Posted by: Editor | January 7, 2011

Snippets from the Past–Part 1

By Guest Contributor

The following letter is a substantial document of the now undeniable crimes committed by Mullahs on the behest of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The letter followed months of summary executions, imprisonments, public floggings, kidnappings, rapes and molestations under fatwas issued by the Grand Council of Hazara Mullahs in the early days of their boot-licking for Iran’s Welayat-e Faqeeh.

With the support of volunteers and religious elders from areas as far aways as Uruzgan and Kabul and on the behest of fatwas issued and signed in Qom and Mashhad, these Jehadis burned down offices and homes of the below mentioned political leaders and parties, their women and children were made homeless and in many cases molested, many including Shaheed Hussain Ali Yousufi were kidnapped and tortured, others were sentenced to hundreds of flogs in public in the dead of winter, at least a dozen people were summarily shot to death including Ali Madad Khan of Jaghori, whose dead body was then put on display on the roadside to be fed to jackals and wolves, his young daughters were assaulted as they tried to approach the body and relatives prevented from making a burial. Those shot were refused burial in traditional cemeteries and any ceremonies were but under a ban of Haram.

The Akhonds still had not had enough, they then wrote the following letter of shame to Pashtun Islamist groups to get help in capturing and killing those they labelled as ‘kafir’, a copy of which was obtained and sent over to refugees in Quetta by a sympathetic Pashtun who had previously himself been a refugee in Jaghori in the late 1970s.

The relevant tragedy in this little episode is the fact that today, about two decades after these barbaric acts took place, many of the perpetrators and labradoodles of the Islamic Republic of Iran are fit and fat and active in powerful positions in Jaghori and elsewhere in Hazarajat with blood stained hands and blood-filled jaws.

Again, as political fallouts from decades of Islamic extremism played out in the Cold War unfolds and we face religious extremism as an enemy, there are very active religious and sectarian groups within us who are led by potatohead mullahs in local mosques and Imambargahs. Using our communal victimisation as a pretext, they continue to fool more and more youth and push them towards extremism and religious fundamentalism by exploiting their ideological sentiments.

Again, there are signs that potato-heads are ready to play out the game of labeling people as ‘kafir‘, ‘gumraah‘, ‘agent‘, ‘amriki‘, ‘kamunist‘, ‘izreli‘ and every nasty thing you can imagine in order to further the socio-political control and terror of powerful potato-heads sitting in comfortable rooms in Madrassas and offices locally and elsewhere. Again, there appear to be signs of an upcoming inquisition on the horizon, ready to be played out by religious and sectarians elements without and within.

Disclaimer: The term mullah here does not exclusively refer to religious clerics, it’s a reference to religious and ideological extremism of all colours and shades by any group or individual. This is question your right to a religious belief but to encourage you to take a critical look at the packaged history and traditions you have been taught, this is to encourage you to get to your own truth through a logical understanding rather than a blind faith.

And hold fast, all of you together to the rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves – The Quran - 01/ 03/ 1983

Announcement of the Grand Clerical Council of Jaghori to the defiant Shiite and Sunni people of Afghanistan, who have since the April revolution of 1978, watered dear Islam with the blood of the martyrs

O brave people,

In the same way that you are at war against the Communists of Afghanistan and the USSR, be at war against the Chinese Communists too and support the trenches of Islam against the groups of Marx and Lennin.

However, you are aware that since the beginning of the revolution against the Soviet heresy and atheism, Shola Javid has under the name ‘Union of the Islamic Mujahideen of Afghanistan’ with the treachery of the people of Tanzeem-e Nasl-e Nau Hazara Mughul resident in Quetta Pakistan under the leadership of the Abdul Hussain Maqsudi of Shola-e Javid, Haji Barkat, Ghulam Ali Haidari, Hussain Ali Yousufi, Karbalai Musa, Doctor Jawad, Ashfaq Hussain, Abbas Zargar, Engineer Akram, Moalem Khadim and other hypocrites and atheists aligned with China, under the name ‘Voice of Hazarajat’ and ‘National United Front’ and Saama and Sitam-e Milli and Akhgar and others, who under the guise of Islam through the government of Pakistan deliver weapons from the US and China to their servants and associates in Hazarajat. As a consequence we have observed the political and Islamic situation in Hazarajat being in danger and us, the Islamic groups aligned with Iran – followers of the path of Khomeini, have mobilised ourselves and have declared our cooperation against the atheism and heresy of Tanzeem-e Nasl-e Nau Hazara Mughul.

And however, it is clear to you that on December 14, 1982, the American and Chinese bases from the centre of Jaghori province and Malistan and Uruzgan and Qarabagh and the surrounding areas have been removed – their weapons, equipment and homes have been taken by the clerical council as war trophy and their personnel have been reduced to soil and blood and their unclean bodies have become food for wild animals and some of them have come under the grip of Islamic justice and some have been imprisoned and documents of their association with China and America are present in the Jaghori provincial office.

On these bases the Sunni brethren of Afghanistan are reminded to be alert and awake as this heinous Communist group intends to take back the land and property given to you under the rule of Amir Abdur Rehman.  Therefore you should kill the personnel of this group and those who take weapons and equipment from them wherever you find them and take their wealth and property as war trophy. They are condemned to death and worthy of being killed.

