Posted by: Editor | April 14, 2012

9 Hazaras Killed in Attacks

9 Hazaras were killed in separate attacks on Saturday, April 14.

Quetta: Nine Hazaras were killed early morning on Saturday when armed men opened fire on a Taxi carrying Hazara passengers on Berwery Road. Seven people died on the spot, and one was injured. The same two assailants escaping on their bike after the attack, opened fire on another taxi at Sabzal Road and killed two more.

People staged protest demonstration in front of Bolan Medical Complex and a vehicle was set on fire. Heavy security personnel were deployed in the area.

Dunya TV Report

ARYNews Report


  1. I dont get why the fucking government is doing anything for these people. Sometimes i wounder if they are playing part in this…:(

  2. boht afsos ke bat he ke khule amm logo ko mara ja raha he or humari govt khamosh bethi he so sad

  3. Oh my God, what can we do??
    Shame on this fucking gov. What is the way……………..
    I have been crying and do not know who is going to rescew us from them.
    Keep going.
    I really do,t know. God bless u all.

    I can,t do any thing.

  4. wake up hazara!!!

  5. Hi all, shame on govt officials who can’t do any thing, till when do v ve to c all such cruel things I personally can’t bear any more, I feel myself in the ocean of tears and grief, I ve 1 thing to say that wake up hazaras! U can do any thing u want coz u r the warrior, I wish I was in Pakistan or there would be baba Mazari in Pakistan, I want to die today with honor, pride, love of nation and bravery for my bros and sisters today. Alas I m nt, wake up, wake up wake up, it’s a humble request. Thanks dear edited to inform us, v need ur news there4 u take care of urself.

  6. Affffffffffff. Soooooooooo

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