Posted by: Editor | September 7, 2010

Flying Purple Elephants Are Not Purple And Can’t Fly!

Breaking News! There are strong rumors and reports in the Western media that under immense international pressure generated by the worldwide demonstrations on this Al-Quds day, Israel is planning to hand back the control of the disputed Holy City of Jerusalem. Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israeli will be giving out a statement in this regard later this week in which he will chalk out the details of the ‘Disengagement-from-Jerusalem’ plan.

There is jubilation all over the Muslim world and on the Arab street.  The spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran has said that the satanic and devious designs of the Zionist regime have been thwarted and it has been brought down to its knees. Iranian government spokesperson Musa Al-Yazdani has congratulated the brave people of Quetta for their valiant struggle and sacrifices rendered on the path to glory and said that the martyrs will remain in our memories forever.

Wake up please – this fairy tale has ended! Now let me give you a whiff of reality:

Around eighty graves have been dug over the last few days, it seems like even our graveyards will run out of space soon. Tears are still rolling down the eyes of those who lost their ‘jawans’ – most must be busy preparing for the post funeral rituals, they will find it difficult to manage the finances for the Soyems, the Haftums and the Chelhums. Times are tough, inflation is brutally high and the only bread winner is lying in a freshly dug grave with a mauled and charred body. Just a thought here; will the Mullahs who lead the Al-Quds procession fund the funeral and post-funeral rituals? Or will they say that God will provide for the Shaheed’s families!

In an ironic way, it is still better for those families who have buried their dead than those who are still running to the hospitals to visit their dying son, father, brother or maybe all three for some. Running after the doctors, running after medicines, running after blood, running around to get the finances and hoping against hope that the injured will survive and if they survive they will be able to walk or still have their five senses intact; otherwise they will be a burden on the family and the society for the rest of their lives.

Well at least the dead will go straight to heaven because they are ‘Shaheeds’ and their valiant families should be a heroic example for all of us to emulate! Just a thought here; ‘Is a dead 25 year old man going to support his family better or a living and employed one?’

Oh! Don’t call them dead, they are Shaheeds as they died for a cause…

All for the ‘cause’?

I am a strong believer in ‘Sacrifices’ – the act of willingly foregoing whatever is dear to you for a greater cause. The important point to note here is that ‘the cause has to be greater’. In this particular case, the cause for which our Qawma were shepherded like sheep by the ‘holier-than-pope’ mullahs was Al-Quds!

What is Al-Quds? I can bet my next salary that most people before the blast didn’t even know what Al-Quds day was. Wikipedia tells us:

“International al-Quds Day, is an annual event on the last Friday of Ramadan expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people and opposing Zionism as well as Israel’s control of Jerusalem. Anti-Zionist demonstrations are held on this day in some Muslim and Arab countries, and by Muslim and Arab communities around the world. Participation in Quds Day rallies is focused in non-Arab Iran, where Ayatollah Khomeini first introduced the event. The Iranian government sponsors and organizes the day’s parades within Iran. In recent years, only a marginal proportion of young Iranians have attended.”

What I got out of this description was Palestinians, Arabs, Israel and Mullahs of Iran. The Al-Quds day was the brain child of Ayatollah Khomeini, introduced in the late 1980’s with the purported aim of showing solidarity with the Palestinian Arabs but in reality it is a show of force, a display of ego of the Irani Mullahcracy.

Al-Quds day protest is supposed to rally the people to raise the voice against the oppression of the Israeli occupation. May I ask:

  • How does this affect the life of an ordinary Hazara family living on Alamdar Road, in Brewery, in West Kabul, Mazar or Bamiyan? Will there economic situation improve? Will they get access to education & health? Will they be treated as equals in the society? Will there lives be more secure?
  • Did the Palestinians, Arabs of this world or the Iranians raise their voice when the Afshar massacre took place?  Do they even know who the Hazaras are?
  • Do they raise their voice when innocent Hazara lives are gunned down in the streets of Quetta for their ethnic/sectarian affiliation?
  • Does the Iranian regime allow Hazara refugees living in Iran to live freely or detain them in camps which resemble prisons?
  • Did the Arabs raise their voice against the brutal, genocidal massacres the Taliban carried out on the poor and helpless Hazaras?

If my memory serves me right the Arabs were actually supporting the Taliban regime of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The Arabs were supporting Zia-ul-Haq’s dictatorial regime when it created fascist movements like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Sipahe Sahaba (the cancer that is eating away this society).

