Posted by: Editor | September 6, 2010

73 Killed in Suicide Attack in Quetta

Suicide attack killed 73 in Quetta on Friday.

A suicide attack killed over 70 people in Quetta on Friday in a rally protesting Al-Quds Day (in support of Palestinians). Over 100 people, many severely, are injured. Police sources have confirmed the attack was carried by a suicide bomber who blew himself up in the middle of rally causing huge fire and bodies all around.
The rally was called by Imamia Students Organization, a pro-Iran group that calls the Al-Quds Day rally all across Pakistan. Police officials say they had warned the organizers of the rally about security threats and there was an agreement from the organizers that the rally will not go beyond the limited route. But when the rally reached Mali Bagh area, some organizers started chanting religious slogans and pushing police barricades. When the rally reached Mezan Chowk, a suicide bomber detonated explosives on his body. TV footages show people falling on ground after the blast. Intense firing erupted after the blast.
Some organizers blame the Frontier Corps forces opened fire on protesters after the blast and most casualties are caused by them. Police say armed protesters for private security of the rally also started firing in the air and around. A couple of vehicles were set on fire and intense firing was started around Mezan Chowk.
Government officials have condemned the incident saying culprits would be arrested. Lashkar-e-Janghvi has claimed responsibility for the attack.
Secretary General of Hazara Democratic Party, Abdul Khaliq Hazara has said the Government should take action against the organizers of the rally who went against the proposed route denying the agreement with security officials that caused so many human lives.


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  2. Salam to all,
    First of all my condolence to all Hazara Nation,
    Secondly, to stop it happen again i contacted our Mojtahid (Mohaqeq Kabuli Hazara) and asked him what to do should we go to the rally in this circumstances?
    He guided:
    “If the the life of a muslim is at risk you don’t need to go.”
    So please save your life because it is not a sin but a mercy.
    So visit and ask your self sending Istefara or what ever it is written there.
    Save your life and your Nation with in Islam.

  3. Dears please leave this terorism mullahs its enough they killed too many people by the name of Qods, is this qods ours only for Hazara or there are some other human that they also belongs to qods? is this belongs to hazara fathers no no no

  4. Ayatullah Mohaqeq Kabuli Says:

    Abondon Ql Qods Raily if your life is in risk

    Spread this message to all Hazaras… to save their lives

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم
    با سلام و تشکر از مکاتبه ی شما معظم له به سؤال شما به صورت زیر پاسخ گفته است:
    ج1: اگر جان مسلمانان در خطر باشند راهپیمایی روز قدس واجب نیست.

  5. It was on of the biggest shock for Hazara nation.Thats very true that few Mullahs are responsible for this but now we have to stop this blame game that whos responsible for this unforgettable incident. As my friends my brothers mention above that the procession bi-passed the police barricades OK fine they passed it but here question arises that how can they let them do bi pass it so easily?Why dont they use tear gas to disperse the mock it was their duty to do so because they are paid to control such situations. being a neutral Hazara we should think about the whole scenario from every angle and then conclude and unbiased decision.

  6. Salam ba collagi doostan,
    Could anyone update about the name of the shohada?I have lost connection with a friend and the family since the incident happend and am worried about them while i am not in Pakistan.

