Posted by: Editor | January 27, 2012

Hazara Democratic Party Stages Protest

From Express Tribune

Quetta: Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) on Thursday staged a noisy protest demonstration outside the Balochistan Assembly building, against the targeted killing of three people belonging to their community in Quetta.

Inspector of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Vilayat Hussain, TV actor Abid Nazish and Mohammad Anwar were shot dead by unknown assailants on Wednesday night in Quetta, in what appeared to be an incident of sectarian killing. However, no outfit had claimed responsibility for the killings.

Protestors marched through various roads and held a demonstration on Zarghoon Road outside the Balochistan Assembly building. They were carrying placards and banners with messages against target killing.

They raised slogans against the government and the chief minister for their failure to overcome the growing incidents of target killing and kidnapping for ransom in Quetta.

Vice President of HDP Mirza Hussain said Hazara community was being subjected to target killing for the past several years and the government had failed to launch a crackdown against the criminals. “Government should answer who are the target killers? And how they carry out deadly attacks with complete impunity,” he added.

Kidnappings on Quetta-Chaman Highway

Protestors said four people belonging to Hazara community were kidnapped a few days ago from Quetta-Chaman highway and were still missing. “The kidnappers approached the families and asked for a huge amount as ransom for the release of these four people,” one of the protestors said.

HDP warned that they will hold protest demonstrations across the world where Hazara community is residing, to lodge their protest against the organised target killings if government and law enforcing agencies failed to protect the innocent lives.

“We are Pakistanis and do not want to give a bad name to our country by holding protest in other countries. But now we are being pushed against the wall and left with no option,” Hussain said, adding that Hazara community is demanding an end to the target killing and kidnappings.

Meanwhile, Provincial Ministers Ayinullah Shams of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) and Sultan Tareen of Awami National Party (ANP) addressed the protestors and assured them that government will soon hold a meeting to review the law and order situation.


  1. Salam bah hamagie qumah
    Dostan aziz baz yagh nuqsan dieger bah quome rasied .haief sadh haief kieh ienh jawanah rah az dasth miedahiem amah kodh rah az dast nah dahiem.
    Doulaat der posth banie aze doshmanahie azmo hastan koudah kaier konad
    nah goftha shawad nah qorth shawad.
    Amah baz ham der fiker az yatieman wah bazh mandagaan basiem.chassam ien baz mandagaan bar mah wah shomah miebashad. Fiker mah taraf ien yatiemaan bashad tah bietaniem kie ien nuqssan rah puur kuniem.
    Yage tiefil rah mader pader bah chie konie jiger kalan konad wah salhaie sall
    bah darsgah rawaan konad bah sad sagtie wah badbagtie ager shie dah dast yagh kafier kariej az islam wah insaniet bah ien sadahgie shahied konad.
    Ask tham wat thay think ………………………………….

    haji sharif husain uoqi

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