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I am Abbas, a former resident of Hazara Town, Quetta. I run Hazara News Pakistan, which aims to keep the Hazara diaspora abroad updated about the latest news and events related to Hazaras living in Pakistan.

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As a side note, all text and pictures on this weblog, unless otherwise noted, are copyright©Hazara News Pakistan. Please do not copy and use them without expressed permission, as we work very hard with very minimal resources to present them to you.


  1. sallam
    che kare kane thamame hazara da quetta zombie theyare shoda ager sale kada bashene film zombie ra ke yak zombie dando migra thamame zombie theyare moshna enjam amother shoda koth shome bofamen mathlape aze da quetta hazara kam shoda raye astha kam kho ala ko khatham moshna thamame site bare raye shoda or amona ke astha……………..?

    • Salam My Friend Ali,

      Greetings and hope you are fine and healthy,

      yaar Ali shumom ajab gab mizneen ki hazara az quetta khatam shuda.na yaar hazara khatam nashuda ………bachai quetta khatam shuda yani sher khatam shuda az quetta.bas Ali bayee sirf dua koo ki bachai quetta wapas da quetta baya baaz inshallah ba zor maula ki yak kaar na yak kaar musha.

      khuda hafiz.

      Ali Bayee

  2. Sallam to all administrators of this website who have tremendous and prestigious contribution for establishing this website. I have become very glad to learn through this informative website about this labor nation who are being recognized globally that our community ultimately awaken politically, economically, socially. I suggest everyone belong to our community must have sympathy and for their nation because we will have to work hard in order to bring our nation parallel to other nation and there is only source to aware people of our nation towards education and genuine coordination.
    Sometime I feel lack of coordination in our nation and I could see that everyone wants to advance in life individually not collectively. As we throw glance in history that no nation stepped forward individually so I must say that we must find in ourselves the feeling of betterness for one another
    In the end I would like say that we must build an organization in which about poor people of our nation must be thought and assist them financially so for that organization we must contribute money as far each can
    Thanks from Willayat ALi

  3. salam.son kar bahot khushi howi.keh aaj hamara quaom sirf aur sirf Quetta tha mehdod nai.

    Hazara Quaom us ubarte howe soraj ki tarha hai. keh jo abi pori tarha se ubre hi nai. ubarne wli hai.jis ki roshni yeh dunya Ilam,ammal,aur Ikhlamq se jak utte ga.wo din dor nai keh jab dunya is Quaom ko Ikhlaq ke name se jane ga.yeh wahi quaom hai k jis par zolom howa magar inhone Sabar ka damam nai choda.

  4. Salam Qauma,

    A petition has been launched for the target killing of Hazaras in Quetta, at the Website of British Prime Minister Mr. Gordon Brown (number10.gov.uk).
    Please sign up for the petition.
    Klick the following link and sign up.



    Press Secretary

    Note: Only people live in uk or Eu can sign up.

    • Dear Sadiq Noyan
      Press Secretary Hazara Organization UK.
      thank you very much for your precious job. You are really working to raise our voice in international forum. keep it up and i request all Hazaras to sign up the petition to show their solidarity.

  5. Qauma-e-gul.

    You are preserving true history. Keep it continue with out PADAASH, as our present generation does not know the importance of recorded history.

    Ishaq Mohammadi.

  6. Hi, Dear admin could you please add about our talented Hazara Nawha Khwan Mr. Asif Raza Khan(www.asifraza.com) on your webstie among our personlaities section and make a profile of him here on hazaranews. He is doing a great job and making us Hazara proud both nationally and internationally.

    Looking forward to see somthing about him here soon and also thank you for your wonderfull job you doing here.


  7. Shaeed Mazari was a great man in afghanistan history,shaeed mazari faight against those people that they don’t want to give the right of a nation.

  8. Remarkable indeed..i must mention it is not an easy task to cope with. I for some reason was oblivion to this website, now since i have discovered it i feel immensely upset for what our brothers back home endure. I wish i was there to make a difference..
    Goodness does not consist in greatness, but greatness in goodness.

    Keep up the good work brother…i wish someday i get to read a very good news on our development..

  9. You are doing a fablice job, I can’t have word to explain it. Keep it up!

  10. I am much impressed with your blog. You are doing a remarkable job for your people. Please keep it up. your people will need it and coming generations will admire you for the excellent services you are rendering them.

  11. Dear Abbas,

    I really appreciate your diligency and well arranged contribution for Hazara nation from all across the globe and wish you a success for your coming future days.
    This site is obviously a good sign of information as I have newly found and went through it with lots of news and comments.

    Finally, I wish you and all the young generation of Hazara Nation to keep continue with your hardworks and contributions.

