Posted by: Editor | May 19, 2011

HDP Protests Against Target-Killing of Hazaras

Quetta: Hazara Democratic Party held protest demonstration in front of Quetta Press Club on May 18 against the target killing of Hazara. HDP activists were holding banners with slogans against sectarian terrorism and the failure of Provincial Govt. Speakers demanded resignation of the Balochistan Government and asked Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the Hazara target killing.

Protesters were chanting slogans against the Government displaying placards and banners against sectarian and target killing of Hazaras.

Secretary Information HDP Reza Wakil addressing protesters and media said that the Government must take action against those behind the target and sectarian killing of Hazaras immediately. He added that the Balochistan Govt. has totally failed to maintain law and order in Quetta, sectarian outfits have been given free hands.

Other speakers said Hazaras have been against sectarian violence and ethnic conflicts. They added brutality has reached its peak and the Government is failed to take any action against the terrorists.


  1. good job! but people must try to prevent such events in the future.

    • I agree with Hadi. But if the events were preventable those people would still be alive. More power to the Hazaras!

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