Posted by: Editor | October 26, 2010

Song of Peace and Love by Muzafar Khurasani

Muzafar Khurasani is a talented Hazara singer of Pakistan Television Quetta Station. He has a sweet voice and emotion in his melodies. Below is a song of him about peace and love in Urdu, Balochi, Pashto and Persian languages.

HazaranewsPK thanks Naseem Javed for uploading the song on Youtube on request.


  1. Great artist among hazara,, please try to creat songs that has messages to people, great job

  2. HOPE!

  3. zindabad my friend we are alla proud of you

  4. I appreciate the talented singer Muzaffar. His song has really good theme if people try to consider. I love to see every day our actors and singers are making their place in the world of talents. It is a love song. This song could get more astonishing effect if the back ground of the song would match the acting of the singer. There is no doubt singer has good capacity but the director should consider the background matching. I love to see qawma heading and leading in every field of life weather in study any other field.

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