Posted by: Editor | September 6, 2010

Editorial: Ban Religious Processions

This editorial was published on Here its republished as HazaraNewsPK is of the same view with the contents of this editorial.

The BBC Urdu Service, while covering the final burial of several people who were killed in Friday’s suicide bomb blast in Quetta, reported that enraged family members of the victims directly blamed the religious leaders for being responsible for the carnage.

Devastated with the grief of losing their sons, the mothers of the slain Hazara citizens pelted stones on the religious scholars who provoked the feelings of the participants of a protest rally which was intended to express solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Initial reports suggest that the catastrophe could have been averted if  the religious scholars had not insisted on entering an insecure route which was not even a part of the plan they had previously negotiated with the local police. The family members of the blast victims moved bravely against their own religious leaders and humiliated them publicly for playing with the sentiments of the youth which culminated in the killing of around seventy people.

Abdul Khaliq Hazara, the central secretary general of the Hazara Democratic Party (HDP), which is the largest secular and democratic party of the Hazara tribe in Balochistan,  has also blamed the Shia clergy for inviting avoidable trouble.

The brave reaction demonstrated by the Hazara mothers and sisters merits appreciation.  This should be imitated by all the people of Balochistan in order to thwart violence employed on the name of religion. This gesture, however, does not provide immunity to the real culprits of the suicide blast. They need to be brought to justice by hook or by crook as it is the utmost responsibility of the government to provide complete protection to its citizens.

The majority moderate Sunni population should also embark upon a process of interaction and dialogue with its leaders. They should be asked to isolate such prayer leaders who preach violence, hatred and intolerance. The common man in the streets of Balochistan surely does not have any kind of bad feelings for a Shia. Balochistan has historically had a tolerant society where the followers of different sects of Islam coexisted. Even Balochistan has remained a safe place for the religious minorities such as the Hindus and Christens.

Balochistan was the only part of Pakistan from where Hindus did not migrate at the time of Partition in 1947 because the local Baloch and Pashtuns never forced them to leave their homes. Our ancestors always accommodated religious and sectarian difference as a reality of life. Our younger generation should also uphold these impressive traditions.

While the government continues to probe the deadly suicide bomb explosion, Baloch and Pashtun nationalist parties have asked for a complete ban  on religious processions at public places. The National Party and the Pashtunkhawa Milli Awami Party, if analyzed through their past politics, have surely not been anti-religion in spite of their secular credentials. Their proposal is timely and reasonable. Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) should also come forward to support this proposal and coax the Balochistan government to completely ban all kinds of religious processions in Quetta city.

A ban on religious processions will understandably disappoint the avid followers of the Shia Islam who would deem it as a contravention of freedom of religious belief. However, it should be seen in a larger context and in the backdrop of the current state of law and order in the country. While attacks on the Shia religious processions began during the dictatorial regime of General Zia-ul-Haq who embarked upon a process of Islamization (read Sunnization), the trend of suicide bombings had not been inducted in the society at that time.

Most religious processions are now attacked by suicide bombers which lead to extremely disturbing death toll. The government cannot not be blamed for its inability to stop suicide bombers. There is no technology in the world that can stop suicide bombings. We need to concede to this reality. Therefore, adoption of precautionary measures is the best way to avoid terrorist attacks.

Thousands of people have been killed in the recent times across the country in sectarian terrorist activities. This must stop now.  Shia scholars should also understand the seriousness of the threat and cooperate with the government if a ban is imposed on the religious processions.

The Iranian Consulgari based in Quetta should also stay away from playing politics. No foreign cultural center should be allowed to issue newspaper statements with the aim to play with public sentiments. In a similar provocative statement, the Iranian Consulgari blamed the US and Israel for masterminding Friday’s blast. Such statements are only intended to protect Shia scholars who are allegedly getting hefty funding from Iran to radicalize Hazara youth. In return, these scholars incite violence and hatred against non-Muslims.


  1. Dear qauma, really sad incident which took place on sep-3rd. Condolences and sympathy to the families, who lost their loved once.

    I think these incidents are wake-up calls for us, we should now open our eyes and use our brains. These mullahs, who are a non-productive group of our society, trouble makers and hypocrates, should be cornered now, because they always shed the blood of our people for the interest of iran.

    I, with great excuse from the brothers and sisters who are fanatics and blind believers, totally agree the ban on religious procession. because it will help the lives of our people and religious hatred in Quetta. I am compelled to favour this and hope that all my qauma will agree with me, bearing in mind that geo-political circumstances have changed now as it was in past. we should learn lesson from all tragedies, though these are at the cost of lives of thousands of people.

    If we try to cooperate with government (though they are very corrupt) and back our only political party HDP, can help to bring our relations close with othe ethnic and religious groups in Quetta and the whole of Balochistan. We can make again QUETTA as JANNAT KA TOTTA.