Misplaced emotions

We are a very emotional people and these emotions somehow become intense when we talk about Iran and the Mullahs. My request here is that we park our emotions aside and try to decipher the situation below objectively:

After Khomeini was successful with the revolution in Iran, he propagated the idea of exporting the revolution beyond the political borders of Iran and to do this Al-Quds day procession was one of the tools. Later on the Mullahcracy realized that exporting the revolution is counter-productive as other Islamic countries have become aggressive in their stance towards Iran; hence they abandoned the ideology and opted to protect the interest of Iranians only. Thanks to this radical ‘export-oriented’ thinking; Shia’s of Pakistan have been eyed with suspicion since then. They are labeled as lackeys of Iran and loyalties have been questioned. This has affected Pakistani Hazaras the most as the Saudi sponsored ‘Sunni Wall’ was erected in Balochistan to halt the spillover of the ‘Shia Wave’ originating from Iran. The Sunni wall ended up in the mushrooming of hundreds of madressahs throughout Balochistan churning out militant zombies. This radicalized the once secular population of Balochistan and as a result the entire region is mired with blood bath and we have ended up burying our brethren all because of misplaced Iranian ego.

We still bank on Mullahs to come to our rescue and save our society. Please bear in mind that there is no concept of ‘Mullah’ in our religion. We don’t require Mullahs to lead the Namaz-e-Janazah, to recite the ‘Dua-e-Nikah’ etc, we can do it ourselves. The problem is that we have outsourced religion to a bunch of illiterates because we don’t have the time to learn the dua’as. As a result, these illiterate Mullahs have become the de-facto leadership of our society. We should wake up and realize that Mullahs cannot lead our Qawma on the path to progress as their knowledge is limited, their views are myopic and they simply don’t have the intellectual depth that is required in this age of knowledge…and yet we bank on them to shepherd us to safety!

I have a 3 year old son (May Allah give him all the health, happiness & success) and every other night he lies down next to me and tells me to narrate a story to him. My stories usually revolve around a jungle where chocolates grow on trees, a flying purple elephant and rivers flowing with Strawberry milk (his favorite flavor). By the time I am about to conclude the story, my junior is in la-la land and off to sleep and most probably dreaming about riding the purple flying elephant. I cherish these times and store them as memories which will make me smile when I am old and wrinkled because I know a day will come soon when my son will be wise enough to know that there is no such thing as a flying purple elephant. I just hope that my Qawma grows wise and realize soon that there is no such thing as Mullahs that will come and remedy all the ills of our society. The only helping hands are the ones sticking at the end of our arms! Wake up!


A Hazara’s Diary


  1. quds rally is political religious because islam is not seprate from politcal but real poltical , fact politcal and human dost political so imam khomani called rally of qud not for iran but for islam , but for qiblai awal.

  2. very well written. u made some very good points.
    its time for people to think for themselves, not to act at everything those mullahs (or others) say. who knows how much cash they get from iran to spread those propaganda.

  3. As I stand on the graves of the martyrs of the Quetta in Hazara cemetery, it fills my heart with grief and anger. How we as a nation has fallen into a deep slumber, forgetful of our responsibilities towards the blood of martyrs who were murdered by a group of savages.

    I stand divided, Uneasy, guilty, tortured. I hold on to what I was taught when I was young, I am torn, torn between what I was taught, and what I see. I try to reason; my delusion of pre-knowledge hinders me. I start anew. I analyze. My people die. My friends are burnt while the rest are slaughtered. I am reminded of the joyous days spent with Chiragh Hussain, the only bread winner of his family and the courageous student, the ever smiling Syed Abbas, the reflection of truth, honesty and sincerity Mehdi Muntaziri and the hardworking and the devoted Raza Zargar. I can still their glorious faces smiling at me. I am reminded of their contribution to the society and the faith. I can not forget their enthusiasm and devotion towards their cause.

