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I am Abbas, a former resident of Hazara Town, Quetta. I run Hazara News Pakistan, which aims to keep the Hazara diaspora abroad updated about the latest news and events related to Hazaras living in Pakistan.

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Please spread the word about this blog among your friends and acquaintances so that our efforts can benefit a larger number of qauma. Thank you.

As a side note, all text and pictures on this weblog, unless otherwise noted, are copyright©Hazara News Pakistan. Please do not copy and use them without expressed permission, as we work very hard with very minimal resources to present them to you.


  1. salam … ber kesaani ke khidmati Qoum ra mona
    az shimo teqaza daroom ki der bernamai kho rozmerra karhai merdom ra hem ki zikar shi kanin bisyar khob mosha .. mesllan merdoom rozmera da chi karha mushkilat dared.
    der mukhtalif karhai khod.

    • salam brayee bradarani quetta. gofta sha vad ke shoma bayed stowar wa mahkambashid dar mokabil doshman va dovoman wa ertibati khob badori bary khod ba bradaray pushton dashta bashid dar shahry quetta va bayad hama yakdast shavad va rahi infajehara begirad va mardomtan nabayet qooshta shawad.1dafa 2dafa 3dafa nabayet hamisha in moshkilra tahammolkoned va in tahammol kodani nest braye hamisha va bayet aslihaie sangin dashtabashid dar moqabil in qofrani laghnati va shoma jawanan quetta dar moqabil in doshmanan mobareza nomaied agar adam bayet qoshta shavad na darkhana dar mokabil in doshman qoshta shavad. vadard nadarad defa azqauma ast,nagofta namanad masale afsharikabul yad nabared.va mahkam bashid mardomtan ra naqoshad bishtarazin.khoda hafiz.loatfan send your number via email

  2. سلام با آرزوي موفقيت براي همه شما با وضعيت خطرناك پاكستان دليل شركت تعداد از هزاره ها در روز قدس چه بوده و چرا خود را گرفتار اين گونه مسايل مي كنند؟ مي دانيم كه دشمنان هزاره ها كم نيست و به جرم شيعه بودن وهزاره بودن دنبال نابودي حيات سياسي و اجتماعي اين مردم هستند و چرا به طرفداري از سني هاي فلسطين خود را قرباني مي كنند؟

  3. sallam , I m izzatullah from quetta i love this web site very much.

  4. Abbas + Qauma

    Salam. We are working on Hazara SHUHADA Qta list. Unfortunately there is a big gape between our claims as 300 figures since 1999 while we could find only 153 names so far with some more specifications. Can any Qauma help us in this connection.

    Ishaq Mohammadi.

  5. Salam ! First of all i would like to thanks to this side that provide us latest news about over be loved hazaras and over other communities.
    TO Abbas ALI,I wish you best lucks and to run your life and this side thank you to give us latest news.

  6. Hello,

    I am looking for speakers of Hazaragi in the United States. Please contact me if you know of anyone. Thanks so much!



    • Hi Rachel !

      I am a Hazara leaving in New York USA. If you need Hazaragi speaker you can contact me on my email address:- ishaqmohdi@yahoo.co.uk

      Ishaq Mohammadi

    • Hello Rachel !

      I am still waiting for your responding.

      Ishaq Mohammadi (Hazara NY)

  7. salam i like this website very very much i””m hazara and i””m proud of this !!! khudafiz

  8. I like THis website too much

    • helloo abbas brother i also appricate that you are doing this much . best of luck and keep it on . thanks

  9. Hi dear fellow ya are doing really extremely good job i really appreiate your effort. My message to the other guys who left comments.

    Don’t be so patriotic and Arab ism

    Be proud of your Hazara n love your Hazara

  10. Hello, Abbas
    Thanks a lot for doing such a fantastic and brilliant job for your nation. We should be proud of you because despite of fewer resources and limiting facilities and even that you are not in Quetta, giving time updating the website.
    Well done

  11. Salaam to Abbas and to my nation Hazara,

    Dear Abbas you are doing an appreciable effort to run this blog despite having less and limited resources you’re doing superb job serving your poor nation.

    I use to visit this blog on regular base coz I’m out of Quetta and was thirsty to know and to be informed of whats going on in Quetta and this blog is much informative relative to current affairs and news related to Hazaras in Quetta and through out Pakistan. Now I can fade my thirsts off and so do the other Hazaras living abroads by your this stunning effort.

    As yourself mensioned in your statement and I admite you are realy doing this all as “journalistic, neutral and proffesionaled” while posting everything, your observation is well enough for the standard of handling a blog like this, while witnessing your efforts some times I think this may tirring enough for you to mannage and updat this on regular base. This is something more then a blog you can call it a complete site for me and offcoures for my other Hazara borthers and sisters.

    I apeal to Hazara authorates whome they must put there contributions for this stunning blog make it shape as a more complete Hazaragi website.

    long live Hazara nation. with regards Iftee.

  12. salam qawma, ma az tamam gozarish munum ki bahs khura da azragi nawishta kana ki tamam bufama wa tamam betana ki shirkat kana. e ham barayee zibon mo khuba wa ghair ham namufamna.wasalam

  13. SALAM Hazara k Buland Sma’ath rakhny waly Hussaini Jawano Ko Mera SALAM Sub Se Pehly PAKISTAN {From a Pakistani Hazara}

  14. salam
    Bara e chizi ki azra asta da dunya
    wa 100 salam bara e azo hazaraha e ki nokare qaom kho asta!

  15. This site is really an informative that keeps us update concerned to any incident happens there. Though i am out of Quetta for the sake of my job in Kabul but i know the circumstances and can have update news through this site. Thank you

  16. i really apprecite the owner of this side.
    har kas bayad bre taraqi nation kho kar kana or e blay tamam azara farz asta. or bre azmo farz asta ki az taraf kho kam se kam 80% bedhi.

  17. salam abbas bahi thnks for making this website its great

  18. i love this webiste which is from Pakistani Hazara

  19. sallam to all of u hazara i am furqan haiderali from quetta

  20. hazara news pakistan is a good and veri veri good me salam pesh karta ho apne un tamam baeo ko jis k sir k sadqe se ye sab khoch chal raha he me 1dafa agen salam pesh karta ho apne un tamam baeoo ko jo ye sab khoch chala raha he allah hafiz o nasir talib e doaa ishaq baye forom karachi hosain goth

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