Posted by: Editor | August 4, 2011

In Response to Ejaz Haider

Ejaz Haider has written an op-ed on the Express Tribune about the targeted-killing of Hazaras in Quetta discussing the sectarian dimensions of the terrorism in the city. He says,

The narrative is rather simple: the peaceful Hazara community is being targeted by a sectarian terrorist organisation. I remembered visiting, last December, what the Hazara call the Martyrs’ Graveyard, close to the Marriabad locality where Koh-e Murdar begins to get diminutive. The expanded wing of the graveyard has more graves of people killed in subsequent sectarian attacks. Finding: the Hazara have suffered and continue to at the hands of Deobandi sectarian terrorists.

But wait. Take a look at another set of ‘facts’. On July 28, as Abdul Karim Mengal, a Deobandi prayer leader at Jamia Albadar comes out of a mosque near Pishin Bus Stop, two motorcyclists kill him. Sources on both sides of the divide and in the police say there’s strong suspicion that the killers were linked to Allama Maqsood Domki, the chief of Balochistan’s Jafaria Alliance, and belonged to Dera Allah Yar, Allama Domki’s birthplace.

Domki himself was attacked in 2009 and his guards killed one of the assailants. In June this year, about 170 people from the Hazara community were invited by the Iranian government to attend the death anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini. “They were feted by the Iranian government. We don’t know what they were told but this year’s Shab-e Barat saw the biggest-ever celebration known to Quetta’s Shia community. They cut a 40 lbs cake, a novelty. It was an aggressive show,” a Hazara told me.

The chairman of Hazara Democratic Party, Abdul Khaliq Hazara, was even more forthcoming as I sat in his baithak sipping kehwa and talking to him. A man with a sense of humour, he criticised both Deobandi terrorists and Hazara and other Shia religious leaders. “They play in the hands of Iran, our religious leaders,” he said. Not one to mince words Khaliq has quite often fallen foul of Shia clerics for objecting to their sectarian sermons and being close to Iran. “Funds come from Iran through their consulate and we see this action-reaction pattern which takes toll of Hazara life.”

Law enforcement officers corroborate the Iranian connection but are more squeamish about the LeJ terrorists. How did Usman Saifullah Kurd, the LeJ terrorist, manage to escape from a high-security ATF prison situated in Quetta cantonment? What about Daud Badini? One source alleges that the night Kurd escaped, some Hazara guards were relieved from duty and the roster changed. It is difficult to corroborate this story especially if the duty roster was indeed changed unless one could compare it with the original roster. It would be naive to think that would still exist. But the question remains: how did Kurd escape?

Hazara clerics seem convinced the LeJ is supported by some elements in the establishment. This is the terrain of allegations which is utilised by all sides in Balochistan. The Deobandi side alleges that former General-President Pervez Musharraf had a policy of placing Shia officers in key positions, another allegation.

With this imbalanced piece, Mr. Ejaz in a very masterly skill tries to confuse his readers with mixing everything up to produce a perception that the mass genocide of Hazaras for the past decade in Quetta is a result of sectarian reaction-attacks. He starts to make this perception by mentioning the murder of Abdul Karim Mengal, a Baloch Deobandi cleric, saying that Alama Maqsood Domki, a Baloch Shia cleric from Dera Allah Yar, is suspected. The question is, What is the Hazara connection here? He makes it look like the Hazara genocide is a result of Karim Mengal’s murder. There have been sectarian attacks on Hazaras since 2000, and during this entire decade, Abdul Karim Mengal is the first Deobandi cleric killed on sectarian grounds in Quetta.

Then Ejaz intentionally jumps to Iranian Government’s invitation of some Hazara clerics for Khomaini’s anniversary. This is not new! However, Ejaz after mentioning Iran, doesn’t make his assumption clear what “Iran connection” means for the targeted-killing of Hazaras? If he means Lashkar-e-Jangvi’s genocide campaign against the Hazaras is a reaction to the “Iran-connection”, why its never a Hazara cleric killed, rather mostly secular professionals like engineers, doctors and Hazara security personnel are massacred? Ejaz’s perception-formation goes on with a selected quote from Khaliq Hazara of Hazara Democratic Party about the “Iran-connection”, and another quote from “a Hazara”, without any name and identity. The sectarian attacks in Quetta for the last ten years have been carried against the Hazaras only! Unlike Karachi, where victims of sectarian attacks are from both sides, not a single attack has been carried on any Deobandi gathering, while hundreds of Hazaras are killed in attacks on religious places, targeted-killing of secular leaders like HDP leader Hussain Yousafi and other professionals. The murder of Abdul Karim Mengal, which Ejaz exemplifies to make his perception-formation look solid, is the first incident of sectarian attack on a Deobandi cleric in Quetta during this entire decade! This single incident is probably more of a personal enmity rather than a random sectarian attack.