    Yet what gives me pain at this moment is the on going aimless debates in various circles misrepresenting their ideology, believes, and cause perverted beyond imagination. What is more painful is that we have turned into a coward nation; we have forgotten the real teachings of Islam i.e. Jihad. Neither we have the religious zest and zeal nor do we have the Jihadi spirit. I think so what if they carried out a procession in favor of depressed and oppressed Palestinians? If raising voice against the oppression is guilt, if this is their guilt, I decide. It is unacceptable. Guilt provokes me, my demons laugh as I stand and do nothing, I sit, I think, I mourn. My empty words, my decisions lie, they fade away, wither into the background, haunting me at night but blissfully far away when I can take action. A blast of sorrow shakes me. Yet more die. Now I am empty, my head clears. Doubt disappears, all falls into place. Guilt goes away, I will act. I will act, I will decide, I shall forge a path, I will fight the liars, the perverters of my belief, I shall shout the truth from the mountains until all can hear it, accept it, believe it, follow it. I will fight for my people, my values and believes, I will act, I will create a solution, and I will see it imposed. Will you help me?

    I would like to clear here the misperception that I am advocating in favor of Mullahs or in favor of those who diverted the procession out of its route. Yet the punching line of my argument is that there is no harm to agree with the principle of raising voice against the oppressors. We should never let the value of blood of our Shuhada be left on the ground. It is time to act for their cause. If yesterday Palestinians were oppressed today we are. If yesterday we raised our voice for Palestinians today we have to raise our voice for ourselves.

    I on this day, take a pledge, a pledge of honesty, a pledge of truthfulness. I take a pledge to understand their thoughts; I pledge to obey what I learn from them. I pledge to further their cause and turn their dreams into reality, their aspirations into the truth. I swear upon God, that I shall be a true proponent of the truth, in every sense of the word. I will be a Musalman, I will stand for my people, my country and my faith. On this day, none of us is a Hazara, Syed, Turkman, Qandhari, Punjabi or Bangash. I am a Muslim. I will forget my ethnicity and embrace my faith that is my true Identity.
    It is better to conclude here with the verse of Iqbal;

    Qaum mazhab se hai, mazhab jo nahi tum be nahi.
    Jazbe baham jo nahi mehfile anjum be nahi.

    • salam alaikum,

      Its very unfortunate and sad that hazaranews Pakistan is taking sides in this difficult time and instead of uniting all the Hazara,s, this medium is being used to divide us all between relegious and Nationalistic. and its being used as Propaganda campaign against our Shuhuda and Our Brother from relegious background.

      I request you all tp please play neutral and not to take any sides, It will be Good for all of us. at this critical time, more than anything else we need to be united for the Big challenges in front of us,

      May God Bestow us the wisdom so that we can stay united

      • I agree with you.
        It is intented to divide all Pakistan and the ethnic groups with each other and in the ethnic groups itself.
        We must unite.

  4. What happened in Quetta on September 3rd is evident from just what we have witnessed and witnessing nowadays. We are witnessing a debate into the causes of the tragedy that seems to engulf our society at every level. What matters most is that some people taking advantage of the situation seems to score a political point against their traditional rival religious scholars. In their bid to marginalize the religious elements within the society, they are actively propagating the idea as if such terrorist acts have been committed by religious elements within Hazara Society.

    The point to emphasize here is that this is not the time to start the blame game. As we are very vulnerable by every account whether socially, politically and economically, I think it is not in our national interest to create any rift within the society particularly at this moment of time. Instead it is high time to analyze those enemies why we are being targeted? Why we have turned into such soft target? What strategies we should adopt to avoid such incidents in future? Who are our real enemies? What are their objectives and by such acts what do they want from us? The way our boys get provoked and display their anger and oust their reaction promptly after any act of terrorism against our nation, as a nation we should have a strategy or mechanism for disaster management or at least we should have an emergency preparedness program so that such incidents could not happen again. Instead of wasting our energies on the blame game it is time to think on the consequences and implications of such incidents.

    Much of our problems originate from our confusion pertaining to our identity. Most of our youth and even the so called intellectuals are confused about this issue. As a result we are witnessing that the nationalists are criticizing the religious people and similarly the religious people are cursing the nationalists and secular people. While it is an established fact that race and religious both are the important aspects of our identity particularly in case of us. Both seem to have fused so much that both the terms have become equal. Consequently we are witnessing that Outsiders including international community tend to regard Hazaras equal to Shiites. The bottom line of my argument is that we should not indulge into parochial considerations so that it could not cause the division within our society so explicit that we be placed on the brink of catastrophe.

    According to my understanding our enemies (let it be who so ever they are for the moment want to demoralize us first. Secondly they wish to create a rift within us. Thirdly they have the objective to shake our resolve and commitment with our ideology, values and ultimately want us to abandon our religious practices and civil liberties.

