Posted by: Editor | October 5, 2011

HRW Asks Pakistani Govt. to Prevent Targeted Killings of Hazaras

Human Rights Watch in a statement has asked the Pakistani authorities to prevent targeted killing and the ethnic cleansing of Hazaras. In a statement, HRW says,

On October 4, 2011, gunmen riding on motorbikes stopped a bus carrying mostly Hazara Shia Muslims who were headed to work at a vegetable market on the outskirts of Quetta, the provincial capital. The attackers forced the passengers off the bus, made them stand in a row, and opened fire, killing 13 and wounding six others. On September 19, near the town of Mastung, gunmen forced about 40 Hazara who had been traveling by bus to Iran to visit Shia holy sites to disembark, shot 26 dead, and wounded six. Although some Hazara managed to escape, another three were killed as they tried to bring victims to a hospital in Quetta. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a Sunni militant group, claimed responsibility for the September 19 attack.

Asia Director of Human Rights Watch, Brad Adams said,

The targeted killings of Shia are a barbaric attempt at sectarian and ethnic cleansing. The government’s failure to break up the extremist groups that carry out these attacks calls into question its commitment to protect all of its citizens.

Read the full HRW statement here on their website.


  1. Death to all Enemy of Hazara some day the world will trun to Hazara too and then they erradicate all of them headless chicken headed sunny millatan who are making orphan and widows may Allah destroy them who tries to put destraction into so many poor people in quetta. I don’t understand why do they trying to kill an other muslim so what they are shaia they still prays Allah. Again death to all those who kill and prodecute Hazara. The real”infedal” are those who kill innecent people.wake all you stupped sunny who do this.

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