Posted by: Editor | April 22, 2012

Hazara Genocide: Protest in Malmo, Sweden

Hazara diaspora held a protest demonstration in Malmo, Sweden against Hazara genocide in Quetta.

Malmo: Hundreds of members of Hazara diaspora and Swedish human rights activists held a protest demonstration in Malmo, Sweden against the massacre of Hazaras in Quetta, Pakistan. They were holding banners and placards with slogans asking Pakistani government to take action against killers in Quetta and provide security to the Hazara community.

Speakers condemned the continued killings of Hazaras, calling it a genocide and demanded the Government of Pakistan to take action against a bunch of sectarian terrorists. They also demanded the international community and human rights organizations to pressurize the Pakistani Government to launch operation against killers of the Hazaras.

Hazara diaspora is organizing protest demonstrations worldwide between April 20-30 in front of Pakistani embassies and human rights organizations to raise voice against the genocide of Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan.

Some protesters staged a drama depicting the role of Pakistani Government, their negligence and inaction against sectarian terrorists and killers of Hazaras.


  1. قبلم می سوزد وقتی از کشته شدن بی دلیل هزاره های کویط خبر می شوم. دلم می شود که بر این جهان نامرد فریاد بزنم که کجا است انسانیت. کجا است حقوق بشر

    همه ای هزاره های جهان با شما است. هزاره های کویط نور چشم ما هستند

  2. This is main policy of Paki government (Very deeply secret) to keep Balochistan people separate, enemy to each other. Its roots go further down in to Afghanistan. A United Afghanistan is a killer for Pakistan. Unfortunately innocent Humans pay for this dirty game. Islamic Country! just for name! A version of Islam which only make Humans hate Islam. This is what Pakistan (Only the Wealthy and Controlling part of Pakistan) preach now! Killing Balochs, Pashtuns and tiny Hazara Population in Quetta in the name of ethnicity and sect.
    Although, doesn’t matter Shia or Sunni! Just look at Pakistani History. Quaid e Azam was Shia. Liaqat Ali Khan Shia. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was prominent Shia and only if He was left alive today Pakistan would have been a better Pakistan for all. But, it didn’t happen. Better for Pakistan to remain part of India. At least today no one in India murder in the name of religion or ethnicity!

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