    Javed Ali

  12. I am proud of you for the great job you are doing, and God will bless you for this great job. You blog is a good means of communication for the foreigners, though I am not an Hazara but I have lots of affiliations and respect for Hazaras, real Patriots. Hussain Ali Yousaffi, my class mate and my monitor in technical high school Quetta, contributed a lot to the country, to the Hazara culture, and to boost the moral of poor, and oppressed people of Balochistan.
    Now, the killing of Walayat Hussain, another loss to the country and in particular to Balochistan, has triggered unrest and insecurity in the country.
    The government should pay due attention to such target killings and injustices.
    My best wishes are for your blog and for you.
    Ansar Durrani (CANADA)

  13. Ifi, I hope one day you will read these words. Do you remember me? I am Pilar, from Barcelona. We used to stroll around London in the summer of 2002, we had a great time together. I have just seen your picture addressing the protesters and I’ve felt so proud of you, I have always known you were a good man. I hope your family is doing well.

    God bless you my friend,


  14. Hope you are fine. I have been posting comments with an other user name on the website since quite some time. First when I saw the site I thought it is a super step to establish a contact between different regions of the world concerning hazaras but this conception is getting faded with the passage of time. The site is not being updated in weeks which diminishes the interest of its visitors. I hope the person responsible for this site does not consider it as his private property rather he understands and consider it as a media. There are millions of private websites and no one has time to look for them but the name of this site gives an other clue of some common network. This is not something a single person can handle, if so it is going to die down soon but if it is taken as a project and it involves a team of people then it is going to survive and can have the potential to expand and develop. Ac active and fluent updated site always keeps and increases its visitors and contributers while no life thrive in the dead waters.


  15. Very nice job

    Maula jaza dain app ko


  16. salam you are doing a great work i fell proud when i saw this web site i read in sadiq public school bahawalpur and now i am writing this comment from my school i request you to make more web sites so that other qaums should know that thank you!

  17. nice,its nice to see and read this

  18. ,nice pakistan

  19. I read the various historical angels on the Hazara origing, they all seems to be stimulating and valid. As an historian and educationalist living in the united Kingdom, I find the debate interesting and intriguing. Although not an Hazara, I am fascinated by the Hazara community, having nearly married an Hazara woman, in their quest for justice and above all resilence. The Hazara net is a good way of educating people on the achievements and plight of the Hazaras. I must say well done to those who set up this site.
    Regards and Aslaam-ul-alakum
    Zahid Malik

  20. hello i wrote something the other day and now its gone from the page, i dont know if the Editor didn’t like it or what.
    all i wanted to ask you guys that why most of educated hazara guys are concider themselves as Changazi??? being a hazara guy i know that we are not changazi, we have a very long history in afghanistan for thousands of years and the statue of Buddha is the proof of it. we buit that few thousand years ago. and changez khan was only few hunderd years back. and we had a fight agaist chagez khan in the city of Ghulghula in bamyan.
    hazara people are the original native of afghanistan. all the others came from other countries like tajiks , pashtoons and uzbeks.
    some pashtoon and tajik history writers tried to connect hazara to changez khan and wanted to prove that hazaras are not the native afghans. and now even our educated hazaras still believe that. thats a pity. we shouldn’t let them win. and we should know we are not mangols or changazi.
    best regards

    • Mr. Ali riza, I am agree with you that Hazara people are not just the real and native resident of Afghanistan but the real owner and dominator of Khurasan zamin by the name of Hazara Khahanat which located around the Caspian Sea and the very famous kingdom of KOSHANI HA. If we see the historical places like chel Zena Kandahar, on the front of the cave has written the history of building and date, that clearly showing the dominating of Hazara people at that time and as well as you mentioned about the Bodahs in bamyan province. Shahr Ghulghula and Shahr Zohak is the sign of Hazara kingdom named Khahanat at that time. But Changas khan rose very late and destroyed everything of Hazara nations in Bamyan at that time and burned Ghazni city which located Hazara people too. If some one says that our face is like changes people it is not prove to be like changaz people because they killed the most hazara men and married with the Hazara women and the genes changed like those. If we read the books written by Russian writers regarding the Hazara Khahanat recently shows that these people were the first owner of these lands.

      Nowadays it is a big issue in Afghanistan that Hazara’s are the remaining soldiers of changas khan but is it not true. If we see the books regarding Hazara shinasi which clearly proved that these people did not belonged to Changis khan captured by the authorities and sunk in Helmand river by cultural minister Mr. Karim Khuram about a couple of months.


      • What are we now??? All are scattered arround the world. No 1 z ready to come back to build Hazarajath. And every1 noz that v r not gona find opertunity like this time. Where others are indulged in war and Hazarajth is safe and waiting for support and development. Even Hazaras in foriegn countries don;t pay attention. Before we realize like Jewish ppl, we will also not be having a land which we could make a country 1 day. If Hazarajth would not be cold and freezing in winter we would have already been wiped out of Afg completely. Hazaras in all over the world r not interested even to gain knowledge about their history, where ever we went tried to fit ourself according to ppl of that country. We still have chance to work out far Hazaras in Hazarajath. May b 1 day not. AA

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