Posted by: Editor | October 10, 2011

Hazara Community Starts Migrating

Report on Pakistan Observer

Peshawar—The Hazara community members started migrating to Peshawar due to the increase in target killing incidents in Balochistan.

At least 54 Hazara people from Quetta, Pashin and different areas of Balochistan shifted to Peshawar as the target killings of Hazara have increased in the province.

The Hazara community members hired houses on rent in different localities of Peshawar city. It merits to mention here that people from different walk of life hailing from Hazara divisions were moved to Quetta in search of jobs and business.—Online


  1. This article increases the level of anxiety within hazara community in quetta. This is a shameful article to be released on this page. Please remove this article as soon as possible.

  2. Migration is not the solution to the current crisis. We are on our own land and if we are not safe here then how could we expect that we are safe in Peshawar or anyother place ?

  3. Dear Brothers & Sisters
    Migration is not the solution to the current crisis, does people think that Peshawar is a safer place ? Certainly not, it is more sensitive and dangerous than Quetta. I also do not believe in the above given statement where the sources are not reliable. The people within Quetta are not aware of such migration how could the newspaper know ?
    I would request the Nation and the leaders to please do not appreciate such fake and false statements even if it is made within the community.
    Please do work for UNITY, we will overcome the crisis soon. We must believe that after every night there is a shining day. I would also like to comment and request my community members to please reflect on their living and life styles, we might have adopted something which ALLAH does not like due to which we are put in such circumstances.

  4. Why The Hell Do They Have To Mention Us As People From HAZARA Division … Ignorant Reporters And Even More Ignorant Editors !

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