    It is time to think again that whether our sudden outburst of our feelings and emotions against any particular segment within the society is going to serve our national interests or promote the cause of terrorists i.e. to create rift within the society? One thing I would like to particularly highlight here is that by no means our arguments, analysis and conclusions should cause to devalue the blood of our martyrs as none of them had gone there for their personal gains.

    • Mizan Chowk Massacre Of Hazaras.

      Dear Fahim,

      My condolences and dua to the families and those who are no longer among us. My heart also greives with pain and sorrows. here i share every feelings and thoughts wiht my dear brothers and sisters who are effected by this massacre of Hazaras in Quetta.
      I totally agree with you Mr. Mirza and apperciate your thoughts and feelings, but from where can we begin? and who volenteers to begin to break this enigma, or even if you like it clear enimity by wahabies or nationalists of the region? But the problem is the modern enimies are cowards, treachariously evil, washed up minded by the name of Islam. ( Islam is a religion of tolerance, peace and love ). Vice versa these enimies of Islam so called Jihadies and terrists are so ignorant and far away from the teaching of Islam and Human values. They are the virus within the Islam whose first breading grounds started in Hindustan Darul Ulum Deuband UP. And the other possibilities are; They are CIA whose mission is their interests in the region. They are the iranian agencies whose only interests lies upon their existance. Or they are other regional forces whose only interests is to achieve their target. It is all unclear and doubtful. Its up to the volenteers to work out and break through this enigma. But the only clear point by which everyone will agree is, that there is a big game or so called proxy war in the region. So we know that the enimies never confront us by their true face, cause they know if they do it they will definitely be defeated, so their strategy is to hide out from the truthful, courages, faithfull and brave opponents. And keep attacking by sniper shooting or bomb blusting or any other means of coward and inhuman way.
      And within us the undersanding of true nature of this issue, that being poppet of other powers. And we must educate our selves to know the reality of this game.
      So, if we react, but how..?


  5. Masha’Allah everyone who wrote, read and commented on this Article is truly aware of the true politics behind all this theater of media.

    I agree with this article. It shows us in an simple ironic, questioning way the so called “shaheed” and “mullahs” and if there is a real moving purpose for this killing lately.

  6. اسرایلی ها اتفاقا یگانه ملتی است که اولاً سرنوشت شان شبه سرنوشت هزاره ها است؛ و دوماً دست شان در خون هیچ افغانی در طی 30 سال جنگ و دخالت در افغانستان، رنگ نگردیده است.

    هزاره ها باید همیشه چنین شعار دهند که مرگ بر مولوی ها و آدمکشان ایران و و جزایر عرب. و مرگ بر تمام کسانی که ریسمان تاجران دین را بگردن شان بسته اند ـ و زنده باد اسرایل و سلام بر ملت غیور و سربلند اسرایل.

    تبلیغات منفی ایران آنقدر چشم و گوش مردم را کر و کور کرده که اصلاً نیروی قضاوت درست و واقعی در آنها نابود گردیده است.

    ملت اسرایل با ملت هزاره چه دشمنی دارد؟؟؟

    آیا کدام اسرایلی آمد در افغانستان صورت فرزند هزاره را در بامیان پوست کرد؟؟؟

    آیا کدام اسرایلی آمد در مزار 10000 هزاره را کشت؟؟؟

    برعکس ـ آیا کدام ملت و کدام کشور عرب بود که در کشتار و بی ناموسی هزاره ها در مزار و بامیان شرکت نداشت؟؟؟

    نثار نعمان از دوبی در یکی از روزنامه های اردو می نویسد که روزی از مرد فلسطنی پرسیدم که آیا در فلسطین شیعه هم وجود دارد؟ جواب داد «لا الحمدالله» یعنی که نه از لطف خدا شیعه نیست. آخوندهای بینی پچوق و ریسمان بگردن ما را ببین که چه کار می کنند؟ اصلا چهره ما هزاره ها با دین عرب ها و ایرانی ها مطابقت ندارد و این نوع شعار ها در رنگ و چهره ما هیچ نمی نشیند.

    قومای گل! اسرایلی ها مردمان واقعا خوبی هستند و هیچ گناهی ندارند. فقط تبلیغات منفی ایران بوده که ما «هزاره ها» تنفر آمیز به آنها می نگریم ـ و الا مردم اسرایل مردمی خوبی است و یک اسرایلی حد اقل ده تا ایرانی و پنجا تا عرب می ارزد. من هرسه این ملت را از نزدیک دیده ام و می شناسم.

