Posted by: Editor | November 15, 2010

Geo Documentary on Target Killing of Hazaras

Below is a Geo TV documentary on the target killing of Hazaras in Quetta.


  1. A friend posted this sad, but beautiful poem. Does anyone know who wrote it? It is a translation into English. Would be great if someone here could post it here in Dari. I am dedicating this poem to those Hazaras who have lost their lives; and to the Hazaras who are shaping their future all over the world.

    ~ translated into English by: Laurence Hope (1865-1904)

    LIE alone, beneath the Almond blossoms,
    Where we two lay together in the spring,
    And now, as then, the mountain snows are melting,
    This year, as last, the water-courses sing.

    That was another spring, and other flowers,
    Hung, pink and fragile, on the leafless tree,
    The land rejoiced in other running water,
    And I rejoiced, because you were with me.

    You, with your soft eyes, darkly lashed and shaded,
    Your red lips like a living, laughing rose,
    Your restless, amber limbs so lithe and slender
    Now lost to me. Gone whither no man knows.

    You lay beside me singing in the sunshine;
    The rough, white fur, unloosened at the neck,
    Showed the smooth skin, fair as the Almond blossoms,
    On which the sun could find no flaw or fleck.

    I lie alone, beneath the Almond flowers,
    I hated them to touch you as they fell.
    And now, who killed you? worse, Ah, worse, who loves you?
    (My soul is burning as men burn in Hell.)

    How I have sought you in the crowded cities!
    I have been mad, they say, for many days.
    I know not how I came here, to the valley,
    What fate has led me, through what doubtful ways.

    Somewhere I see my sword has done good service,
    Some one I killed, who, smiling, used your name,
    But in what country? Nay, I have forgotten,
    All thought is shrivelled in my heart’s hot flame.

    Where are you now, Delight, and where your beauty,
    Your subtle curls, and laughing, changeful face?
    Bound, bruised and naked (dear God, grant me patience),
    And sold in Kabul in the market-place.

    I asked of you of all men. Who could tell me?
    Among so many captured, sold, or slain,
    What fate was yours? (Ah, dear God, grant me patience,
    My heart is burnt, is burnt, with fire and pain.)

    Oh, lost Delight! my heart is almost breaking,
    My sword is broken and my feet are sore,
    The people look at me and say in passing,
    “He will not leave the village any more.”

    For as the evening falls, the fever rises,
    With frantic thoughts careering through the brain,
    Wild thoughts of you. (Ah, dear God, grant me patience,
    My soul is hurt beyond all men call pain.)

    I lie alone, beneath the Almond blossoms,
    And see the white snow melting on the hills
    Till Khorassan is gay with water-courses,
    Glad with the tinkling sound of running rills,

    And well I know that when the fragile petals
    Fall softly, ere the first green leaves appear,
    (Ah, for these last few days, God grant me patience,)
    Since Delight is not, I shall not be, here!

    • Dear friends,

      We always talk and write about target killing of innocent people in quetta, but we never know the dieseses which is spreading in our soceity now a days.

      our youths are involved in Game zones who take drugs and drink alcohols, selling themselves to pashtoons and are involved with homo-sexual activities.
      our girls are involved with drugs are drunk, there is a big trade of our girls and women being sold to other nations in quetta. Target killing and kidnaping of our people by pashtoons through our own youths and people.

      I say shame on HDP and Tanzeem and other political parties who never take action against these game zones, which are the destruction of our youths and soceity. I dont know why our media, newspapers and other print media do not write or say about such social evils.

      now I do understand that we are a real coward nation, which we call in our language benang, its a shameful word for us.

      shame on our youths who are doing such things, shames on the political parties of hazara who are neglacting such things. today our mothers and families are in great danger of such wild and benang youths who goto game zones and sell their bodies to pashtoons and have inhuman activites, today im sure that we are buzdil people living in Quetta, im sorry to say that but thats the reality my dears.

      although I live abroad, but when I hear about my nation in Quetta, Im fully ashamed to be hazara.

      shame on our youths and our leaders.

      • Congratulation! you are ashamed of being hazara.
        You are living abroad and you may have very little knowledge about the situation in Quetta. Our people suffer injustice in all walks of life and we have been targed by the militants who are supported by the governments of the world.
        Gaming zones are not created by our political parties and our political parties can not play the role of a police man. It is the duty of the state to shut down those gaming zone.
        Even if we close those gaming zone where will our children go. There is no play ground and there is no job.
        I am not advocating to let those gaming zone to remain opened but there should be an alternative. This socaial eveil can not be dealt with anger but with proper plaining of creating jobs for our youth.
        I would like you to come and take the role of managing our youths behaviour. It is easier said than done.
        Pakistan is in the grisp of terrorism and hundreds of people are killed every day and pakistan government is the most corrupt government of the world but a real patriot will not say i am ashamed of being pakistani but the will see the chances of how to make the things right.
        People of hazara are not wealthy like you who is living abroad with his family rather if hazara girl and women are becoming prostitute it is because of the poverty. In every nation you can find prostitute even the american and i do not know where you live there you can find prostitute. Now will you leave that country you should be also ashamed of being the citizen of that country because you can find corruption and prostitute there.
        My friend life is cruel and it is not that simple as you see. the reality is harsh but you should be kind to your sisters and brothers in Quetta and i am proud that you are hazara and want to live as hazara.

  2. 60% Hazaras killed by Pushtuns !!! BRITISH help did this happen!!! British gave Pushtuns CANNONS of war and they ruled dark on Hazara Mogol-Turks! Later Englishmen tried and gave 50,000 lives in Afghanistan! What you sow is what you reap!!!!! Death begets death! Today British forces sing the songs of their losts in Afghanistan by the hands of Afghans:) You British , Can you see any kind of progress in Afg? Still they live in a stone age! Why? Just because of you! If you had let them grow they had been a better nation today! But your 50-year plans as usual! Face it now:) You are on run once again in Afganistan! Actualy you used Hazaras as Hazara Pioneers and now Gurkhas!!! Shame is not an enough word for you! From now on, the known must teach all the good knowledge to whole the humanity. otherwise face it! Humans must live in peace! Law must rule!!!! Your mice have become BENGAL TIGERS now British!!! Come and get them now:) 🙂 🙂 The DARK can help you best:)))))

    • Oh Dear. All this is true, I know, but it hurts. Why? Since Colonialism began the English have been blamed for so much, and indeed most of what they are blamed for is correct. A shameful past we have. My father was English and he asks should we all be painted with the same brush, in other words, are all English bad? Are all Pashtoon bad? Are all Hazaras good? It is wrong to generalise, sweet Prince, but I know why you do. Please contact me – I need to talk to you.

      • Floods Stop at once!

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