  7. “The show must go on” mission was carried out once again, and once again our youths and illiterate masses were used for an evil political dogma disguised in the name of “Ahle-Bait A.S” and this time under the title of “battle of just and unjust” Al-Quds Day.
    Death is a reality, and everyone tastes death once in a life time, but wishing to die ahead of time is nothing other than absolute madness. I’m deeply hurt with this huge loss and all our sympathies and empathies for the families of the victims who lost their lives or injured in this tragic incident. No words could express our feelings here, but what hurts us the most is the naiveness of our youth, why aren’t we learning from the recent past events, that how highly we are being on the hit list. THIS IS JUST INSANE. Lately we are literally getting drawn towards the rewards program under that fanatic curriculum installed by the evil Iranian regime. One of the blithering notions is to romanticize the victim’s status after life, and further projecting them as glorified figures to encourage more youths to go out and participate in different religious events, Our naive people simply don’t realize the actual game plan and with this approach, we are about to enter into a very destructive phase, IF we don’t rectify and rethink about our agendas. Here the “ religious actors” promised Tehran to make the Al-Quds day successful and of course the deal was to send the protesters in the heart of the city center, regardless of any potential threat and as a result this tragic incident happened.
    Slogans like “Shahadat Hamari Miraas Hay” , now this is a lethal injection for us, If we treat our precious lives gifted by Allah according to this ideology, which has been very articulately tampered by those evil game planners, then we have no hope for a peaceful and stable society, and this is not the teachings of “Ahle-Bait A.S” especially under these intense circumstances that we are going through lately. If we look into this whole chain of events, the kind of stubborn approach our naive people have adopted, its purely brain washing of our youths and driving us towards a situation that Quetta has never witnessed in its history. Very unfortunate indeed! “ Ahle-Bait A.S” would not favor these ideologies formatted by Iranian agents to expand her political stature in the region and their national interests, and who else could be a better tool and bunch sacrifice goats to them other than the ignorant and emotional Hazaras. We are spread in this entire belt from Pakistan to Syria in different pocket sizes with numerous disadvantages, geographically and historically, Our whole identity is hijacked, our conscience has been numbed by lethal religious injections for many decades, and as a result we have forgotten our true identity, political vision, cultural values, diversity. And instead of making good political gestures with our surroundings we have made rivals around us.
    We as Hazara Mongols suffered a huge loss in the name religion and ethnicity for the past 200 years. Time and situation necessitates, that we need to relaunch our geopolitical strategies, and in accordance to the overall political instability, we must resolve our issues in house first and as well say NO to Iran and dismantle their agents deeply rooted among us. Take as much security measures to secure our lives, assets and to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies, and last but not the least, providing the right forums to our youths, in order to bring them back from the evil mulla’ spells who actively working among us, their political vision needs to be awakened and introducing their true identity to them.
    Now something that is worth drawing to the readers attention is to how swiftly and articulately these evil ideologists propagate against an enlightened Hazara individual and characterize them as communist, atheist,leftist, so on and so forth, biased slogans, yet not new. These kind of character assassinations are being conducted through out the history and a lot of enlightened wise men of our society are being labeled with these types of propagandas, and why shouldn’t they, since their logic fails to support the ground facts ! I believe time and events have changed our minds and the 3rd September incident has made this obvious enough that our enemies are among us too. Its time to draw the line and break their spell, and lets just be hopeful and work towards the unity of our nation and protect our interests in the region and we will come out of these crises Inshallah and a strong political vision should be our aim to achieve, We need to establish a very strong geopolitical vision and making allies with other political parties in Quetta and work towards the issues as good citizens and human beings. God bless all of us and all our nationalist leaders who care for our nation and feeling the same pain as the families of the victims died or injured in all the series of attacks carried out through out against HAZARAS. Its time to seriously address the real issues rather than going after the conspiracy theories and blame game .

    • اگر هزاره ها فریب سید نقوی را نخورد منافق میشوند!

      متاسفانه بعد از شکست علویان و جنگهای قبیلوی اعراب بخصوص بنی هاشم و امویان که نمونه خوب آن معاویه و کربلا ست تا هنوز ادامه دارد…

