Posted by: Editor | March 29, 2012

10 Hazaras Killed in Quetta

6 Hazaras were killed in an attack on a van on Spini Road. (Express Tribune Photo)

Quetta: Six Hazaras, including a woman, were killed and six others injured in an attack on a van at Spini Road, Quetta on Thursday. The van was carrying passengers from Hazara Town to Marriabad, when attacked by gunmen on Spini Road, 30 yards away from a Police check post. In a similar attack at the same spot last year in July, 11 Hazara were killed.

Injured were shifted to Bolan Medical Complex and Civil Hospital, where an emergency was declared. Protests sparked across the city. There was a clash between Police and Frontier Corps and protesters on Berwery Road. Two young Hazara were killed and 3 injured by Police shelling on protesters in Faisal Town who were chanting against the Balochistan Provincial Government.

Following are names of those killed identified so far:


  1. Bakht Jamal (woman)
  2. Alam Khan
  3. Zafar
  4. Ghulam Sakhi
  5. Hafizullah
  6. Nazir Hussain
  7. Mubarak Shah


  1. Altaf Hussain
  2. Syed Ashiq
  3. Zakir Hussain
  4. Khadim Hussain
  5. Raziq Hussain

 Two Killed on Monday

Two Hazaras were killed on Monday on Kirani Road, when unidentified gunmen opened fire on a workers in a wielding shop. Those killed were: Ejaz Hussain and Ali Asghar.


  1. Shame on Pakistani Government,Shame on u Zardari and the rest of you fcking scumbags!!!!!

  2. It is just sad … how long will this go on … even more sad, that most international papers do not think that these horrible incidents are worth an article. Silence is just an other form of ignorance

  3. You need to send a delegation to the United Nation and try to get NGO status. Please do it.

  4. shame on the pakistani government way thy are stop targeting killing hazara

  5. sham on pakistani govt ..sham on zardariii.zardarii murda baad

  6. How can we get this freedom and united nation.. there is no mark of human being in Pakistan,,,

  7. Ya Allah,, what have these hazaras done?? I am tired of hearing theses news every day…. I wish I was killed instead of them


    Chief Justice of Pakistan or
    Chief Justice Balocistan High Court will take action. ???????

    Being a Pakistani we strongly condemn the barbaric and brutal murder of Shia in Quetta. Terrorist attacked on a van at Spini Road carrying shia Hazaras. 5 innocent and law abiding citizens including a womwn were martyred.

    In Karachi a Noha Khawan, tailor was martyred in his shop at Hadi Market Nazimabad.

    In third Shameful incident, security forces opened fire on protester resulting 2 more martydoms

    Human right Activists and civil society came forward to stop such barbaric killing of Shias in Pakistan

    Hasan Murtaza

  9. They are not muslim leave muslim even they are not human!!!!!!!!!!

  10. we have only hope of united nation and all civilized society that they will help us.shame on pakistatni Government…….

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