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Hazara News Pakistan is currently looking for contributing writers and photographers.

We are looking for people who are living in Pakistan and meet some or most of the following criteria:

  • Good writing skills
  • Good photography skills
  • Regular internet access
  • Determination to put time and effort in the service of the qauma

If you are interested, or if you know of someone who is interested, please contact us through the following email:


We are looking forward to working with you to serve the Hazara qauma.


  1. Dear Brother,
    I am belonging Valy Kaghan Hazara, We established an organization to establish Mughals family in Kaghan , Balakot and Mansehra area in the Name of MAFADA (Mughal Falah-o-Ethad feDunya wal Akhera). We work and establish their Economic status, we also work in education and health sector and we joint them together. In the light of above statement I want to send some news and picture in this site. Please help me in this regard.
    Muzaffar Mirza

  2. Salam……

    I want to help …..

    Can some one please contact me as per below email.


    Regards Hammad

    Good Day Sister Shazia,

    I was watching Prime TV today and watched a little documentry for your creative work and help you are seeking for. I am really impressed with your work and i really need to help as per what i can afford. I am in Scotland since more than 4 years, am professional and studying part time, my wife is studying as well.

    Please let me know how can i help, i am not very rich but can offer a help on monthly basis for your further studies and your creative work……..

    Can i be able to buy any of your paintings.

    I will wait for some one reply from this web site to direct me …..May Allah make us all to help each other…..

    My email is, please send me an email if you think i might be of any help to you……

    Kind Regards Hammad Khawaja /Glasgow-Scotland

  3. alai chitori . yar bisyar khob site asta . ba umedi maufaqiat to .

  4. Ahmad khan saheb salamwalekum as i know Hazara people are simple by nature and love their community along with their country.we in india have millions of hazarewals of different religions whether hazarewals particularly(hindus) are same people belonging to hazaras which you are talking.please let me know of hazara people migrated to india during partion.even today we have strong memories of quetta and near by places as told by our parents/grand parents

    • Mr Kapoor, it was a revelation to know that there are Hazaras in India, and belonging to other religions. Are you one too? Please write more about Indian Hazaras. It would be enlightening for others like me.

  5. Dear Qāumās

    I would like to congratulate you guys for the solid work you put in for gathering news from all over the world just for us.
    Much Appreciated from Cook Island!!!:)

  6. Ahmad khan saheb,SHUKRIYA you have performed BISMILLAH FOR THE FRIENDSHIP my only purpose is to know about my ancestors those migrated from quetta and sargodha.we will on sharing our views on people on both sides thankyou

  7. Dear Vinod Kapoor

    How are you brother? Welcome to the community of Hazaras. According to the history all Hazara pioners forced to leave their motherland country Afghanistan ( Hazaristan or Hazarajat) during King Abdul Rahman who massacred and genocide Hazaras nearly %62 and the rest fleded the country to every where including current Quetta City which was called Shalkot or Baluchistan.

    Anyway, we Hazaras always had great historic connection with India like other Afghanis or Pathan. We always appreciate Indian kindness to our people Hazara who migrated during that time or after to British Indian Empire or Sub- Contennet India. As you know on that time Pakistan was not established as an independent county. There is also a strong and historic contentions with Moghols, Ghorid and Ghaznawid or most Turkic- Mongolian Kings and Emperors with Hazara ethnic and our relative ethnics.

    I think Hazaras are used by some agency to be the enemy of India especially serving in Army or Fawj regardless of Indian generousity and giving as refuge on those difficult time. In my oponion some Hazras are trying to be the enemy with India. But the main local Pakistanis from Punjab and sindh they call for unity of India and Pakistan. Anyway, things are not that much bad.There are also some positive things to peruse for friendship and chasing your ancestries and background.Good luck with your inquiry .


    Ahmad Khan Hazara

  8. Eid Mobarak again

    I think this site need donation. I don’t know they run this useful and unique site till now.

    However, I thinks our brothers and sister all around the world especially Europe, America,Australia, Afghanistan( mainland Hazaristan) Quetta Pakistan,Karachi, Central Asia and allover we should send them money to run this weblog in better and affective way like any other websites. We can do this because we are a nation. It is not a big burden on at all.