      روی کار آمدن عباسیان و تحریک اقوام دیگر و شریک ساختن آنها در این جنگ بی پایان اعراب یعنی بنی هاشم و بنی امیه سی…دها همیشه خواسته اند که پای دیگران نیز به نام مذهب و مظلومیت نمایی با هزاران نیرنگ و ریا کشانده شود.سید نقوی نیز که خود از سید دیگرش خامنه ای دستور میگرید می خواهد که به زور و نیرنگ اقوام دیگر مانند هزاره ها ،پنجابی ،سندی،و همه را بنام شیعه برای خودشان عسکر و سیاهی لشکر جور نموده به جنگهای قبیلوی و مذهبی ادامه بدهد. اما این احمق مارا مارک زده منافق خطاب میکند. و یا می خواهد فتوا بازی کند. برو گم شو احمق منافق مردم چهره و نیات کثیف شمارا بخوبی درک کرده دیگر نمی خواهند که جوانان شانرا قربان شما و جنگهای قبیلوی اعراب نمایند. شما میدانید و جد تان و ما میدانید و جد ما!!!!!

      تمام فساد و دامن زدن به دست شما اوباش های منافق و ریا کار است چرا که خامنه ای سرمایه مردم ایران را به دست شما و دیگر مزدوران تان داده و می خواهد انتقام گیری نموده برایش پادشاهی مذهبی درست کند…. آیا شما که اورا رهبر خطاب میکیند آیا تلویزیون را نگاه می کنید که چقدر مردم خود ایران به اضافه سید خودش موسوی از او و مظالم اش به ستوه آمده است…در کجا نیست که شما از اقوام دیگر بهره کشی نموده و خود تان میخواهید رهبر باشید؟؟

      مردم هزاره و شیعه از خود مانند شما هم آدم داره و هم عالم دینی نیازبه شما

  8. I feel sory and offer my Condolence to all those fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers who lost their beloved. My sympathy and feelings are with all the Hazaras in Quetta.

    Yours Fathfully,
    Mehdi Faraj Haidary

  9. “Stop the Scholars”
    It is declared tat the scholar used to play a vital rule for the destruction of Hazaras in the past in Afghanistan and now they are again playing the game with the Hazaras in Quetta. The life and property of Hazaras are being used by them. The scholars they are the spy and they do not think of any one tat who are the Hazaras. They want to make Quetta as like Hell for the Hazaras. They are going to destroy hazaras in Quetta. They are spy of Iran.
    Question: Why Iran Hate Hazaras?
    Answer: In reality Iran is Shia State but unfortunately they do not think this tat Iran must help the shias’ and where ever the Shia’s are being killed the Iran feel sad and become worry. Iran is a coutry who just think for the race and nation. They said before many times at different places that ” We are Irani and we follow the racism and nationalism, we do not think of any religions. We are first Irani and then Shia”.
    Before eight ot seven years when the religious leader of Iran “Khamanaye” addressed with the people tat “We respect the pashtuns bcz they belongs to our race and nation. Alas! instead of this all statment we believe them and we accept their statments.
    2nd the Iran believe this is thing that we belongs to Changaz Khan’s nation and they hate Changaz khan because every one knows and knew this fact that What Changaz Khan had done whit Iranis’. I think this the fact that today we are becoming the victom of terrorism by Iran most time.
    I request from the Hazara nation tat plz try to know tat wat is going on. All the youth of hazara, all the leader of Hazara, all the mother of Hazara, All the sister of Hazara, All the son of hazara, All the boys of Hazaras must know this tat if this time we follow the scholars, we lose your sons, fathers, brothers and others. So plz think!
    I do not say this thing tat we have to quite our religion Shia. I think Shia is the best religion in the worlds. Shia is best believed if we think. I do not say this thing tat we leave the “Jaloos” and other religious practice. I do not say this thing that do not do “Matam”, do not give “Charity”, do not go in Imam Baragha for praying but I say this thing tat did you know about the “Shiaism” that this means and what this advise us.
    I do not say this thing that we do not like Iran, I say this thing that Iran is respected for us bcz of its “Shrines”, bcz of Imam Reza (a.s), bcz of Masooma (s.a), bcz of Imam Mehdi’s Masque “Jamkaran”, bcz of others Imam Zada’s Shrine. The people of Iran are our enemies and as it is cleared before and now tat Iran always play a vital role for our destruction and want to destroy all of us in coming time. They utilize us as a shia and day by day they are making new planning for our destruction. We have to be awear of their dirty conspiracy and make it unprogressively in coming time.
    We have to decrease our Religious practice bcz as we decrease this practice we will give the less chance to the terrorist to kill our innocent youths.
    I am far from you people and I can feel the pain tat now all the sisters, mothers, brothers, fathers of Hazara have. Alas! What should I do. But I just can do one thing tat I want to share my great sympathy with my great and brave nation “Hazara. I pray to God tat God, I pray to you with the source tat u bestowed us, in the name of Panjatan e Pak, bcz of Imam Zamana (a.s) tat bestow us Unity and faith tat we can fight against our enemies. God bestow us the patient for losing our beloves who got martyrdom in the last few years incidents.
    Once again I feel sorry and feel sadness on the incident of 3 sep 2010 at Quetta.
    Long Live Hazara
    Live like Ali======Die like Hussein

