Posted by: Editor | March 29, 2012

HDP Protests Killings, Calls Shutter-Down Strike in Quetta

Hazara Democratic Party held a protest demonstration on Manan Chowk against the killing of Hazaras.

Quetta: Hazara Democratic Party held a protest demonstration on Manan Chowk after another terrorist attack on Hazaras killing 8 on Thursday.

Protesters were holding placards and banners with slogans against the Provincial Government’s security failure. HDP also called a shutter-down strike in Quetta on Friday. Major political parties of Balochistan announced support for the strike-call.

Security forces tried to stop another protest demonstration on Brewery Road. The protesters had blocked the main road. Police and FC opened firing in the air to disperse protesters, who started throwing stones. Two young Hazara protesters were killed by firing of the security forces.

HDP leader Abdul Khaliq Hazara called the protesters to remain peaceful.

Press Conference by Sardar Sadat, Hazara Jirga and Shia Conference

Meanwhile, Sardar Sadat Hazara, tribal elder, Qayum Changezi, President Hazara Jirga, Juma Asadi, religious scholar and Ashraf Zaidi President Balochistan Shia Conference strongly condemned the killings and firing by security forces in a joint press conference. They said Hazaras are being killed in Quetta under a planned massacre and the Government has given free hand to sectarian terrorists.

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