    Therefore, I personally request my all brothers and sisters including our freinds to help and donate these people to run the website as good as possible. My self soon will donate this website.

    Best wishes

    Ahmad Australia

    • dear,let me introduce me,i am an born parents migrated from quetta at the time of sad-partition of our hearts in present any indian trying to contact people on the other side is observed with suspicion due to obvious reasons. we should not have any grudge over this main purpose is to know more about QUETTA,WHERE MY PARENTS WERE told by my parents there was a cantt area where my father and uncles had some restaurant with bar facility.our original caste is hingerkapoor. can any body give more details about QUETTA OF MY DREAMS

      • hi kapoor quetta is one of the gretest city and quetta is emeninent for its fresh and the number 1 apples around the world it’s connected with ziarat where quaid e azam died and ziarat is famous for its charries. the name quetta wasnot quetta it was sholequote that means ( khan of qalat gave shole(duppata) to his daughter this city ) after words name was sholequotta then people pronounced it as quotta then after words it turened in to quetta.. quetta is surrounded by the mountains like murdar mountain , chiltan mountain, hanna urak side mountain with some water falls as called walli tangi a small lake… in quetta many tribes are living like hazara,pashtoon,panjabi,baloch,sindhi etc ..

        • SHUKRIYA FARHAN SAHEB next time i want to discuss more about quetta and hazara thank you

      • hi kapoor quetta is one of the gretest city and quetta is emeninent for its fresh and the number 1 apples around the world it’s connected with ziarat where quaid e azam died and ziarat is famous for its charries. the name quetta wasnot quetta it was sholequote that means ( khan of qalat gave shole(duppata) to his daughter this city ) after words name was sholequotta then people pronounced it as quotta then after words it turened in to quetta.. quetta is surrounded by the mountains like murdar mountain , chiltan mountain, hanna urak side mountain with some water falls as called walli tangi a small lake… in quetta many tribes are living like hazara,pashtoon,panjabi,baloch,sindhi etc ..

        • farhan saheb, i am really delighted to receive a response from a place which remains in my heart not only mine most of the people migrated from QUETTA remembers it from their core of hearts.please tell more about this place.i am happy that you have performed a BISMILLAH on starting a QUETTA FAN CLUB.i hope other interested brothers will also join us. thank you

  9. Salam, ma fakhar munum iem roz bara azi khub wa kar amad site ki chand adama millaw shuda jor kada. Ie kaloo kar amad site asta azi khatir har chand ki mane azi site adama visit aur participate matanan kana chara ki akhir khu KHOON HAZARAGI asta na …

    Waiting for a NEW HAZARAISTAN.

  10. sallam ba tamami hazarahai da ghami shaheed yousifi ba tamami sharik hastam wa kheili muteassifam.wa digar man az students hazara kheili khoshhal hastam ke anha pishraft mikonan.rafiqe shuma Hosin Rizaii Venice Italy.

  11. salam ba biradara va khaharaye hazaragi ma dafe aval mayake amadem da i sayt bisyar khosh shodom dua mokonom ke hamiesha kamyab shavid dostan .

  12. By Saying “FUCK YOU ALL” You Mean Offense To Us All… Thats Why I Would Say …. “ESA RA BA DEEN E KHOD WA MOSA RA BA DEEN E KHOD” Wa ” HAAR QAWM RA RASM SHI, WA HAAr GOSPOO RA PASHM SHI”…. Let All Follow Their Own Will …

  13. to every one: relegion and hazaragi can be togather , there are too many countries in the world having there culture along thier relegion ,and also they are fighting to save thier relegion and nation, i mean there are soo many people that are relegious and nationalist, so mr bamiyaan there is no matter to have a relegion or to follow a relegion, u can not fine any one who do not have any relegion in the world.
    but there is a qustion about u mr BAMIYAAN : why u have selected a stone (BOOTH E BAMIYAAN )az your god?????????????

    • I have never talked of booth e bamiyan …
      I talk of Bamiyan Land …..
      Bamiyan where i have an ancestral , langual , cultural ,and a number of relations
      the Budhas of bamiyan are an art work , a pure love of some craftmen , the symbol of Glory and prosperity of that region in that era …

      and the way you talk of a stone (Booth e Bamiyan ) depicts your surface understanding of Islam the religion u claim u are awared ….
      i m sorry i m not being given the permission to talk with my full speed
      coz of a speed breaker ….

      what ever ..