    Noted: Please share it with every one and every where.

  10. Stop killing Hazaras.
    Let’s be united against the scholers who came from Iran and put the people in hell just for the sake of few money. Let’s know tat today many religious and groups are making plane for the destruction of Hazaras. I must say this thing tat the responsible of this incident are the scholers who ca…me from the outside and for the sake of money they put the Hazaras in killing.

  11. Dear brothers,

    This is not just a single incident caused by our pro iran Akhunds and Mullahs, 6th July incident still reminds us about such incidents, where our ISO, Pro-Iran culprits used our youths and there was a big blood shed in Quetta.

    such Mullahs and Akhunds get dollors from Iran and they provok them to their agendas, but our emotional youths who dont have mind and thinking think that whatever they are doing will pay them in their paradise.

    as we know the current situation of Pakistan, where there was lahore incident and it was obvious that such incident will occure again in Quetta if any religious procession is occured, but now still ISO and other extremist provoke our youths that such processions will continue in future.

    I dont know, why our youths do not realize, that they are poor people a nation which dose not have any factory or university, a nation with half a million population in Pakistan with few people in Quetta, how can they think of revolution against their great enemies, which they have themselves created. The wahabis and extremist organisations get millions of dollars from saudis and other western interests, they have training camps and other facilies of high-tech equipment, how can we fight with them. The main thing for us is to pressure the present balochistan govt. to protect us from such culprits, when they made a security plan, then why our youths did not follow that.

    As we all know that the CM of balochistan is the most corrupt and unacceptable person, who cant even make a speech in front of the people, whose family deal with drug dealers and have a very bad reputation with smugglers and corruption, how can we achieve utmost security from his govt.

    the peoples party(ppp) is the party of looters and corrupt ministers, whose president is called Mr. 10% or even more for his corruption, a country which is fully devasted with flood and inflation, whose army is incapable of safeguarding its country from outside threats, whose army has no power to protect the people of its nation where in itself live many religious extremist, a country which call itself the worlds nuclear power, but its poor and desparate people dying everyday of powerty and bloodshed, in such a situation how can we get security from such people.

    the main thing for us now is to project such problem in the internation stage, because the PPP govt. is incapable of listening to our problems, I suggest the HIF of UK, who are working hard to project our incidents in the international level, we should proest again and again against the Balochistan govt. and its CM in the international level, those who live in europe should protest against the balochistan govts. attrocities to our nation, those who live in Australia should arrange demonstrations, those who live in America and Canada should protest and ask the International human rights organisations about our nation.

    we have worked hard for many years for the development of Pakistan, but its shame to get no results from its rullers, we projected Pakistan in different levels to the world, we have developed Quetta a city of education and civilisation, but its corrupt leaders and govts. never helped us.

    a country which dose not have self-respect for its citizens, where there is no security for its people is not a country, we can live with proudness in such a country when we protect our self and our policies, we should not act upon our emotions, whatever Iran Akhunds call upon us, we should not listen to them.

