Posted by: Editor | October 4, 2011

Amnesty International Urges Pakistan to Tackle Brazen Attacks on Hazaras

Press Release of Amnesty International

(Washington, DC) — In reaction to the news that gunmen have attacked a bus carrying Shia Muslims in southwestern Pakistan, killing 13 people and injuring six others, Amnesty International said:

“Sadly this is only the latest in a long line of brazen attacks against Quetta’s Shi’a population. Sectarian violence has been a feature of the general breakdown in law and order in Pakistan, but these recent attacks seem to indicate a new targeting of the ethnic Hazara community,” said Mustafa Qadri, Pakistan researcher at Amnesty International.

“Routine targeted killings against the Hazara and other groups because of their ethnicity, religion or political affiliations raises serious questions about the will or ability of Pakistan security force to protect the people of Balochistan.”

Increased attacks on Shia and in particular Hazara Shi’a, who are mostly Afghan refugees, demonstrate the increasing marginalization both groups face in Pakistan.


  1. As a systematically genocide of Hazaras are occurring in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Their many times of Hazara genocide, collateral punishment and mass killing happened during the history. At the beginning during Amir Abdurrahman 1891-1898, that caused of losing 62% of all entire Hazara people. He sold the Hazara as salves in the cities of Kabul, Kandahar, Karachi and Calcutta. The second time during Hashim Khan, who was King Zahir Uncle, and was doing the entire governmental job on behave of the King, sine the King was very young. He was put intolerable head tax per person, Animal and husbandry taxes. The third one happened, during Hafizullah Amin 1978-1979, which he sent people from Paghaman and other parts of the country to Bamyan, and they killed over one thousand people. (See the Amnesty website.). The third and the most cruel one was happened during Taliban 1994-2001, which they killed and massacre many Hazara in Bamyan, Mazar and on the highway Kabul-Ghazni. The Hazarajat was siege for 4 years, and Taliban block entering food and other items to Hazarajat.
    The Lashakre Jahngavi and Sepahi Sahaaba, the most extreme and terrorist groups in Pakistan who were responsible for the recent Hazara killing in Quetta, infect they are Talban Godfather and persuasion.
    In my opinion, along with the help of International organizations and among the Hazara by themselves, they should protect themselves. Pakistan should allow the Hazara people to have their own security guards, and patrol for in the Hazara neighborhood and on the way home-to work. If Hazara cannot protect themselves, we may witness for further massacre in the future.

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