Posted by: Editor | July 19, 2010

“Walking Dreams” Latest Book by Khuda Dad Azara

"Walking Dreams" is the second book of Khuda Dad Azara

The latest book “Walking Dreams” of Khud Dad Azara, an evolutionist and writer is now available on Google Book. It is a collection of his aphorisms and second after the first book “Prophet of Mind”. These two books are part of his efforts to revitalize the philosophy and literature by adapting  aphorism as a medium of expression. This medium of expression is matching best transformed nature of expression through digitalization as well as mysterious but fascinating natures of philosophy and literature.

Khuda Dad Azara is a  Fulbright scholar and Ph.D student at Department of Biological Sciences, State University of New York, Binghamton. He has served as a Lecturer of Geology at Govt. Science College Quetta and also as a science teacher at A-ONE City Model High School, Hazara Town Quetta. Khudadad Azara got his Masters in Geology from Baluchistan University with first position in 2005.

You can buy the Kindle Edition of he book here at Amazon. You can read the book here at Google Books.


  1. SalaaaaaM KhudadaD BiraR ……
    Mashallah your book is great……I hope inshallah you will keeep doing this………….

  2. دوست محترم سلام و مانده نباشید
    سایت تازه تاسیس شده “غرجستان”شمارا برای باز دید دعوت می کند.
    همچنان از شما دوست عزیز میخواهیم که مقالات مفید خود را برای نشر در سایت غرجستان ارسال کنید.
    از آنجای که هدف از راه اندازی سایت قرار دادن یک پل ارتباطی بین تمام وبلاگ نویسان هزاره است،من از شما خواهش میکنم که در وبلاگ هزاره پیوند رفته و بیانیه سایت غرجستان را از انجا کپی کرده و در وبلاگ خود نشر کنید و همچنین از شما خواهش میکنم که وب سایت غرجستانرا درفهرست پیوندهای خود قرار بدهید
    با تشکر:مدریت وبسایت تازه تاسیس شده غـــــــــــرجستان.

    هزاره پیوند:

  3. It is absolutly amazing and intresting when you here a person which some howe belong to you, has written a book.
    Thank you alot birar Khuda dad ,keep it continue. We pray for you and other shia people.
    God bless you my brother.

  4. Great achievement…

  5. Khuda dad birar

    Please give some gap ….
    I want to see your 3rd book after 5 years ….
    keep studying and arranging the words …

    • Bamiyan birar when ur book is gona come in the market.

      by the way looking ur comment after a very long time. umid ke jor bodaa bashii.

  6. That’s a great news. Well done khuda dad azara. Can some one please tell me if his book is in English or Persian/Urdu.
    your help will be greatly appreciated

    • lol Ahmad,,,,, seems ya are not familiar with the book’s cover….

      Read the cover ya’ll guess it !!! if still hard to guess
      click the following link 🙂

      • Dear Mehdi, Perhaps Hearing the publication of this book Ahmad became so much proud that he may had lost his memory. No matter dear Mehdi you must thanks Almighty allah for such a comment he has sent.

        Would there be anyone else to send such a comment out Millions of hazaras world wide?

    • His book is in ENGLISH, and Very Very Creative and Interesting Book,
      Please read it if you have time. khuda hafiz,
      Hazaragi zinda bad

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