  14. We are more united then ever before. To make things work according to the plan, our leaders should have regular meeting and advice for the people to follow.

    For example;

    Collect funds to help our people in need. I think we need to build a school, college and help our people in Bamian who are still facing hardships. Our duty, as proud nation is to educate them so that we can be a better nation tomorrow.

    We have enough resources in Quetta and Kabul or Jaghori to educate our people. We need our historical city of Bamian to be educated because its one of the most historical city not only in Afghanistan but in the world. Let’s collect the funds and let’s help them.

    Or : build a Hazaragi TV channel in Quetta or Kabul.

    What do you think??

  15. […] Become a Contributor Posted by: Editor | February 24, 2009 […]

  16. From reading the response left by Ataullah Naseri on feb.2nd, I applaud the Hazara Coalition of Australia that organized a peaceful protest in front of Pakistan High Commission. The Hazara society in NY should be taking a similar approach for a demonstration in front of the pakistani embassy and not the UN.

    My deepest regards to the families of those who passed away.

  17. It’s quite appalling to see from the pictures of the fatiha held in Washington that the room was quite empty, being that many of the hazaras in NY or in the US for that matter were not invited. Many hazaras were not invited, which leaves me to question the hazara society. Previously there were other azara killings in Quetta and they weren’t fairly acknowledged here in the United States.

    Another, this coming saturday there will be a potential demonstration in front of the united nations. As a pakistani hazara I would prefer to stand in front of our Pakistani embassy. I think the Pakistani government would do more for hazaras than what the United Nations could accomplish. Our matter is more domestic than it is international. Can’t we learn from the UN’s response to the chaos that occurred in Gaza, oh i forgot there wasn’t a response.

    Anway, obviously there aren’t many of us in NY. Im quite worn out over the fact that for many of our photos our outcomes are small, no offense but we wouldnt even make the newspaper. NOT ONE! I’m only predicting this from the response we got the last time we, the hazara society, demonstrated in front of the UN.

    Finally from what I’ve seen in NY, azaras don’t get along with each other. I think that the first hurdle that we should get over and accomplish is this tension amongst us. What I can’t seem to figure out is why the new generation of hazaras don’t take the effort of getting oppinions of their seniors before taking action. We need to all set aside our pride and make the effort to educate each other.

    I do not want to appear biased. These oppinions are my own and were influenced from the things that I have seen. I welcome all comments. I look foward to hearing from everyone. If my assistance is needed just let me know. Im gladly willing to help.

    • Hi Huma, nice to see a hazara girl writing in such a pretty and explicit way. You seem to see the whole picture and i really appreciate your dignose. This is really nice and from your writing and the way you see on the matters is modern and clean of all the ill will and selfishness. You seem further to be quite scholarly and full of energy and initiative. Try to connect a net of people thinking similar to you from all around and take the first step yourself. No one else is going to do that believe me. I live in Europe and u seem to live in the US, take the initiative and let me know. I hope we can build a network of enlightened people to help guide some solutions of our people.
      Go on and good luck.

  18. It is the reality but as i know except all these we have lots of positive aspects related to our community like the talents among our youth etc……..i have my request to the organizers of the site that please show some positive aspects of our community that would be helpful to make our youth more energetic in order to compete in different fields of education, art and technology etc …… please please promote the positive aspects of our community so that the world should know its not only the community who suffers from terrorism but we are the inspiration for the whole world.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  19. I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate all those determined, gifted intelectuals on running such a significantly pivotal website for the Hazaras. please remember and remember that the fate and future of the Hazaras, both in afghanistan and Pakisatan, entirely depends on our tireless and wise efforts and endeavours. If we don’t make a crucially decisive decision now, tomorrow will be so late and we all will be sent to slaughter houses as we were sent during the reign of Abulrahman. I, as a pained hazara, call urgently on all hazara leaders and cultured to paragmaticly ponder of a concerete and workable solution for the disaster-stricken hazaras. good luck

  20. please visit my blog for a fresh piece on the Hazaras

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