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I am Abbas, a former resident of Hazara Town, Quetta. I run Hazara News Pakistan, which aims to keep the Hazara diaspora abroad updated about the latest news and events related to Hazaras living in Pakistan.

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Please spread the word about this blog among your friends and acquaintances so that our efforts can benefit a larger number of qauma. Thank you.

As a side note, all text and pictures on this weblog, unless otherwise noted, are copyright©Hazara News Pakistan. Please do not copy and use them without expressed permission, as we work very hard with very minimal resources to present them to you.


  1. List of top wanted terrorists in Balochistan and target killers of LeJ. Please share it with all your friends and families arround the world and specially in Quetta Pakistan. Below is the website of Balochistan Police where they are listed… chaman shah nasiri

  2. salam
    khoda dowai wa arozoay padaro madaray mora pora kana ke mo nasli naw nami qaowm (hazara) ra shenakhti donya kanim felan kho hech oqas mardomi zeyad nista ke qaowmi azmora beshnasa…. magar inshallah da zodi khad nami qaowm mu bal shod

  3. fantastic effort taken by you… may God bless u and bless all hazara in all over the world that one day we may read a happy news about hazara comunity wthin this page posted by my dear friend abbass…

  4. mashllah yara beshaki

  5. this is really a good effort, congratulate all of u.

  6. Salam brother gul. I’m very proud to be a Hazara. I know we all have a very difficult time but we not break yat because we have a very strong brothers like you(Abbas), who run & work very hard to publish a beautiful website & keep us updates about hazaras. I live far away from my home town & nation but I always feel like I’m among you guys. I won’t wright too much may b getting bored. Any way well done & wish you best of luck.:-)

  7. Your blog is well done.

  8. This is indeed a gr8 efforts by itself, to promote hazaragi culture & sharing different topics & issues based on innocent hazara people. I m really proud of such young who really felt our source of needs to raise our voice through this platform 2 da world of ignorance & all other nations. Good on you Abass Jan. . . . Cheers

  9. Salam, I would love to appreciate that my brothers are endeavouring so much to promote Hazaragi culture and consciousness among Hazaras across the world through this Website and i feel honoured to post my these comments to them. It clear crystal that Hazaras have been going through a turmoil in respect of a Pakistani city Quetta, where for almost more than a decade blood of Hazaras been shed mercilessly and at time it seemed as if Hazaras had not even had any resort or help to support them. However, with the grace of God almighty our Hazaras proved that they had never been subjugated nor they have not will be subdued by these malicious plottings and killings. May our all Hazaras live long and become united for their Kishwar, Afghanistan and may God help them support to gain that much strength as to defeat and surpass all the difficulties and challenges on their way to glory and success. Ameen

  10. sincere thanks for running this infomative site for all who are interested in knowing about the grave and heartbreaking plight of the Hazaras in Pakistan. Please leave a search option in your site as well so useres can locate and find their target easily and quickly.
    May God be with you in your endeavour of bringing the heart-renching Hazara stories to the attention of the world and all the Hazara diaspora. Best of luck. Hamid. from Melbourne, Australia

    • Thanks for the compliments. There is a search option at the top right, just below the address bar. >Search box > This site > All Sites. You can click on ‘This Site’ to search within this site only.

  11. Hi Abbas jaan

    Khoda ra shukar munum ki hasta baaz qawmai gull ma ki da yago raqam yak sabab mushna ki qawmai gull yak jai shuna.
    Khuda shumu ra da har kaar zindagi shumu jor o kamiab bela ki baaz ham betanin ki khidmat azi qawmai gull khu kanin.

  12. Salam to everyone!

    First of all this website and the idea of Hazara News is amazing, so congrats for its establishment.

    I just wanted to suggest that this website and its contents should not only be focused on Hazaras who are living in Pakistan….but worldwide…..this way in the future the website could be used by hazara’s for networking with each other where ever they live.


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