Posted by: Editor | May 6, 2012

HDP Protest in Hazara Town

HDP Chairman Abdul Khaliq Hazara addressing thousands in Hazara Town on May 04.

Quetta: Hazara Democratic Party held a large protest sit-in at Aliabad Junction in Hazara Town on May 04 as part of the worldwide protest rallies against Hazara genocide in Quetta.

Thousands of Hazara Town residents attended the sit-in addressed by HDP leaders. Masses were chanting slogans against the Provincial Balochistan Government for complicity of Administration officials in support Lashkar-e-Jhangvi who kill Hazaras routinely with impunity.

HDP Chairman Abdul Khaliq Hazara said the elements from within the Provincial Government are involved in killing of Hazaras. He also criticized the security establishment saying that Taliban and militant-minded religious groups are strengthened in Balochistan to weaken secular nationalist forces, who have mass support.

Khaliq Hazara further said that those behind the killing of Hazaras in Quetta want to bring different ethnic groups of the city at war. He added,

“Our enemies want us to go at war with Baloch and Pashtun of Balochistan. But by massacring Hazaras, our enemies will not bring our community morale down. Our enemies should know that Hazara will never indulge in violence. We will fight peacefully. Hazaras have proved throughout history that we are a peace-loving nation and will not go violent.”

Thousands attended HDP’s Hazara Town sit-in on May 04.

He thanked Hazara diaspora across the globe for organizing worldwide protest demonstrations to raise voice against the genocide in Quetta, and urged them to continue the struggle to bring Hazaras’ plight to the notice of international community and civilized world.

Member of Central Committee HDP, Zaman Dehqanzada said:

“Pakistani security established has grown militant groups to counter and silence the secular nationalist forces in Pakistan. All such killings are aimed at defaming the civilian democratic government so that people are compelled to prefer military dictatorship for security. We know we are facing the worst time of our history in Quetta, but Hazara will not resort to violence. We will remain peaceful and the hardships will make diamond out of every member of our community.”

Information Secretary of HDP Raza Wakil said:

“We know some strong elements from the security establishment want to create sectarian and ethnic rifts in Quetta. But they will never succeed in provoking Hazara to violence against any other ethnic groups with whom we have been living in peace and harmony for centuries. It was a Baloch passerby who helped a Hazara injured on Sabzal Road when terrorists killed two others in an iron-smith shop. It was a Pashtun passerby who helped the Hazara cab driver on Spini Road when terrorists escaped after killing several.”


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