Posted by: Editor | November 15, 2011

Hazara community finds safe haven in Peshawar – Al Jazeera English

Hazara community finds safe haven in Peshawar – Asia – Al Jazeera English.

The ethnic group Hazara make up about 18 per cent of Afghanistan’s population, but many have been forced to flee persecution and war in their country.

More than half a million Hazaras now live in Pakistan, but there too they have been targeted by religious extremists for their Shia Muslim beliefs.

In Balochistan, where most of Hazaras reside, the group Lashkar-e-Jangvi has declared an open war against them. At least 90 Hazaras have been killed since July 30.

But the historic city of Peshawar in the northwest has welcomed them with open arms, and trade seems to be thriving for many members of the small community.

Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder reports.


  1. this article is not true cause peshawar is main hud of tehreek e taliban for hazara community i belive my city sanghar of sindh provence is much safer and better for hazara community and there is hazara town in sanghar city as well for hazara people i think its best for business and living there to flurish without any problem.

  2. i just read the article that safe heaven for hazara people in peshawar but i just want to inform here that Sanghar city is more safer than peshawar for Hazara peoples and there is hazara town is sanghar city of sindh as well so i think its more safe and better changes of business and everything for hazaras in sanghar as compare to other cities….

  3. This report is base less because when the extremist Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan send his terrorists not only for target killing of innocent Hazaras in Balochistan but also send his top terrorist to manage more deadly attacks on them, how they spare killing of Hazaras in their own Pakhtoonkhwa province. It must be noted that a very small number of Hazaras were living in Peshawar as Afghan refugee but during 1990es due to ethnic clashes in Kabul they left the city due to fear. If some ones are living due to their connections (inter marriages with Pushtoons) it does not proof that they are safe. I think the Editor should not post such base less reports on this side.

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