Posted by: Editor | April 2, 2010

Protest Rally of HDP [Video]


  1. sallam to all qowma e gull all over the world. as responsible member of HDP i gald to say that the vision of hussain ali yousafi was highlight all over the world. and i pray for the unity of hazara nation and i hope our nation have a good future.
    one nation one homeland HAZARISTAN(old hazarajat) lets pray for unity

  2. May Lord graciously bless Hazara. I firmly believe that God has a special plan for Hazara in middle east. There is very soon time that Hazaras will play the biggest role in middle east after being united for ruling Afghanistan first. Afhanistan is where the Hazaras must be united for. As well as i am for them from Mongolia.

  3. salaam to all Hazara in Quetta.
    i proud for of them and their unity.

    whenever i will open the news Hazara .
    i will get sadness.
    specially when i saw some picture from martyr,
    most of time i get very angry.

    what we sould do?
    what is the solution

  4. dont beg for ur lifes.. get it.. for many decades we just protest, what have we achieved accept more death bodies of our brother and friends..

  5. Wish Hazara and SHIA Best of Luck!

    God is with us. We do not believe in suicidal attacks. This is all cowardness to attack innocent people. They have to answere God one day.

    If they think that they are going to get away with this it is all bull shit. Lashkar e jhangwi or who ever is doing all this they no that they are week. They have not words to explain their true religion. So, they think that by killing human beings they r going to go to JANAT………No way?

    This is the time that Shia and Hazara should be proud of themselves, that we are united and we r the one going on the right path of religion. We do not promote suicidal attacks.

  6. sallam HDP waqean yag party khub asta faaliat khu nishan deda wa khahad dad. mo ifthikhar monee bale HDP
    ZInda baad HDp HAzara

  7. We, the Hazaras, living in across whole Australia are proud of our great nations in Quetta and present salam to them. HDP ZINDA ABAAD, HDP PAIYEEND ABAAD.
    Hussain Ali

  8. salam,
    I glad to observe that HDP is working for Hazara Nation. HDP is only Polictical party, which are on frontline, the eminance of leader and politicle party in our society has tiny importance. we have respect for HDP. thanks

  9. love u all hazara qaoma and we wishes the best for you all.

  10. afarin ba ghawma yee queeta ki amito zinda astin

  11. salam,
    realy great guys i just love your unity and love that u showd for the lovely nation keep it on guys you know what hazara guys whenevery they had united any nation got confused and hanged because we all look like complete army Allah bless all hazara Amen and at last ( Get Unitied so becoming a Hazara shouldn’t me any more crime) Amen……….

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