Posted by: Editor | September 6, 2010

Legal Action Against Organizers Who Broke the Route?

When organizers of the rally broke the decided route and went towards Mezan Chowk.

The route of the Al-Quds Day rally was agreed between the organizers and Police. It was decided that the rally will not go to Mezan Chowk, where exactly the suicide bomber attacked killing dozens of innocent people. But when the rally reached Mali Bagh area, organizers raised emotional religious slogans such as “This Jaloos Will Go to Karbala”, when Police stopped them. Protesters pushed away the police barricade and violated the agreement taking the rally towards Mezan Chowk.

Though its not a reason to say for the attack. But in a situation when security is at worst all across the country, it was irresponsible decision by the organizers. There was a suicide attack on a Shia rally just a day ago in Lahore, why the organizers of the rally did not cooperate with the security officials? It was against the security precautions to go to Mezan Chowk. They should be questioned, in a inquiry by Court.


  1. Mr Rehman Malik said lots of time about the limitation or abondend of Azadari’s juloos, I think its not first time in Quetta in 2004 on the day of Ashura, if im not wrong, Attackers sprayed bullets and use bombs and kills more than 80 Azadars. May i know who voilate or responsible for Previous attacks. (In your view point i think Shia are always responsible because you are following Govt. Lines) HAQ ko HAQ kehna Sekho Yahi Kerbala ka Paigham tha Hay Rahayga….Kerbala sirif Moharram , Safar ka naam nahin.

  2. I am of a firm belief that every event in this world is systematically interlinked to each other. One certain event leads to another. Based on this belief I am strongly of the opinion that the unfortunate event of Youm-ul-Qudus is linked with the event of Jaloos deviating fro the planned route. If on the first place the Jaloos organizers cooperated with the security forces and hence being responsible, this incident could have easily been avoided.

    So, there is no doubt in my mind that those who lead the procession to Mezan Chowk are equally guilty along with suicide bomber. They should be tried in the court and culprits should be punished.

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