Posted by: Editor | November 13, 2011

Conference in London on Genocide of Hazaras


  1. 1:The roots are Brits themselves,as they helped malooon amir abdurrehaman a sarhadi pashtoon in late 1800s, assisted him on every field in genocide,grabing huge lands of Shia Hazaras even the whole Hazara provinces.Even the brits made the laws of insane slavery of Hazaras for the pashtuns ,allowed the pashtoons to implement it harshly on Hazaras.
    The result was about 60% killed, loss of Hazara lands which are now under occupation of Pashtoons,life with slavery in Gurgistan(forcefully changed to afghanistan),mass migration to Quetta,Mashad and Central Asia.

    2:The brit and american love with pashtuns still persists,their infinite assistance of making pashtoon goups called mujahiddin,and taliban- corporations,whose genocide inside Hazarajat was/is much severe than maloon abdurrehman.

    3:The brit guest blames harami salafis and wahabis in his speech,while UK,USA are best friends and allies, even the godfather of saudi arabia.saudi is the main sponsor of all terrorists in Gurgistan and Pakistan specially Quetta.

    4:In Quetta we are now the targets of the above three factors.

    So let us take our burdens on our own shoulders,with firm believe on our Lord as Shia and defend oursleves against all the genocides the way the the IMAM(AS) of the Shias preached,acted and proven.

    Bowing before the ones who were/are the major factors of atrocities against us will further lead to disasters.

    Hi Haat Minnaz Zilla

    Nisar Ali Hazara

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