Posted by: Editor | November 6, 2010

Target Killing of Hazaras in Karachi

Asad Hazara was killed last week.

There has been a wave of Hazara target killing in Karachi recently. Last week Asad Hazara alias Gudo was killed on Oct 22 Thursday night at Mughul Hazara Goth area. He was on his way back home with friends when some Gilgati armed men opened fire and killed Asad. A couple of days prior to this incident, Sakhidad Hazara was also killed near the same area by Gilgati armed men. These Gilgatis have threatened Hazaras of Mughul Goth previously too. They are backed by some Iran-supported religious groups. The Hazaras of Karachi are critical of the law enforcement agencies due to security failure and Hazara target killing at the hands of Gilgatis.

Mirza Yousaf, a Gilgati, is the leader of Shia Action Committee and staunch anti-Hazara. He is behind the Gilgati campaign to terrorize Hazaras of Mughul Goth. Other groups such as Imamia Students Organization and Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen are supporting the Gilgati campaign against Hazaras. Maulana Yousaf of Shia Ulema Council also supports them. The main purpose of Gilgati terror campaign against Hazaras of Mughul Goth is to kick Hazaras out of the Hazara Mughul Goth area, a name that was registered on the name of Hazaras in Government documents decades ago.

Five Hazaras have been killed in this terror-campaign so far, while 1 Gilgati has also been killed. The conflict has been intensifying since last three years. The Government and law enforcement agencies must take notice to avoid further killings of innocent victims. Two Hazaras have been killed just in last two months. Gilgati leaders Mirza Yousaf and Saghir Hussain Abidi had promised to end the conflict by compensating the family members of dead Ali Khan son of Juma Khan. But they never met their promise. The same promise was made for murder of Ibrar Ali Changazi son of Babo Ali Raza, but the promises were not made.

Sakhidad Hazara was also killed by Gilgatis.

A Ring Gang of Gilgatis is involved in Hazara killing. Kumail Shah son of Raees and Kazim alias Bichu are prominent in the gang behind target killing of Hazaras. Others known by their nick-names are Badshah and T.T.

Whenever there is an FIR against them, Gilgati leaders rush to Gulistan Johar Police Station and pressurize the Station House Officer through the bigwigs.

About 10 years ago, leaders of the above-mentioned religious groups had come to Hazara Mughul Goth elders requesting to let the Gilgatis, who had come newly to Karachi, to live in Hazara area. Since then, Gilgatis have been flooding in the area, and now Hazaras are a minority in their own area. Since the last target killing a couple of weeks ago, Gilgatis have been threatening Hazaras. A Peace Committee was formed to resolve the issue, but it didn’t work.

The Government and security officials in Karachi must take immediate notice of the target killing of Hazaras in Hazara Mughul Goth area of Karachi. Mirza Yousaf should be kept under intelligence-monitoring, as he is the main figure giving fire to the conflict.


  1. yar what is this both of them are shias hazara and gilgiti mat laro aapas main

  2. Keya Yaar?
    Yeh hazara log bee nah never fight back.
    Boz dil.

    Fight live or die

  3. Can you see the power? It’s just a minor show! Your hearts will QUAKE!

  4. oh my god …………………….

  5. 80% Sunni State can’t provide peace to 20% Shia population in Pakistan??????????????????????????? Let me say this way to brother country PAK…. istan!!!! ISI is moretahn 40% Pushtun? Bangladesh Muslims were raped by Muslim Pakistani Muslims as well?? Shame on you what can Muslim world say about you? Your Fathers didn’t taught you of Grace???? To Be MUSULMAN is HARD Men!!!!!!!

  6. This way we say that shia does not help us but working against us. Why the hazaras of Karachi let them in the firtst place.

    When are we are going to wake up!!!

  7. My Salam to all Hazara brothers & sisters…….
    The situation which goes on Hazara Mughal Goth,gulistan-e-jauhar karachi is very hard and crusial for the Hazaras of the area. 4 hazara youths Ali khan hazara,Abrar Ali Changezi,Sakhi Dad Hazara and Asad Ali alias Guddu have been killled by Gilgitti terorrist recently ….These terorrists have strong support by their MOLANA’S and others,these Molanas have key role in SHIA organizations…….

