Posted by: Editor | May 14, 2012

76-page Investigative Report on Hazara Genocide

Quetta: Minority Support Pakistan has released a 76-page independent investigative report by a fact-finding mission of international observers and legal experts who came to Quetta in November, 2011. Titled, “The Shia Hazara of Pakistan; a Community Under Siege”, the report is a detailed documentation and evidence of attacks on Hazaras in Quetta since last ten years.

The report combines a number of diverse elements including: extensive background information on the Hazara people and province of Balochistan; detailed accounts and a summary record of the now 20-year history of sectarian violence in Quetta; extensive anecdotal evidence from survivors of recent attacks; photographic documentation; legal petitions and proceedings from the Balochistan High Court; narrative analysis from senior members of the community; and a synthesis of news media and community accounts highlighting the negligence and ineptitude of local, provincial, and national law enforcement agencies. The conclusion of the report provides a series of actionable recommendations to be undertaken by various agencies and stakeholders in law enforcement, judiciary, legislature, the media, and Pakistani civil society at large.

Download the report in PDF here.

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