Posted by: Editor | May 6, 2012

Protest in Denmark against Hazara Genocide in Pakistan

Protest in Denmark against Hazara genocide in Pakistan, April 30.

Copenhagen: A protest demonstration was held in Copenhagen, Denmark against the systematic genocide of Hazaras on April 30 in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Protesters were holding banners and placards pleading the international community to help stop the systematic killing of Hazaras in Quetta city of Pakistan, where more than 700 people of this ethnic have been killed during last ten years.

Speakers strongly condemned the Government of Pakistan for its utter failure and negligence of the situation in Quetta where Hazara are besieged by a bunch of sectarian terrorists who operate with impunity. They urged the United Nations to take notice of the killings. They termed it a “systematic genocide” and called the international community to stop a humanitarian crisis.

Protesters urged the international community to stop a genocide-in-making.


  1. may all of hazara dears who left us rest in peace, and may god protect the rest of us from the evils who are target killing hazaras. “the unique people of this planet”, we are innocent people who just want justice and a save place to live and continue with our life, why is the world against us? there is nothing we can do beside protest for the world to hear our silence, we had enough, stop slaughtering hazaras, why cant this world have peace, lets join and make a change, we had enough war and enough innocent people has left us, untill when are we continuing like this, what have this people gain from all this killing? Peace to this world and to our innocent hazaras.

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