  2. Mr. Editor! How could you dare to agree with the idea of banning all the religious procession published in any other newspaper while presenting yourself hazaranews? You and all those who believe on this idea have certainly sold your concious and following the agenda of yahoodi lobies. Just reveal it that how much you did price yourself. I am certain that you are stupid yazidi and need to be bicotted socially instantly by the whole hussainies. And do not use the name of whole community for propagating your false and immature bullshits. Look at your name and read your bullshits that itself prove you munafiq.

  3. Dear Qawma,

    What are the Hazara leaders suggesting in Quetta????? What is the publice openion?????

    • Don’t you read the public opinion written down? I bet that we all will give out every single drop of our blood of our loved once but will never accept any ban on our religious processions excluding meaningless processions that resulted disastrous mishap on our community. WE BELIEVE IN LIVING LIKE ALI (A.S) AND DIE LIKE HUSSAIN (A.S). I pray for unity and strong faith of our SHIAs. Ameen bahaq e Mohammad (SAWW) o Al e Mohammad (A.S)

  4. ber padar to lanat ki to lika moni ki mo kad government cooperate kani agar bale mazhabi jaloos mo pabandi bilagandana. to khuda khabar bache as kudom yahoodi Randi aste ki e gapa ra mizni. as dist e az ami beghairati az shomo kho da Afghanistan Jaloos kho misl koni wari da imambargah kho potki bor monin. or da amonji khatam monin. lanat asta da zindagi az shomo ki sada taqleed e BUZDILI ra monin. ma khabar darom ki da office kad azmo Baloch or Pashtoon chi qadar taasob (discrimination) daran. Lanati difaa kho kadan ra yad bigar. Misl e kaftar wari chim kho pot kada az haqaeeq kinara kashi nako. Tof a da zindigi asto kad leadera e asto

    • salam mohd mehdi gap tu khub hasta lakin tu haq nadray ki daw bizni. kam muadab bash.

  5. I hate those writen this because they are Izraile agents and they want distribute the hazara society in the name of mulla, nationalists and others .They didn,t want the unity of hazara. Shamed on them.

  6. The situation in Pakistan doesn’t allow public for any unnecessary protest like “Yumul Quds”, we should understand the black sheeps under the umbrella of so called Islam playing with innocent life of poor people and disguise them to everyone rather to find a way to escape them and we should also acknowledge that when police, FC or ATF opens fire that is only against Hazaras it never happened against any other People, so why we are silent against our leader. Shame Shame Shame

  7. خوفزدہ گی ،پسپایی ،خانہ نشینی، اور بالاآخر دہ سر خانہ ھای شمو پیش شونہ، اینی برنامہ دشمن استہ، او قوم بیدار شونین،امروز سر جلوس صج سر جایی کار شمو دیگہ صبح سر جلوس جنازہ شمو، چیکار مونین بس جنازہ خورا ھم دفن کدو بند مونیین، سادگی نکین دشمن وجود شمو را از ای شہر میخاید پاک کنہ، مطابق خواست دشمن حرکت نکنین ، کد جلوس یا کد دوکاندار یا کد ایگو حرکت شمو مخالفت فقط بہانہ استہ دشمن وجود شمو را میخواید ختم کنہ،ھوشیار باشید ھوشیار

  8. good i do agree with above estatment,they should be taken out of our piecefull land.the thing is that (ACTION SPEAKES LOUDER THAN WORDES)to act on.

    • My sister Masooma duly agreed with the above statement about the Irani influence in the unfortunate incident on Friday September 03, 2010. There should not be any doubt in Hazaras mind that these Mullahs or their Irani masters are sympathetic to us in any way. It is time that we should bring change by changing ourselves. If every person in our community start making decisions on their own rather than following these Mullahs, I think that we would not only become better Shiaas but also better Human Beings. And that is only possible if we personally consult Quran and Ahaadees of our Aaaiyymmah for our problems. May Allah bless our Nation and our country.

      I would also like to point out one observation that I have made in the above article about “completely banning the religious processions”. The argument put forward in the favour of this statement was that suicide bombers cannot be stopped by the Government as there is no technology that could be used for this purpose. First of all that is totally wrong that suicide bombers cannot be stopped by the Government. The agencies that are working in Pakistan are equally capable of handling these elements. Secondly, if the Government cannot stop these culprits then they should resign from their offices. They have no right to take hefty sums of money and enjoy the fringe benefits that their positions entail. The non-existence of technology is no excuse at all.

  9. I hate mullas more than any one else in the world. They are criminals, they are worse than animals. they are irani agents.

    • D azad , you know that what is the mafadath of iran in quetta? please explain how iran get benefits from quds rally???? please if you have a political mind , you can explain ……..

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