Posted by: Editor | May 6, 2011

HDP Calls Shutter Down, US Embassy Condemns Attack

Quetta: Hazara Democratic Party in a press conference on Friday criticized the Government and security agencies for target-killing of Hazara and security failure. Abdul Khaliq Hazara, General Secretary HDP told media that it was the two-sided policies of our security establishment turning blind eye on the militant outfits that today the country is a epicenter of international terrorists, and local militants. He called on the policy-makers to crack down on the state-grown sectarian militant outfits.

HDP called a shutter down strike in Quetta on Saturday.

The US Embassy in Islamabad also condemned the attack on Hazaras killing 8 innocent people. In a statement, a US embassy Spokesman said, “Our thoughts and sympathies are with the victims and their families. The senseless killing of innocent civilians is an affront to the people of Pakistan and to all humanity. All must stand together in common purpose and take resolute action to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat terrorist organizations”.

HDP Press Release


  1. kash samajh jaty kiun marry ja rahy ho,yeh samjhy baghair iss ka tadaruk momkin nahe.allah k bandou hosh k nakhon lou tum sir or sirf shia hony ki wajah sy qatal hoty ho.aap k qatal par pory pakistan mai protest iss liyai nahe hota keh tum hazara ho balkeh shia hony ki wajah sy protest hota hy.khoda ra iss baat ko samjho


  3. Salam
    Once again when i woke up i did not blieve my eye’s.I read the bad news which has realy injured the whole nation.When i knew that Rocket has been used,i called home but almost every Gsm was off.I thought that it may cause alot of destruction.So as a nation what should we do?.Cannot HDP organise the guy’s who can guard the area volunteerly??.I afraid next time they may not hit the area from Bai Pass Area.
    So let us be more organised.I donot think that it might be impossible to guard the area eacht night.
    Bcz we know the corrupt govt even he cannot find the killer of his wife.What he will do for the rest of nation.
    I request the represtative of HDP to built a unique force to guard the school and public area.Specialy graveyard which is situated at dangrous point
    My Regards to those who lost their dear in this incident

  4. Mate they haven’t got the guts to come face to face and stand for what they belive in, in fact they do not belong to nothing so that’s why they don’t have nothing to stand for.
    Even their Leader Donky Bin Ladin was a shamfull leader who used his wife as a human shield to runaway from death. What a bloody shamfull death to them and their leaders. What a shamfull religion who is scared to face the fact and attack innocent civilians who are always insearch of a better tomorow.
    Just for greed, sexual abuse of women and men they have killed so many people around the world specially of Hazara nation. They are caward and you need to belive that after every rain there is a sunny day. The more they kill the brighter Hazara people will get. Hazaras will have the most educated people with in the next 15 to 20 years.

  5. Dear brothers,

    first I encourage the HDP who always take steps against the attrocities being commited to the people of hazara in Quetta and ask the people of our nation to fully participate with them. I also ask HDP to merge with MQM, because MQM is the only party in Pakistan who always help the minorities of Pakistan and who always listened to our misries.

    my dear brothers, im not from MQM, but just residing in quetta and never merging with the other parties of Pakistan is baseless, thats why no body listens to us, its time now to participate with the other parties of Pakistan so that the PPP govt. knows our strength and listen to our problems. In a country like Pakistan, any tribe who dose not have any power or political autonomy cant be listened.

    I give you assurence that today MQM is broading its presence in the whole of Pakistan, they made it in Punjab, in khyberpakhtunkhwa, but they also need in balochistan, so why not mingle with them.

    I ask the leadership of HDP to visit MQM in Karachi and join with them, its also good for the hazara living in Karachi, they will also protect them there and also in Quetta, at least we can comments from MQM about the attrocites of the Balochistan govt. so why not try that.

    I also ask the whole hazaras of Pakistan to help HDP broadcast our nation to the whole people of pakistan who dont know about us yet.

    The hazaras who are living abroad should arrange meetings, protests and organise protests infront of the Pak. embassies.

    God bless you all

  6. If Govt. Of pakistan is spending 85% of its economics on Militant & all other security forces & meanwhile having no border protection & no peace in da country, so it means 85% are definitely used 4 agencies 2 increase disstability of peace. It gives us a clear vision of paying 2much 2 increase voilence & corruption rather than peace & solidarity.

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