    ملت اسرایل تنها گناهش این است که هوشیار است و خرپالان شده نیست و کسی را اجازه نمی دهد که بر پشتش سوار شود ـ فقط همین!

    • In the Name of Bamiyan …..

      How it is possible that iranian watch dogs have not reacted on this comment …
      How it is possible an Hazara is defanding Israel and there is no reaction from his other fellows …

      I have seen such comment in my life ….. it is shocking to me ……
      Manji Arts birar tu ziyad adventure dost astay ………
      Salamat o sar e haal bashi …

      Ba amman e Bamiyan .

  7. Salam ,
    I pray that Our shaheeds be sent to behisht …
    and i demand Pakistani Govt to arrest the culprits of this incident .. and those who are asking for the ban on religious processions they should understand that it is impossible … and this people ( Anjuman e Tajiran ) should not make people against their business ……………

  8. Salam bur ghayoour Qaum e Hazara
    Salam bur shuhadai pak e hazara ..
    Salam be rouh e pak mazari ,

    ee 4 mullah wa sar ghanay azina , maujoodaat e ISO bayad Grftar shounaa wa poorspaal e Qanooni shounaa …..
    Wagarna khiyal mousha ki daftar e IG police wa agencies e Pakistani ham sharik e azi jurm astha .
    Eina juloos e azadri az mu ra ham zir e sawool andakhtaa …
    az ghayour juwana e hazara guzarish mmoushaa ki dega fareeb azi shaitanhai e muqqadas nakhra ….
    eina istifada az muqadassat mardoum ra bazi mida .. wa agenda e na pak e khuod kho ra pesh moubraa . ta ba zan , zar , wa zameen be rasa ……

    eina shaitan da libas e aalim asthan …….


  9. salam to all. First of all before commenting on any party one should gain full understanding of Hazaras current situation among such deadly anti shia tribes in quetta. Whether or not our juloos had gone to Mizan CHok, as shias we are targeted anyways any where any how! Its not whome to blame unless as an individual we have understood our problem and responsibility in our society. Non of this really has anything to do with Iran or Arabs but its rather among our own hazaras. How about actually clearing all those spies and traders before cursing other nations. AND YES!!! I really think one should not make a wrong statement about ISLAM because of few nonsense Mullahs!!!! Islam is no doubt a complete faith for those who intend to progress and succeed. I ask you, DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT ISLAM IS??? reseach! go in to it! and then really pass a comment!!!

  10. irst of all i appreciate the Hazara news for their good work doing for the people of hazara’s of the world. we are getting first hand news .secondly salute to Rukhsana Ahmed for her bold and very active work which we are not talking about…… that and i also condemn Dr. Ruqaya her for not accepting govt; responsibility not protecting their citizen’s and just saying our role was only for that aria after that we are responsibility this is very childish statement in her behalf .which no educated or civilize world can not accept that .this is not the first time it is happening that their own protectors are killing the kids and old citizens indiscriminately . she said can gave Mechid tv confidential cctv footage please bring it on . do not delete those one too that the FC and Police are killing innocent people show that also to world that how good your govt are??????? i think that is not govt it is a zoo .where killers are has more wrights by deferent ways or name……………..then innocent people of quetta or balochistan .
    this is the way you invite people to come and joint national parties or your party . where the hazara’s getting this kind killed/massacres I don’t think so..

    For Asdi you are one crowed person or group that always doing or using people in the name Islam and cashing them for your own interest OK in the world how many millions of Muslim are their? why we are taking their responsibility on our selves why? because you and like you people are idiot and stupid OK .every one knows that what is Islam and every think you said. AS a hazara i want to my people to know that do not listen their nonsense. their ways not to get involve with them and can be a good Muslim and shia.

    in the last for hazaragi jarga you haird them . So know what u think about hazaragi interest……….. I think you know that???????????

  11. I wish I could be Martyred on the ALquds Day in quetta along with my brother. This is such a big Shuhadat, and it has nothing to do with Iran or Arab.
    It every thing to do with the Humanity, supporting the oppressed one, and our morals from the relegion.
    I feel very sad to read all the comments in here. and I feld ashamed to call myself Hazara by going through all the comments.
    I hope, May all moral values and Humanity come into our daily practice.