  8. Salam 2 ALL Hazara’s ….
    You are right Abbas bro,the details which are placed by you on the page clearly right because i belong 2 Mughal Hazara goth karachi….
    I request 2 All Hazara 2 pray 4 the betterment of Mughal Hazara goth karachi circumtances…thanx


  9. this conflict should be resolved now as time will pass it will get worst.

    Elders of Hazaras and Gilgites should sit together and resolve the issue killing of each other person is not the solution

    and imamia student organization or majilis wahadat muslimin is not behind the gilgities they are not organization of gilities they represent Shia students and shia persons not any cast.

    so it not right to blame them for that killings in fact ISO or MWM can help to resolve the issue

    • Gilgities are the main part of ISO and they think we are Munafiq and are against Naibe Imam Khameni so we must be killed first then other enemies this the thought they have so we must be aware of them….
      We do not want these kind of shida who call us Infidel whether it is in Kabul by Asif Mohaseni or in karachi by Jawad naqavi or gilgities and in quetta by syed hashim and if we are considered as infidel by them so please leave us by our own and let us live our infidel life and let us go to hell dont kill us…
      But all Hazaras be attentive and try to know your enemy whether it is Shia or others…
      Because we have less friends and much enemies because we have been salves and used in front line every where we believe in God and Ahle Bait and if we get united i am sure we will demolish our enemis….

  10. Bad only for the Mothers, Fathers and family members who are left behind. The killed ones go in peaceful state. It is only that moment between killer and the kill! And then complete silence! We accept as it comes and things go normal. Some times we are waiting and expecting matters to come true!!! Don’t expect for bad thnings. Think other way around, like your Enemies days are over. Think like this! Your Enemies will suffer. Your enemies are corrupt. We will be a better nation. We are better and peaceful humans. We can fight back if we have to. Right now we are fighting in peaceful ways and patience is our weapon. We are an organized and disciplined nation. We Know the fact behind,”What you sow is what you reap!” We can rule being a strong minority. We are so far better HUMANS!!! We can secure it by keep becoming targets or leave the area!!! (Think about it)

    Iran is a Terror supporting country in the name of Shia’ism! This is well known fact. To secure regional command and resources Iran uses religion as a weapon. I can say they have nothing to do with Shia religion. They are the great fascists!
    Gilgitis have forgotten their bad days when Al Qaida and Taliban-supported terror groups targetted them. Today they are the helping hands of the same terror groups!!!! Their way of ISLAM is so much based on ethnicity. Where is Shia element now? As I said All Hazaras become a single body and brain and go for a solution. As we avoid to murder HUMANS, we must find a way not to be murdered too! It is not a good idea but in such conditions can be the only way out: We all migrate to nearby friendly countries. Just because we cannot kill, government can’t do any thing and the surrounding population is coward and silence and so share hands with voilence!!!
    Think about this idea. Either leave and secure PEACE or stay and fight back and kill your enemies!!! Can you kill or ready to migrate? You (Hazaras of Pakistan) have to decide as SINGLE BODY and BRAIN!!! Pakistani society is fed with hatred. Think about the matter carefully. In Quetta SUNNI Taliban and Al Qaida backed terrorists kill Hazaras. But in Karachi the SHIA terrorists kill Hazaras! Both Terrorists are supported by IRAN!! Hazaras have many enemies in shape of sect and ethnicity!!! It shows that ALL HAZARAS are killed just because they are HAZARAS no matter Sunni or Shia!
    One day Hazara enemies will experience that how hard it is to live and work under such conditions! Unfortunately they can not understand it now! Waiting for the worst to come!!!!! Nature’s Balancing power is BEAUTIFUL!
    May Pakistani people LOVE their country in true senses, not in way 4 provinces, 4 different states!!!

    • Salam Prince

      A very persuasive argument and one with which I agree totally. Unfortunately, the ones who carry out these killings are not intelligent or brave enough to understand what you are saying. They kill by covert means – rarely face to face. They are cowards of the worse kind. You should not expect them to fight by your rules

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