Posted by: Editor | March 30, 2012

Martyrs Laid to Rest, Protest at Hazara Graveyard

"Stop Hazara, Baloch Genocide"

Quetta: The 8 Hazara martyrs of Spini Road attack were laid to rest at Hazara Graveyard, Hazara Town, Quetta.  Thousands of teared eyes attended the funeral procession. Hundreds of youth blocked the Quetta-Bypass Road near the graveyard, holding placards with slogans against the failure of security forces and Government.

Earlier in the morning, hundreds blocked the Bypass Road demanding release of protesters arrested by Police yesterday. 34 of the arrested were released late last night, while three were held at Berwery Police Station. A delegation of Hazara elders were negotiating with high officials on the issue. A policeman was killed in violent protests after yesterday’s killings. The three arrested youth are charged in policeman’s death. Two Hazaras protesters were also killed by Police firing.


  1. we want un forces in balochistan to stop the human rights violation

  2. khodaya ta kay eraqam becharagi jawanaye be gonah qatl mosha khodaya khodet rahm ko sare azmo mardomi begunah,

  3. How long? How many? No any force can finish us. Let we be united to face all these challenges and get the proper solutions. May Allah grant us passionate hearts committed to a shared vision to accomplish any impossible situation. Ameen!

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