Posted by: Editor | May 6, 2011

8 Hazaras Killed in Rocket Attack, Firing

Hazara Town: 8 people have been killed and 15 others injured in a rocket attack and firing early morning on Friday in Hazara Town area of Quetta. The attackers were some unknown armed men on two vehicles who fired rockets and Kalashnikov on people playing football and exercising early in the morning at 6am.  The injured have been moved to Bolan Medical Hospital, where doctors say some inured are in severe condition. Angry protesters blocked the Bypass Road, and police have arrived in the area. Police say the incident is a sectarian attack.

Hazaras have been victim of sectarian and ethnic target killing in Balochistan for many years. In previous incidents, different sectarian groups have claimed responsibility, among them are the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan and Al-Qaeda related Lashkar-e-Jangvi. Such target-killing include suicide attacks on Hazara mass gatherings and hit-and-escape firings on individuals, that number more than 300 in 2010 alone. Friday’s incident is first of its kind when attackers have come in more than one vehicle and fired rockets, then Kalashnikov. Hazara victims of such attacks are mostly common people, but professionals like politicians, doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, laborers and Hazaras in police and other security forces have also come under attack.

Police and other security forces have totally failed to arrest terrorists responsible for the attacks in 2009 and 2010 killing more than 400 Hazaras. In Nov 2009, police claimed to have arrested a mastermind of Hazara target-killing and member of notorious militant outfit Lashkar-e-Jangvi. However, during last two years, not only the attacks have increased, but the mastermind Hafiz Usman has not been punished to death by court, despite admitting for the attacks in front of media cameras.  Previously, some top terrorists behind Hazara killings broke away from a high-profile jail in Quetta.

After all such attacks, that happen everyone once in a month, police label it “sectarian target killing” and then nothing happens in investigation. The whereabouts of all militant outfits including SSP, Lashkar and other groups are known by the intelligence agencies. For instance, leaders of SSP and Lashkar roam freely in public in Karachi and Lahore. Despite the fact that these outfits are banned, they operate under new names and have public activities.

The target killing of Hazaras make small one-column news on all national and local newspapers in Pakistan, and headline for an hour on TV channels, but media have never bothered to follow with in-depth investigative reports and questions from law-enforcement agencies. Only Geo TV did a documentary last year on the target killing of Hazaras. In a recent report, the Pakistan Human Rights Commission said about 300 Hazaras were killed in 2009 and 2010, and police had failed to arrest any killer.

The Federal Government of Pakistan, Interior Minister Rehman Malik and intelligence agencies should pay attention to the genocidal target-killing of Hazaras in Quetta.


  1. […] at least 11 Hazara men and women. On 30 May this year, armed assailants arriving in two cars attacked an early morning game of soccer that killed eight people and injured 15, mostly youngsters out for […]

  2. my dear brothers,

    HDP and other parties will remain silent as always and will do nothing about the attrocities commited to us in quetta. when any incident occurse then they come out to press and send their messages, just for the sake of political objectives, then again everything is just normal. They never call for strike or call for protest, or do any new things, all the hazara parties just think about their political objectives, nothing else.

    whatever occure in Quetta to the hazara people, they always remain silent, shame on the parties of hazara, specially shame on HDP leadership who just think about their personal benefits and objectives.

    shame on all of you living in quetta.

  3. o gherat ki ena ga dasht yali namanda baba gharat azina yali chiya rozana dukhtaro ra thang kana dga gb jor kana gharat azina yali ami asta dga hach gharat nadaran ena khali mishnan thogh munan ki una chikar muna 2 roz hartal azu bad da khanai khu qara mishna



  5. hazara people bedar shin naki tamam shum khatam mushin takai ra bardasht munin bas kin dga imroz da baipass tha shudan suba da khane shum tha musha tha kai ra thogh munin imroz 8 dana shum rafta suba 100 dane shum mora da waqti khoshi khu khub fire kado ra yaad daran

  6. shame on government of Pakistan

  7. hearing the deaths of our buddies are poison for me but i feel pain for their families and i hope tolerance from them.

