we can feel ourself,we can kill our enemy by ourself.

  5. I request the editor or the reporters of the hazara news pakistan that it would be so kind of them not to display the pictures of those who are martyred. It is ethically not suitable plus the pain that we feel right in our hearts can minimised as well. It is fine just with the news, and no pictures but the pctures of the events must be put here.
    Thank you, it was just a suggestion if you listen to it and think upon it might be kind.

    • Dear Raazia,
      Thanks for your suggestion. But its important for the world to know the bloody target killings of Hazaras. Photos, though painful, are important to highlight the atrocities.


  6. Again another sad incident happened with the people of our community. No words can explain the pain we have in our hearts.. We can just watch us being killed in this GOD damn country, where no one can help , no one can hear , and no one wants to raise a voice. Khuda e mulk ra az baikh khao beda ki az gham she begham shuni.

  7. u can beat your enemies

    you are strong in faith (shia)

    you are changez by blood (hazara)

    you are not a coward nation

    get united fight for your life

    because you are warrior

  8. asslam alaikom ma ami khabar ra ki shinidoom baykhi paraishaan shodom kii baaz hazara quetta azmo shaheed shood ma h namofamom ki e kaar ra ki mona wa hakomat chara da khilafi azi taget killing ago action na mona wa o qatil ki azaad azaad migirda wa enjoy mona onara chara khoda onara nabood namoona wa e afghana kii jasoosi moona da manay hazaraha da bahanay layri chalandoo wa moga kii ma balday 1 chand rooz aminji amday . mo chara chara o naara jaga midi kii baya jasoosi kana khoo bahar haal khoda o shaheeda raa biamoorza wa zakhmi raa shafa bidya ameen!

  9. KhuDa Nai Aaj Thak Uss Qoom Kee HaLath NaHee BadLee, Na Ho Jis Ko KhaYal ApNi Aap HaLath BaDalNai Ka.

    Don;t ask help from Imam Hussain AS, he showed you already how to stand for your rights.

  10. I felt very sad when I read this sad news. Inshallah the time is near when Imam Mehdi A.S will come and he will take the revange from the sons of Yazid lain. these are very lucky people who are martyrs and friend of Imam Hussain Mazloom A.S. I pray that the 3 injured people get well soon and Allah protect the innocent hazaras from their enemies. there is no law in pakistan thats why all these things happen with Shia.
    God protect you all brothers.

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