    I hope that our youths will get together and think about the current situation in Pakistan, in such a situation, HDP has a great role to play, they should teach our people about the situation, they should unite the people, they should give vision and courage to our youths, so that they get motivation. Its a great deal, I hope we will achieve it.

    God bless you all

    A. Azeem

  12. as each photo is full of sarrow and sadness , we are all felling so sorry for happening this kinds of events as many times regularly … there are absolutely manything to say about, but the question which remains without any answer is that is holding such a rallies and strickes necessary in the current security situation of pakistan. as u know in these days it’s too hard to take protection of our own body in pakisan , so arranging such a rallies are definitely providing a good chance for the terrorists and voilenters to do their best for killing innocent Shias … ! it’s so sad !

  13. salama bar ta shyda e azaz KUHDA tam mora saber bedawi emad kani ki badla khone azi berera kho bogeri inshallah desst kho da desst dgea beden wi az doshmana hoshar bashen w salam YA ALI MADAD

  14. I feel very sorry about what happened in mizan chok. This big incident has shocked, not just me, but my whole family. About 73 innocent people died and many others were very injured. This was very unnecessery and I condemn the leaders who carried these protests. May God have mercy on the families that are going through a huge sorrow.
    I also read about what Jawed wrote, and I agree on all he said. Why should we shia muslims suffer so much? It doesn´t matter if you are shia or sunni, we all are muslims!

  15. Allah Bless you all:

    I am very sad because the final price was paid by Hazaras. It means more family will grieve, more widows,more orphan and more young or old lives have been lost for those people who never think about Hazaras!

    My heart is completely broken and my soul is shuttered once again to see my beloved and naive people to be killed and injured. My people Hazara! Do you use your brain or you just completely switched off!

    Is this your own war or Arabs and Iranian Mullahs? Where they were when Abdul Rahman killed 62% of you people and the were sold or escaped to British India and mostly Shal Kot or Quetta and all over the world. Which Arab country or Iranian government or their personalities condemned or showed their support for you???? As you do it now for them… Each time you do there is more price. Why you don’t use for your own land to get back from those people who seized in Hazaristan your mother land???

    Then Pakistan and Bangladesh splited from India and British withdrew.

    It means Hazara were sheltered by British India for human reason… or some people say because of their connection with Mughol Kings. Anyway, then you rebellion-ed against India and showed strong support for Pakistan in hope of peace and dignity amongst Muslim. Did you really get the peace,security,prosperity and brotherhood? Do they accept you as Muslim or calling names like Kafar Infidel…..???

    I think we are fighting for the ideology and those people where we don’t have a proper respectful place at all. If you to Saudi or Arabic countries you have pray with closed hands against your well and religion. They are calling you pig and Khenzer! even if you go to Palestain. If you wanna wish to go Iran then you are Afghani Kasef or Barbaric Hazaras. There is no proper place for you all is hard labour jobs and use and abuse……

    I wonder why we are not thinking wisely and just fight for other people and scarifies our lives for Iranian agendas and Arabs.Mullas or Jamya Imamia at least get something. What about you and your widows and orphan? Will they get support or Yarana from Iranian government or Arabs???

    Have a look to themselves what is happening at the heart of Iran Tehran and all over major cities. Are the people happy with cruel and greedy mullahs????

    Just use your brain and logic not just your emotional and felling to give you bloodshed. Why you are chanting against those super power countries who at least ousted the Taliban or Al- Qaeda. I am sure if they were not be removed from Afghanistan they would wiped you from Quetta and the whole country Pakistan…. Allah bless you all and give you some logic and wisdom.

  16. در آقای علی حسینی که موگیه مزاری هم ملا بود. شما فرمودید که آقای مزاری پیرو خمینی بودند.پس چرا سفارت ایران رضایت داد که مزاری و غرب کابل به آنها ربطی ندارد و باید زده شود زیرا مزاری یک جریان مستقل است. چرا ایران تا آخر اولاد پیامبر قومای خامنه ای و دیگر خاینین هزاره را آب ،دانه و دستور تخریب میداد.