We the clerical council do not want the East or the West or China or their associates, we want an Islamic government.

Neither the East, nor the West , just the Islamic Republic!

Official of the ‘Groh-e Nahzat e Islami’:

Signed:Fayaz Governor of Jaghori

Signed: Official of ‘Groh-e Nahzat-e Islami

Signed: Official of the Martyrdom Base and Office of the Harkat-e Islami in Jaghori


  1. shame on the people with mentality of nisar i won’t use Ali coz it wil cause disrespect for the name of my Mola-the true and righteous…if u demons have the courage to criticise others and if u belive in ur so called “manliness” y don’t u come 4wrd to help “ur nation”…u butt headed chumps can only do one thing and thats passing shitty comments like ur faces on others…and majority of ppl like u r urselves atheists and communists…jst go and chek in ur so called nationilstic nation that how many have remained shia..a true shia not shias like u cowards..on wat bases and proves ur saying rubbish that those were supporting hazaras through isi and communists??go and have full in4mation they were helping through the hazaras living abroad and those hazaras were real man and real sons of their mothers who were really keen to help their nations…not fuktards like u who only sits under the veil of their mothers…wears bangles nd pass shity commnets frm their shitty mouth…nd u ppl call urslf shia????shame on u u dn’t deserve to be caled the follower of true MOLA..atleast tanzeem have the courage to come 4rd for their nation b it in time of peace or war…i know the editor is also the coward and hypocrite who can only publish comments against tanzeem nasle nau only nd i know my comment won’t get publish if u r a true shia,follower of Mola ALI,and a son of ur mother u will publish my commnent coz i have already sent many comments but none was published….u ppl are infact the ones who divide the nation..if this time my comment don’t get publish than curse on u and ppl like nisar and u mite knw whome do v curse —the enemies of AhleBait…

    • Dear Follower of Mola ,

      In the name of Bamiyan

      what u have done till now for the cause of your mola ……… every one else ( including me ) here is as much namard as u think ….. Only u r mard ( man ) … so after this Quds Paddaa what have u done ………. Ashura , and so many other incidents because of u and ur rightous mola ..
      what u want from the loose shias , atheists ,communists ,christians of hazara community … plz tell it ..

      Ba amman e Bamiyan

  2. sallam to all hazaras…..
    can i ask you guys to please update your site more and quicker…
    and when u update your site please put some news on the situation of hazaras in quetta…, muharram etc….
    i come here everytime and thers no update, and even if there is an update there isnt any news…

  3. i fully agree with brother nisar ali and consider both parties equally responsible for the division and destruction of hazara nation and hazarajat. the writer is pretty much clear that belongs to so called nationalist group of alamdar road building but both buildings as nisar ali said were working for their respective masters and had nothing to do for hazara nation.
    if he claims to be a good writer, he must at least observe the basic ethics used in writing and mere accusations and terms like ” potato heads” will further degrade his already disgraced writing …………….

  4. Dear Readers ,

    NATIONALISM : IT is the recognition / encouragement / emphasize of one’s own father , history , language , customs and traditions and race .
    ( this is not the Oxford definition of the word but the pure practical definition and is clean of any sort of infection . )

    So Please ,

    1. Hazaras should not be tagged as Shia Hazara any more , as religion is religion and race is race , as Other hazaras like sunni , ismaili and non muslim hazaras also have suffered the same way as this perticular type of hazara .

    2. Who ever this guy is it is ok for him and for us that he has one opinion and is not wondering here and there , his opinion makes him money or not , it is enough that he understands the power of words and is arranging his words in a manner that reflects his understanding of the situation some how .

    3.We need to know who is who . and who for when . and who for where . mullahs should not be interfering in everything . and should not be bringing people on street every now and than and every issue to comfort others for our killing on unknown policies of others .

    We have to remove the tag (shia ) of being watch dogs of foreign interests in our home land .




  5. As far as i know the Sholayees Were the initiater of the war against the Russians … But dont know what happened later.

    And for the article i would like to say … Waiting for the next part.

  6. It now clears the identity of the writer.During time of dictator zia ul haq when USA backed Afghan (so called) jihad against USSR was on its peak.Two buildings on Alamdar road Quetta ,in front of Hazara Eidgah also got involved in this game for their vested interests.One building was getting its supplies from ISI to Hazarajat,the second group was taking its supplies from Intelligence of Iran to Afghanistan.The basic interests of these groups was to fill their pockets ,by dividing the poorest Hazara Shias of Hazarajat,at the cost of their heavy blood shed.One group fooled the people in the name of Religion,while the other in the name of Nationalism.None were sincere towards Hazaras.Both are now enjoying wealthy lifestyles while hundreds and thousands of poorest Shia Hazaras were brutally sacrificed by their parties in Hazarajat.
    These parasites are the worst enemies of Shia Hazaras.They should be punished for their hyenas crimes against the nation and the religion.
    The nation have identified them ,they cannot fool the nation any more.
    By writing this article the writer is exposing himself and his criminal group and the cursed mullahs,both them are equally responsible for the bloodshed of Shia Hazaras in Hazarajat.
    Now again the writer is exposing his history,but this time he or his group will not fool the nation.

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