Posted by: Editor | October 9, 2011

Hazaras Want State Protection

Mumtaz Alvi – The News
Friday, October 07, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Hazaras, who are known as law-abiding citizens and believe in co-existence, squarely blame the Balochistan government and law-enforcement agencies for the apparently uncontrollable trend of target killings, which has taken a heavy toll of life in recent days.

Because of targeted killings, transporters in Quetta and elsewhere have started refusing to carry Hazaras. This strange situation has added to their misery. A bus driver or conductor makes an announcement that if there is any Hazara inside the bus, he or she should get down.

BNP Vice-President Sajid Tareen Mengal described Hazaras as peaceful citizens. Some Hazara youth, who survived the Mastung massacre a few days back, said they could recognise some of the perpetrators, who danced and video-filmed the execution of innocent people, who were asked to disembark from the bus, identified and then shot dead.

Two leading organisations i.e. Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) and Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) accuse the government of Chief Minister Muhammad Aslam Raisani of total indifference to the plight of Hazara community.

These organisations also complain about the media not giving much coverage to their seemingly unending ordeal. They noted the indifference of the rulers towards their plight was also evident from the fact that no government functionary ever visited the family of those killed to condole their loss, nor they ever went to a wounded person or announce compensation for the victims, as usually happens in other such cases in Punjab and other provinces.

Chairman HDP Abdul Khaliq Hazara does not believe the banned terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) alone could be behind the bloodbath and said a well-coordinated mechanism was in place to gun down his community members. “Quetta is like a bowl and security-wise it is relatively easier to manage such a locality: There are police and FC check posts inside and outside the provincial capital; but still terrorists conveniently carry out their diabolical activity and then make good their escape,” he lamented.

He pointed out that target killing was taking place in and in the vicinity of Mastung district, which is the home district of chief minister and hardly 35-40 kilometres away from Quetta; and all this in spite of the fact that there are at least three FC check posts on the main road. It is intriguing that terrorists should manage to get through and gun down innocent people and then flee from the scene.

Abdul Khaliq contended the condition of getting NoC from the administration for each and every movement was an insult to them. “By issuing this statement, what message Quetta commissioner Nasim Lehri is giving to us,” he wondered. Media carried his statement a few days back.

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