    No one can tell the hazara people how to react but everyone knows that some government hands are behind this shameful attack or if government want they can easily find the source.

    Wish Safe life for hazara

  8. Hazara brothers and sisters-we are dying anyways. Appealing to the dead society of Quetta and Balochistan is worthless. They feel why bother-its only HAZARA-who are dying. We have to think about ourself as a NATION. Forget our differences-we have to stand up as a united nation. We have to support our families who have and will suffer from these atrocities and meanwhile do what needs to done to deal with these enimies of our brave HAZARA nation. I would ask our old/young/men/women to think about a strategy. We are dying and will be dying-is it not worth to dye for a cause-a better future for our kids. Think about this-thanks-God bless our nation.

  9. salam baradarha besyar tasof emroz inwaqia pish ama khoda bezana inhara

  10. It seems like the whole country i.e. Pakistan is a jungle and there is no one who can impose ritt of the state. The killing of hazaras seems to be a natural process in the jungle, the hunter beasts hunt down the defenceless and tiny victims. The time and againt mass targetting of hazara youth seems to be like the afrikan deers who are hunted by the beasts. This is going to continue untill the natural process goes through its process and the hunted or victims after the passage of time would develop a defence system and could defend themselves. For human this development can be getting politically active and having an organized media presure group so that their voices could be heard. Getting strong politically can result in relations and support of other political parties. I am watching right now the geo tv and the news was just run, hazaras are so weak that a non hazara belonging to a religious political party was talking with the media reporter. This shows their inability up to a level that they can not cry for themselves, I wounder if this can be worse? Now it is sure that they can not avenge themselves since they are ‘civilized and peaceful’ people and do not get provocated. My heart burst for the young men who lost their lives and their families who have to live with the grief rest of their lives and many injured who can never fully recover. Hazaras need to think deep what is that which is made them so vulnerable and who benefit of their miserable situation. One thing i have got sure of after all these incidents, that Imam mehdi never came to help them. Are there people who still expect someone to come?

  11. I believe they are all the Talib followers of Bin Laden.

  12. Dear brothers,

    such incidents and the previous incidents against the hazara people are the result of the Taliban extremists who are residing in the suburb of Quetta and attacking the innocent Hazara nation. when osama resides in Pakistan for the last 5 years and no body knows about them, when the Pakistan army and its agencies could not trace the american invasion of Pakistan, then how can its agencies arrest our enemies, even they know them well who live in the suburbs of quetta for many years, who got madrassas and who have teachings and terrorist camps in quetta.

    Pakistan is now named the worlds most blamed terrorist land for the outsiders, where there is no security for its people, the balochistan govt. who so called CM is famouse for his negligence and corruption is still there, who never knows what is happening in his city, a culprit and baseless govt. who never captured the enemies of our nation for the last many years, shame on the balochistan govt. and over its agencies, shame on the pakistan govt. with its army and with its agencies who are unable to secure its country and residents. They get much money from its people but can not protect its people. Today all the medias of Pakistan are blaming the Pak Army and Its agencies against the foreign invasions, the Taliban with its extremist groups, sipa-e-sahaba and Lashkare Jhangwi are killing everyday the innocent people in Quetta, but till now no one has been captured, shame on the govt. of Pakistan and on its army, if they cant secure its people, then why they get our money for defence, every year they get more then 6 billion dollar budget for defence but their roll is zero, shame on all of them. now is the time that the hazara people with other parties of pakistan should protest against isi and army, who have made Pakistan the land of bloodshed and religious extremism.

    for the people of hazara, its time to goto press, present such attrocities to the world and show the people of the world about the attrocities of the balochistan govt.

    God bless you all

  13. When these unknown groups shall be exposed? When will their coward, unhuman and miscreant actions will be stopped? For how long Pakistani Government will call them UNKNOWN GROUPS? Shame on Government of Pakistan…

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