Later he jumps on Baloch-Pashtun nationalist rift on military funds for Balochistan, which is totally irrelevant to the sectarian attacks and targeted-killings of Hazaras. But it is the way he makes his perception-formation through half-truths to deconstruct the bigger picture.

However, what Mr. Haider doesn’t mention in his propaganda piece are the following:

  • Why the strong inteligence agencies have failed to stop these targeted-killings and genocide of Hazaras for the past decade? The leaders of LeJ are known to common men.
  • If its a proxy sectarian war with Iran-connection, why the victims are only Hazaras?
  • Why the military establishment has failed to foil this proxy-war perception of Ejaz Haider?


  1. Ejaz haider sham on you. afsos sad afsos. you are just an pa pet of lashkari janvi nothing else. one day u will relays that what u are? fuck u

  2. hi i want to say just one thing for mr ejaz haidar ,,that he is a HERAMZADA of ISI.

  3. Well done dear brother, Abbas. You must know that Ejaz Haider is a military tout and the contents of this story which he has written are all fed by the Army and its agencies. A journalist must not degrade himself to such an extent that nobody could believe him anymore.

  4. dear brothers,

    whoever wrote this text is the truth we have been reading for a long time, its a very nice analysis of the current situation.

    I would like to say that if we just see in the newspapers of the world, they call ISI the worlds most secret, correct and indept agency, where they never made any mistakes or they made always or got positive results of their actions, but they dont know that this agency made Pakistan today the worlds most dangerous country to live and now Pakistan is in the top list of the world for its insecurity and lawlessness, its very shamful to us.

    we say why the military establishment is behind such terrorist organisations, why they support them, my dear! we know that most of these terrorist organistaions were established and constructed by the ISI and army of Pakistan and they still support them for their agendas in Kashmir and Afghanistan. so if the question is why the army let such animal groups to kill just hazaras, its because we dont have the political and media power to make any difference, thats why no body listen to us.

    pakistan is a country where no body takes action unless you get any political or media power, if such incident occured to us in europe or any other country, then you might have seen so many harsh results, there could have been atleast the change of govt. in the province or at least change of the chief minister, but the corrupt minister is still there and the corrupt establishment with its agencies.

    its very shamful to see innocent people are targetted like animals, even when somebody kill any animal we get resentful of that, but these terrorists who never had culture or who never felt the weepings and sorrows of the misries of the orphan mothers, such brutality is the end of the mentality of such savage animals.

    I just tell the agencies and the truthful and sincere establishment of this country that if you let such cancers to spread in our soceity and kill the innocent people, then one time will come where the establishment would not control this country and the future of this country will be more dangerous and bloodshed then the afghanistan.

    for the hazaras, I would just say that today is the time to get united and broadcast your misries to the whole world, let the people of the world about your misries and join some parties to help you broadcast your problems to the people of this country.

    God bless you all

  5. Just for my understanding: You say that the motive is not sectarian–what is the motive then. And you say that the target is not shias but Hazaras–why are the hazaras the target.

    Also, on a point of fact, many punjabi shias have also been killed in Qta, haven’t they?

    • Hazaras today do their best to show what their enemies want to know! Keep it secret! There is no friend to Turks other than the Turks! All Turkic Nations and Japanese, Chinese and above all Pashtuns know about Hazara-Türk Problems. Hazaras have forgotten their forefather laws of Sprituallity. Die, be killed, humiliatted, discreminated and sacrificed for the great sack of your GREAT forefather’s souls! They have died but we know them today. Hazaras in Afghanistan are Majority but not minority! What TÜRKS(Mongols) say is true! Moderen Weapons lacked Men’s overal performance!
      Hazaras if face to face can change the look of their oppopnents but enemeies under protection of government makes them helpless! Inside Balochistan it’s so easy to know how is behind Hazara-Türks killings!!! Who is among you the most protected ethnic group? Answer is simple! PUSHTUNS! It is the ISI pushtuns taking advantage of the current sittuation both against Hazaras and Balochis and Punjabis! Why do you walk in cities un armed? Do some against your favorite enemy businesses!!! OCAK is nearing. Do before it ends! For your forefather souls!

      • We all will die! ONE DAY! Repected (so far) Pakitan Army helped Taliban against Hazara civilians inside and ourside Pakistan that is Afghanistan! The genocide has no stop till today! What they want from us?

  6. Excellent piece, from any neutral person’s perspective.

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