Posted by: Editor | April 26, 2012

Suicide Attack in Hazara Town

Suicide bomber shot by Hazara boys on Kirani Road.

Quetta: A suicide bomber was killed when he was shot by Hazara youth on Kirani Road, Hazara Town on Thursday evening April 26.

The bomber was attempting to enter a vegetable market, when some Hazara youth stopped him. As he attempted to blow up, the boys pulled off the detonator to his suicide vest and foiled the attack. He succeeded in unplugging a hand grenade due to which his arm was cut and he tried to escape, when some local boys gunned him down.

Shamefully, police arrived in the area 30 minutes later. To cover its utter failure in the wake of continued attacks on Hazaras, Police officials told media that policemen had opened fire on the bomber. Eye-witness told HNP, the police claim is a lie and effort to cover their shameless failure to provide security to citizens.

The bomber was carrying 4-5 kg explosive material. Those who stopped him told it seemed he wanted to target the crowded vegetable market of New Hazara Town. His body has been shifted to Bolan Medical College and has not been recognized yet.


  1. Love and agree with ur comments

  2. welldone hazaras brave youth

  3. well done guys. keep on the watch, be brave and fail their mission of killing the innocent hazaras.

  4. I am not one to ever take pleasure in the death of another, but, good for those boys, and, shame on the family and others who raised and indoctrinated him. This is Saudi Arabia in action. The Wahhabi sect, which, as a scholar, I do not even recognize as Islamic, follows Hadiths over the Quran. So do its adherents, and the groups it funds and supports such as the Taliban, Al Qaida, Al Haqqani, and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, to name only a few. They seek to become the center of a caliphate, not understanding that the Caliphate is not supposed to be a political entity motivated by greed and a lust for power. It should be spiritual people. All are to be welcomed into Islam, and ALL religions are to be tolerated. In the Quran, the 2nd Sura, it says, “In religion, there shall be no compulsion.” I have never heard no mean yes or ‘well, maybe.’ The subjugation and mistreatment of women, of non Arabs or even of Arabs who were not Qoreshi, is the reason Shi’ism came into being in the first place. Even though it was taught that humans are to be equal. That slavery is bad and should be done away with, we still have all of these people acting like murderers and fools, and claiming that their Creator would have them be so. Again, shame on them, and those who teach such lies. Because these young men acted in self defense, putting their own lives at risk to save the lives of others, they have been blessed. May people learn to see the light. Do not call people like this suicide bomber even a religious fanatic, for they who would commit murder, and mass murder at that are not Islami. They are not acting in submission to Allah, or what ever is the name by which people may call our Creator. Do not bury these people in religious grounds. Far better such become food for the crows and other scavengers, for no matter what they may claim… no religion condones mass murder for any reason. If the police continue to help these killers, they need to learn that they have left the fold of the Islami. Islam means submitting to God and the path God has revealed. Murder is not on that path. By not helping the Hazara to survive, the police become kaffir, those who follow not Allah, but, the whims and pleasures of the flesh. Allah hu Ahkbar…. JCH

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