Posted by: Editor | October 6, 2011

Mustafa Qadri of Amnesty International on Ethnic Cleansing of Hazaras

Mustafa Qadiri is a respected voice among the human rights groups in Pakistan. He was the first among representatives of international human rights group to highlight the targeted killing and ethnic cleansing of the Hazaras. Below are excerpts of his interview with ABC News.

“Quetta is one of the most dangerous cities in all of Pakistan. That means everyone living in that city lives with a lot of fear. The Hazaras we speak to regularly talk of rarely leaving their homes, rarely leaving their neighborhoods, because they know that they’re being targeted.

Often they will get death threats over the phone, they will get letters saying that they will be killed. At the moment they’re particularly scared.

It seems they are now targeting Hazaras in Balochistan because they’re an easy target.

When you have extremist groups, groups linked to Al-Qaeda, being able to do these attacks with impunity it gives them the message that they can continue that, that they can proliferate and they can expand their activities.

So for Pakistan and the world, ensuring that Hazaras and everyone else is protected from these attacks is really critical.

You can read and here his interview here.


  1. We need to start an international campaign…” I AM HAZARA”… and it need to be done everywhere… in Government assemblies, at demonstrations, in churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, sporting events, anyplace there is a crowd, any place where you have a chance to get media coverage…anywhere… no one is to react to cursing, even spitting, … have a sign or signs if there are more than one of you, and it is better to be in a group of at least three people for safety(none have to even be Hazara)… People must stand up and say …I AM HAZARA… …WHY DO YOU WANT TO KILL ME… …WHY ARE YOU WIPING US OFF OF THE FACE OFF THIS EARTH… ANSWER PLEASE… WHY DO YOU WANT TO KILL US…WHY ARE YOU KILLING ALL OF US, EVEN OUR LITTLE CHILDREN AND BABIES… PLEAS TELL THE WORLD WHY WE CANNOT LIVE……All over the planet, people must do this. There is no more time for sitting on your hands. This is the time by which both we and humanity will be measured… Our great grand children either will be watchin g or there will be none of them…

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