    چرا آیت الله سید ابوالحسن فاضل ریس شورای نظارت را تحریک کرده پهلوی سیاف،مسعود،ربانی کاظمی و .. دیگران شاند. فاضل و مزدوران ایران روز شکست ملی هزاره ها را تبریک گفته همراه با خایین و آیت الله های دیگر و بدتر از آن روز شکست هزاره ها ،روز شهادت آفتاب انقلاب هزاره را،روز شکست و بی ناموسی هزاره ها قزلباشها و شعییان را ” یوم الرحمه ” خطاب کرد و بیشتر و بیشتر با سیاف و هابی و مسعود … تا دم مرگ باقی ماند……
    اکبری شان شیخ دیگری شما که دامن ربانی و سیاف را نیمه رها کرده دامن ملا صاحب محمد عمر و اسامه را گرفت!!!!!! اگر منظور تان از این شیوخ و آخند هاست دیگر معلوم است و خامنه ای که دیگه ده خمینی و مردم ایران اولاد نگذاشت و مسله منتظری،کروبی و موسوی هم مشخص است. آیا ایرانیان و ملاها صداقت داشته اند.. از جنایات وهزاره کشی های آخوندها هم صحبت کنید….اگر شهامت و انصاف دارید… مثل من پیرو این آخوندهای خر درگذشته که خدا را شکر تا آخر عمر ساده نماندم پوست اینها را خوب میشناسم…

    از ملاهای خوب صیغه که اسلام و مذهب را منبع روزی و کار و بار خود قرار داده و یا اکثر دوکان تعویذ …. دختر بازی میدهند دیگر برای آخرین بار دفاع نکیند…مزاری بیشتر یک رهبر ملی بود تا مذهبی .. هزاره بودن جرم نباشد.. وحدت ملی سیستم فدرالی و قلع و قم ملا های درباری و ریا کار بشمول فاضل و دیگران ……….شما مراحل تکامل سیاسی مزاری را مطالعه نمیکنید چرا ازبک های و اسماعیلی و هزاره های سنی را در بر گرفت اما اولادهای فلانی و خاینین را از پیش چشم راند؟؟؟؟

    • I really feel sorry for those who have lost their lives and left their families behind, Requesting strongly to my Hazara people do not follow mullah /shaikh because they all agent and working for bloody IRANIAN Bastard maulana.
      I pay my condolence to the family of the martyred. I condemn who does these foolish and stupid acts and take life of innocent people. However I also condemn those idiot and sulfish leaders carry such protests. We do no have anything with Isrial or Palestine, even they never took rally or protast for that days so why we should do that? We were once hated by these groups and still today they have no respect for our nation or people then why should we protest in Quds day? Quds day does not belong to Hazaras. There are more than 65 million people in Iran and millions of other people in Arab states. They are sitting in their homes and doing nothing and trying to push hazaras at frontlines of murder. I would say it would be best if these people had rallied and fight for their own freedom at their own country rather than giving their lives for others.

  17. افسوس صد افسوس به اینهمه جوان که هر روز به بهانۀ قربانی موشن…

  18. بیایید این تروریست های دینی را از نظر روانی و اعتقادی بررسی کنیم که اینها چگونه می اندیشند و چرا مارا میکشند. چرا یک فرد اینقدر عقده داشته باشد که در ماه رمضان یعنی ماه عبادت و صلح خود و تقریباٌ 93 نفر را کشته و دیگران را شدیدٌ و خفیفاٌ زخم…ی کند…چرا و برای چه؟