    • Dear Imran Ali,

      we should allow our young generation to die for nothing! We should protect all Hazaras. We should use our brain and think what right and whats wrong.
      Some of these people dont follow the rules but ignorant Mullas.

      We should educate these minority and we could safe lives.

      Mullas are evil and we should not let them to decide anything for us.

    • Dear Imran Ali

      Why don’t you get it brother. Al-Quds day is purely an Iranian product. It was Introduced by Khomeini some 30 yrs ago for their own political interest against Israel and the West.
      How much do u know abt Iranian policies towards Hazaras and Afghans in general?Not much i guess. Hazara’s (Afghani passport) are not issued a visa of more than 15 days by the Iranian Govt while a pakistani or Tajik can stay in Iran for over a year on a single visa. Have you any idea of what Hazara living in Iran are going through?? Even Hazaras with proper and legal documents are considered second class citizens and are denied the opportunity to work in a qualified and respectable posts. Hazara children weren’t allowed to study post secondary school unitl recently.
      its time to stand for each other…Hazaras….Not Iran.

    • Do not be Ashamed Imran Ali if you want to go jannat then pay your half pay or what ever you make every month pay those who lost their only supporter know they do not have any body to support ……………. If they go to the mullah f………
      you know and you heard Ruhksana Ahmed what they do. because they will not gave money like that…………………. This is Grater then be Martyre ok Please think about it…….. that how many people you can take care .

    • You should be ashamed because people like you are absolute disgrace to humanity not just Hazaras, people like you have got us where we are. I wish you grow up and see things through your own eyes not others.

    • I read somewhere in the posts, well said by some brave writer. It says, If you want any existing paradise, just help the Hazara widows, orphans, hungry homeless hazaras! You will get paradise by living not by going into the mouth of death! I really apprecaite writer’s thoughts. Well it is not importatnt to help only needy Hazara but any Human who needs help.
      Before you go for Martyrdom, know the cause well. You are martyring yourself for Pelestinians who are oppressed! Do you know who created HAMMAS? Hammas was created by the Israelies to counter another terror group Hezbollah. Are you ready dying for Hammas or for the other terror group Hezbollah? Arabs and Israelies have many things in common. One is, most of the messengers came to guide them but they are still aimless! Arabs used to bury girl babies alive! They are BLESSED that one of them (Arap Muhammad) rose, realized and gave them a Godly message to abandon their inhuman practice. But, Today still Al qaida, taliban keep stopping females from learning, schools, work! They burn their faces, throw acid on female students! I would die at least to stop this happen in my locality! Muhammad message is never reached to Al Qaida and Taliban!!!!!!!!!!!! How can they call themselves Muslims? One day, very little of the world if not all:), very minority of humans just like minority Talibans and Al Qaida would stand infront of them with their pure inteligence and teach them a lesson that they are looking for so far.
      I am a Mogol-Turk and I know well how a unite MINORITY can fight a HUGE majority on basis of righteousness and no many loss of lives!!!! Friendly Lives so important for Mogol-Turk Warriors. Don’t forget. Death must be natural in warrior’s way not a deceiving death! For that you must have strong senses and intelligence. Pure death comes to those who deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corrupt humans are deshaped!!!! So dear Imran, live and help all humans who need help. And before you die beat the shit out of CORRUPT!
      Nature is every where dear. Balance is so visible and strong. NATURE balances but humans with good brains are spared! Silent people are never spared 🙂 They die in their ever lasting silense :))))) So be brave and not silent!!!!
      To All Good Humans!!!

  12. Beautifully stated! I appreciate the good points made in the writing. Keep it up bro.

  13. Salam, Plz allow me to stone these four evil characters who proudly led the jaloos till Mizan Chock to flag Iranian slogan. However, when they found the innocent followers dieing, they left the site like a cowards in their big cars. Is this a quality of a religious leader to stand with the people until they achieve their own and the once (Iran) supporting them. Shame on such leaders who spoiled the efforts of our former religious leaders like Arif Hussain Al Hussain (RA) whom really served the Shiites. These leaders eat first in any invitations and ignore their guards and drivers. Shame, Shame, and only Shame for them. I do not think they should any more face the people of Hazara community. BUT this does not mean I am supporting HDP leaders like chokrey kan kola. WE will pave our own path until we will be able to get a true religious leader.

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