Posted by: Editor | May 19, 2011

Newspaper Editorial, News of Sariab Attack

The Express Tribune newspaper in its editorial on May 19, highlights the incident of Sariab and target killing of Hazaras.

Like a Victorian widow, the time seems to have come for Quetta to cover itself in a permanent draping of black. Death constantly stalks the city and has sprouted so many tentacles, that, it is impossible to disentangle them. Nationalist violence mingles with that inflicted by the agencies; extremist militants lurk in many places and it has become impossible to know why some killings take place at all. This is certainly true of the latest act of murder in the Balochistan capital as several members of the Hazara community transported vegetables to a market frequented by Hazaras. Six men died. It is impossible to say if they were targeted because of their ethnicity or their sect. Either of these factors could have resulted in their tragic death, as they went peacefully about the task of earning a living.

This is not the first time the Hazara have been hit by men who drive up with their guns and rockets. Earlier this month, seven members of the community died after rockets and bullets were fired at them as they gathered at a graveyard. An extremist group claimed responsibility. It seems likely the same forces were involved this time too. The Hazara, one of the many ethnic minorities living in Quetta, have in the past too been attacked as intolerance and hatred grows in our society, spurred on by the availability of arms of every kind, which it seems can be obtained by anyone seeking to kill. We need to face a simple fact. No society can sustain ceaseless violence of the kind we see now and still survive. Not even the most advanced life-support machines can keep it alive. We are watching before our eyes the slow, and horrendously painful, death of a nation. Each killing brings us a little closer to this as more blood is lost. Worst of all, there seems to be no cure in sight and not even sufficient discussion as to how we are to build a dyke to stop the waves of intolerance that have left bodies scattered across streets everywhere in our country. A start could be a complete overhaul of our madrassas, something that has often been promised but never done. In the long term, the situation will change only when state and society re-orient themselves away from a world view that considers such violence being carried out by foreign powers and towards reality.

The most-circulated daily of Pakistan, Dawn report on the Hazara killing in Quetta.

Terrorists kill Seven Hazaras in Quetta

QUETTA, May 18: Terrorists of a banned outfit attacked a pick-up bringing members of the Hazaracommunity to Quetta with automatic weapons on Wednesday, killing seven of them. A minor girl was among the dead in the attack at Killi Kamalo area, on the outskirts of Quetta. Five others were injured

A spokesman for the outlawed Lashkar-i-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for the attack. According to police, victims belonging to the Hazara community were going to Quetta in a pick-up after purchasing vegetables from the Hazar-Gangi’s main vegetable market to sell it in Quetta.

When the vehicle reached near Mir Gahi Khan Chowk area of Killi Kamalo, armed terrorists riding motorcycles opened indiscriminate fire, killing four people on the spot and injuring eight others.

The spokesman for Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, identifying himself as Ali Sher Haideri, called media through a satellite phone, claiming responsibility for the attack. Police said that two pedestrians were also wounded in the firing.

“The unidentified men carrying automatic weapons and riding motorcycles escaped from the scene. The attack appears to be an incident of sectarian targeted killings,” police said.

The Hazaras belong to the Shia sect.

Five of the seven victims were identified as Ali Ahmed, Qurban Ali, Ghulam Ali, Ishaq Ali and Hanif Hazara. The injured were Jan Ali, Yar Mohammad, Haji Jumma, Raheed Mari and Mohammad Qasim.

DEMONSTRATION: The Hazara Democratic Party (HDP), Hazara National Jirga (HNJ) and Hazara Youth Organisation (HYO) condemned the killing and demanded of the federal government to dismiss the provincial government.


  1. We will die but the brave of us will live forever just like Mazari! His only modern world (Modern Age) (Moden Human Society) (Need of the Humanity) demand was peace and brotherhood!!!! Please read:

  2. Mazari wanted “=” between 4 big ethnic groups inside Afghanistan! What’s wrong with it? Answrs are: (1) IRAN the nightmare:)))))))))))))))))))))))) What Iran can do???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (2) — (3) ———- STOP GENOCIDE of Turkic Ethnicity! Today, tomorrow, after an year or 50 you will be answering!!! We have the experience! But we are rock strong! Not you! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  3. @Tribune (Killing Reasons Unknow!!!!!)
    Terrorism has been provided a nice ENVIRONMENT in this part of the world! Corruption starts from the HEAD! Today, leave alone Hazaras, the corrupt agencies play a double game of killing their own agency members and security officials!
    In this era, Humans must not kill other Humans! I wish all terror groups a good human mind and bright eyes full of love. Because, I don’t want to kill them or want others to kill them. Killing is not a solution. Sloution lies in acceptance of HUMANITY by the living brain. Human chain is broken. Killing more will shorten the chain so better repair it! Terrorists are like Butchers. At the start butchers hesitate to cut an animal. But later it gets normal routine work for them. They can’t live without performing their jobs.
    I as a member of Human group demand secret services, agencies to stop! This is a wrong way. You better keep your eyes on your butchers. Out of your sights, you are dead too!
    Dear Hazaras, any where in the world, it is security services job to keep an eye on criminals. From Quetta’s or Pakistan’s situation we realize that the whole country is in the hands of Terrorists. Osama was living near Islamabad and near a military base!!!! It shows that agencies fully know about terrorists but some how they cannot touch them for very strange reason! May be because of their family members lives! Or may be paid dirty money stop them do their duties! Wishing them to startliving honorable lives.
    I wish Pakistan (Heads) to have an honorable place in the world community starting from the near future for the sake of it’s majority good population! The agencies can do their jobs successfully only if they work sincerely.

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