    امام ابوحنیفه میفرماید که هیچ کدام از اهل قبله را کافر خطاب نمیتوان…اما چرا اینها شیعه و هزاره را کافر خطاب میکنند.تبلیغات و مسایل مختلف از قبیل کار اشتباه خود ملاهای شیعه بطور مثال فحش و نازا گفتن به خلفای اهل سنت، عدم رعایت ننمودن احترام متقابل،تهمت زنی و این عرب حق بود دیگری باطل…. و بلاخره مردم را تشویق به بوسیدن کون اسپ زبان بسته و متاسفانه طرف از آن را درک نکرده و میگویند که شما خلفای مارا دشنام داده و اسپ را عبادت وپرستش میکنید و حاجت خود را از او میخواهید وبه خداوند به دلایلا مختلف شریک قایل شده مشرک و بلاخره کفر مطلق میشوید…

    متاسفانه در همه جا ملاهای سید ،پنجابی و افراطیون و شر پسنده های خود هزاره از فحش و نازا گویی دریغ نمیکنند بعضی ها زیر منبر این جاهلین و تفرقه افگنان نشته میگویند.ایک بار پهر کهدو!!!!

    یا ماشاٌالله چه خوب گفتی باز دو و دشنام بده و بحث های جنجال بر انگیز را دامن بزن که دیگه جای دوستی و احترام باقی نماند… راه بهشت و حقیقت هم گشوده شود….
    ملا خود طیاره سوار شده و شما جای پایش را بوسه میزنید…و کستها و سخرانیها در دست همه پولی و رایگان و این چه نتیجه ای دارد بجز نفرت و کدورت و یا نفرت پهلاو نمودن

    در پایان دو مذهب و چندین طایفه از کشتن همدیگر دریغ نمیکنند.آیا اسلام همین است که فقط با تفرقه فحش و نازا و کشتن کشتن و خودکش صاحب بهشت شوید؟؟؟

    فردی که خودرا منفجر کرده خدا میداند که چقدر در دلش شما کینه ،شک نفرت و تعصب کشت کرده باشید یا کشت کرده باشند تا جنین جان و جانهای را از بین ببرند.خود آرزوی بهشت رو در رو خلفای راشیدین و صحابه کرام یا پیامبر خدای نخواسته وخداوند با 72 حور بهشتی قالین سرخ برایش هموار کرده که ای بنده نازدانه و دردانه من خوب کردی که مخلوق و مسلمان مرا یعنی پیرو قرآن و پیامبر .. را به قتل رسانده دنیا را گل و گلزار کردی!!!!!!!!

    حالا بیا بامن پیامبران،امامان،خلفا،ملاها،مفتیها،ملاهای صیغۀ،ملاعمر،اسامه جان،خامنه ای ….. و سایر آدمهای مثل خودت که بیشتر بندگان و مخلوق دوپای مرا کشته اند بیا اینجا بچیم ده پالوگکیم بشین!!! توبه خدایا توبه بس کنید این حماقت ها و آدم کشی ها را …. در راه سفارت ایران خود تانرا به کشتن ندهید و نه در را دیگر جانیان و آدمکشان دینی و مذهبی….

    خدایا یک عقل و سلامتی ذهنی و جسمی را از ما نگیر

  19. they were going to mizan chock, not to syrab road or any other sensitive area. Mizan chok is almost the end of Alamdar road, and we see number of organizations hold their rally at that place. Do you thinks is it so big crime to forget the negligence of govt , to insult the blood of those innocent victims by pointing finger to the organizer and participants of this rally. Know the people understand the evil desire behind your such type of news, only to create a rift among our community by denouncing a particular segment of our community. There were a series of incidents and you kept silence and now you got a point to propagate your evil desire.

  20. I really feel sorry for those who have lost their lives and pay my condolence to the family of the martyred. I condemn who does these foolish acts and take life of innocent people. However I also condemn those leaders carry such protests. We do no have anything with Isrial or Palestine. We were once hated by these groups and still today they have no respect for our nation or people then why should we protest in Quds day? Quds day does not belong to Hazaras. There are more than 65 million people in Iran and millions of other people in Arab states. They are sitting in their homes and doing nothing and trying to push hazaras at frontlines of murder. I would say it would be best if these people had rallied and fight for their own freedom at their own country rather than giving their lives for others.

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