Posted by: Editor | September 6, 2010

Most Casualties by Security Forces Firing

Most of the casualties of Friday’s incident on Mezan Chowk was caused by the indiscriminate air-firing of security forces after the blast. Frontier Corp personnel opened fire after the blast.

In most previous incidents in Quetta, like the attack on Ashura procession in 2004, it has been the firing of Anti-Terrorist Force and Frontier Corps that cause more lives. A judicial committee should also inquire about the firing of FC on Friday.


  1. Who to be blamed for Quetta Carnage?

  2. It is a fact that, most of the casualties that occurred on that day were due to the “unprovoked” firing. On the account of eye witnesses it is very much clear that the firing by the security forces on the procession was evidently provoked from the procession by some non shia elements. I am calling them “non Shia” elements because they were only there just to become heros by firing on the security forces. So, I do not blame security forces for they were firing on those who started the attack on them.

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