Posted by: Editor | October 31, 2010

4 Hazaras Killed

Quetta: Four people from Hazara community have been killed on Masjid Road Quetta Thursday evening. Unknown armed-men opened fire on Haji Ali Akbar, Samad, Jaffar Abbas and Abid, who had just closed down their shop to head towards home. Murderers escaped the scene before Police arrive.




  1. Its time for Hazara people to be vigilante. When will hese ruthless killings of innocent Hazara people stop?! People who are capable of doing such cold-blooded brutal killing of innocents are animals.

  2. Still Snow White and Peaceful DEATH! Hazaras have givenup human killings! We are Mongols(!!!!), Moghal-Turks(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Committed ones, can do things you can’t imagine), Great Huns(cere the Great God Fathers), Tibetians(Great Patience), Japanese(Still Working and the Fastest ones, no one knows), Koreans(separated but can be together any moment), Chinese(Still Asians but shown different by the WEST), Taiwanese, Nepalis, Thailandis, Gurkhas (You better escape their wreth), Kazakhs, Turkmens, Ozbeks, Azeris, Siberians and the RED INDIANS We are the SAME! ONE GREAT DAY LIONS and all animals will run freely but the Corrupt Humans will answer very simple but very DIFFICULT Questions for them! Hazaras will gradually leave that continent! No Hazara will live there any more. What about you guys? Will you be able to find out your facists and radicals(Politically radiacals)? May ALLAH save you now and bless you with the common senses! A country with no justful laws and rules will and always be ruled from outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha
    Hazaras(ASIANS) don’t forget your HEROES! Your fight is truely for humanic rights. Your enemies are the worst form of beasts! You are misplaced community dear hardworking HAZARA-MONGOL-TURKS!!!!!!! Pusht is a universal PUŞT! Allah’s wreth on them!
    Hazaras were not even Muslims! They Chosed Shia sect becaue of great Arab Fighter Ali. Who fought for righteousness! Ali is the SWORD and LION of ALLAH!!! If You love Allah respect ALI! No matter Shia or Sunni or any other 72 sects of Muslims you are!!!!! Today I can understand the TRUTH! Hazaras are very very HARDIES! Centuries of hardships haven’t changed their rout! READ about early ISLAM! OSAMA BIN LADEN’S family(Wahabis) has been the greatest enemy of good religion ISLAM from the beginning! British help has made wahabisim very strong. ISLAM ALLAH is a religion of peace and brotherhood not a religion of TERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFollow or face the WAHABI TERROR (CORRUPTS)! Even Mosques are not safe today from them!!!!! May Great Allah, the Tengri show them the true way of patience.

  3. ONE of us is enough to change everything! Hazaras, you have many Heros. Khaliq is one of those. Never ever forget him. He is among us. Celebrate his Birth, Success Date and Date of departure. Never forget your HEROS.

    • Of course,the Hazaras have forgot the Heroes,the existing situation will be changed Inshallah just need Unity, i heard the khalique on 7th november for the first time,i liked his speach,his views but he should take the whole Hazarahs should not be bounded up to Mareeabbad area,a leader with such thinking must be broad minded,extend his political area,a major numbers of youths are interested to do something for the tribe, they need a sinciere leaderships and a suitable plateform.As for as celabration of memoreabe days of Heroes concerned,the HDP can take a start without any differences of thoughts,.

      • I was talking about KHALIQO (Abdul Khaliq 1916-1933. The “Brave Heart” of Afghanistan )!! The one who cleaned one Corrupt LEADER (Animal) from the face of the Earth! We Hazaras all over the world must remember him more than anything else. Otherwise we cannot be remembered.

        Unjust (MAD) and Powerful LEADERS are the worst for the Humanity. Disabling them is JUST. For a peace!
        In your Pakistan as well, you don’t have to go after individual murderers, just find the governing leaders. It is either Law or Lawless condition. If leader is, Law is. If leader is and Law is not, then the Leader is NOT as well.

  4. salam bisyar afsos ki baz chand khana hazara qom da gham mubtala shud. khuda wahabiha wa lashkar jahangvi ra nabood kana wa mo ra itihad wa itifaq kana.

  5. Keep watching the actions of Taliban (common) and Al Qaida! (common) See how they follow orders !!! On their master’s call and secure routs they walked to Karzai for a trade!!!! Life is an Exam indeed! GRACE and HONOR has gone from humans!!! At the end history will show!!
    It is not one or two Hazara’s problem. So be a single Hazara all of you infront of your enemies.

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