Posted by: Editor | January 20, 2011

Talented Photographer Baqir Ali

Talented Hazara photographer Baqir Ali. has interviewed talented Hazara photographer Baqir Ali. Hazara News Pakistan brings the below interview content to its readers.

We are pleased to introduce to you the talented graphic designer and photographer Baqir Ali.
We at are starting to believe that most muslim photographers are very well traveled individuals and our latest photographer is no exception to this seemingly common rule.
Muhammad Baqir Ali was born  in the early seventies in Quetta, Pakistan. Baqir (as he prefers to be called)  earned a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Physics, Statistics & Mathematics from Balochistan University, Quetta, Pakistan.  He has been interested in arts since his childhood, so in February 1992 he went to the National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore, Pakistan to study Arts. Where he studied architecture, graphic design, Textile design, Product Design, Ceramic Design, Painting & Photography. In  March 1996, he earned a  Bachelor Degree in Advertising & Photography whilst also maintaining a professional position in Islamabad as Graphic Designer.
In April 1997, he moved to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) for a better future and worked with well known local & international organizations including Sheikh Mohammed’s own website and Impact/BBDO.  He stayed there until Feb 2007, moving once again for a better future  to Toronto, Canada where he currently lives and working as a Graphic Designer.
He states that he has never used photography as a profession but as an art and more of a source of self expression.
He started photographing with a Nikon FA with a Nikor 50 mm prime, Nikor 100 mm prime and Sigma 75-210 mm. He loves the old days of 35 mm film photography & classic darkroom techniques which is now sadly part of the photographic history.
Nowadays, he is using the Olympus E 500 with Zukio Lenses 14-45 mm and 40-150 mm.He likes to express that there is a saying by the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) that we should attain knowledge from your mother’s lap till your grave.Taking a turn in his current studies he has taken on Real Estate hoping that he will soon attain his license in Real Estate, inshallah.
Having traveled to several countries which country do you find to be the most “photo-friendly” and what makes it so?
I find Canada the most photo-friendly country.
I think their culture plays an important role for that.

What differences are you aware of in regards to photography between Pakistan, Dubai and Canada?
i-In Pakistan you will find a rich culture, colors and historical places, (link)

catch if you can

ii-In Dubai you will find modern architecture,


iii-In Canada you will find diverse culture and nature.

Being a graphic designer, does this give you a different approach to your photography? If so How?
I always try to make a layout of my shot before capture and follow the rule of thirds.
Sometimes I will be successful and sometimes not.

kissing tooth brushes

Your photography shows a mixed bag of skills, where did you learn your craft?

There is no limit for learning new things.
My school (NCA) is the milestone for me but practice makes a man perfect.

When it comes to software which is your preferred soft/s and can you recommend a good digital darkroom setup?

There are many digital editing softwares for the darkroom for example, aperture, photo paint etc. but Adobe’s Photoshop is my digital darkroom.

Which photographers do you respect the most and why?
I am inspired by many photographers but I respect Ansel Adams the most.
I think he was ahead of his time especially his BW photography.

Which is your favoured style of photography?
I love candid shots & expressions

If you could be anywhere right now, with camera in hand where would that be and why?
Somewhere amongst the people in general to capture their different moods and different expressions

Any advice for beginners or guidance for other photographers that you would like to share?
A professional clicks and make a story later on.
A beginner thinks & the scene has gone.
I believe that Ansel Adams once said,
You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

The young model




  1. Haji Baqir Ali is really an experienced graphic designer and photographer, beyond all these professionalism he is a very nice and gentle man. New comers should visit his web site and see his graphic collection to learn and follow his steps. here is his website
    Thanks for posting this interview

  2. Beshak amittar zahmatkash bachkichai hazara hasta ki name qawm az mora baal mobra . khuda baqir jaan ra da lamhe zindagi shi kamyab kana wa yak sabaq basha barai diga bachkichai qawmai mo ki ona ham koshish kanan ki name GREAT HAZARA ra da goshe dunya baal kanan wa baees fakhr az mo bashan, INSHALLAH

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