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Hamid Mir’s Column on Ethnic Cleansing of Hazaras

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Chief Minister Balochistan Mocks Hazara Killings

Quetta: Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani has said the killing of 40 Hazaras in Mastung is not a big deal. While talking to media in Islamabad, Nawab Raisani said

Of the millions who live in Balochistan, 40 dead in Mastung is not a big deal. I will send a truckload of tissue papers to the bereaved families. I’d send tobacco if I weren’t a politician.

Chief Minister Balochistan is a shameless corrupt ruler who instead of condolence with dozens of bereaved families who have lost their breadwinners, mocks their coldblooded killings. What rule of law and security we could expect from a Chief Minister like Raisani? He is member of the Central Committee of Pakistan People’s Party and Chief Minister of Balochistan. Lawmakers on Monday in National Assembly  discussing the ethnic cleansing of Hazaras demanded dismissal of the Balochistan Government and imposition of Governor Rule. With such a comment, the People’s Party leadership should not only dismiss the Balochistan Government, but also dismiss the basic membership of Raisani from PPP.

Lahore, October 05: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has asked President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani to take immediate, direct and personal initiative to prevent the killing of members of the Hazara community in Quetta and ensure action against all those who have failed to protect citizens’ lives.

The HRCP statement said,

After emphasizing the most heinous nature of the recent wave of Hazaras’ killing in her communication to the President and the Prime Minister, HRCP chairperson Zohra Yusuf has said:

“These killings must cause your government serious anxiety for a number of reasons. First, these killings and the failure of the administration to stem the odious tide or to apprehend the culprits reveal a state of lawlessness no civilised government can countenance. That this is happening in a city swarming with Rangers and Frontier Constabulary personnel can only be attributed to the federal authority’s failure to exercise due control.

“Secondly, the fact that victims are members of a religious sect that is in a minority is causing alarm. Failure to protect the lives and property and basic freedoms of the Hazara people will have serious law and order implications across the country and make Pakistan a pariah in the comity of nations.

“Finally, whatever their faith and calling the Hazaras are as honourable citizens of Pakistan as anyone else and the protection of their lives and liberty is a duty for which you will be held accountable.

“On behalf of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan I therefore call upon you to personally intervene in the situation, take all necessary steps to protect the lives and all other rights of the Hazaras, including issuance of appropriate directives / requests to the Balochistan government and the security agencies concerned. All those who have failed to fulfil their duty to protect the people’s lives in Balochistan have forfeited their right to hold their positions and all of them should be made to pay for their incompetence and insensitively to the killing of innocent citizens and the sufferings of their families.”

Here is link to the HRCP statement on their website.

Human Rights Watch in a statement has asked the Pakistani authorities to prevent targeted killing and the ethnic cleansing of Hazaras. In a statement, HRW says,

On October 4, 2011, gunmen riding on motorbikes stopped a bus carrying mostly Hazara Shia Muslims who were headed to work at a vegetable market on the outskirts of Quetta, the provincial capital. The attackers forced the passengers off the bus, made them stand in a row, and opened fire, killing 13 and wounding six others. On September 19, near the town of Mastung, gunmen forced about 40 Hazara who had been traveling by bus to Iran to visit Shia holy sites to disembark, shot 26 dead, and wounded six. Although some Hazara managed to escape, another three were killed as they tried to bring victims to a hospital in Quetta. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a Sunni militant group, claimed responsibility for the September 19 attack.

Asia Director of Human Rights Watch, Brad Adams said,

The targeted killings of Shia are a barbaric attempt at sectarian and ethnic cleansing. The government’s failure to break up the extremist groups that carry out these attacks calls into question its commitment to protect all of its citizens.

Read the full HRW statement here on their website.

By Saleem Javed

Targeted killing of Hazara has continued for last 12 years. It has not only been ignored by successive governments and security officials but by the very ‘Ghairatmand’ and patriotic people of Pakistan who take to the streets in millions to protest against the killings of their fellow countrymen by a foreign citizen but never give a damn about Hazara genocide.

This biased attitude is unfortunately shown towards a community whose children grow up with an ambition to join Pak Army and defend theLandofPure. From Yazdan Khan aka ‘Sher e Kashmir’, to General Musa Khan Hazara (Hilal e Jura’t) who lead 1965 war against India; to Maj. M.Ali & Capt. Zulfiqar (martyrs of 1998 Kargil War)…all belong to this helpless community which has been shamelessly ignored by almost all the Pakistanis.

After 12 years of being target killed and massacred, most of the members of Hazara community would not expect Pak establishment(for certain reasons) and politicians (number game) to at least express some solidarity with the families and victims of such heinous act of terrorism. Nonetheless, they have been absolutely looking forward to receiving some words of sympathy from the civil society and self-proclaimed free private media. To their surprise, the aforementioned institutions have either deliberately overlooked the tragedy or have been threatened to remain silent. Exceptions are always there, to be noted!

Whenever there is an attack on Hazara community, their members stage peaceful protest rallies in different parts of the country to let their voice heard. Although tens of media personnel can be seen filming and photographing their demonstrations but almost none would broadcast whatever was recorded.

It’s quite understandable that in countries like Pakistan the hands of the media are tied plus the fact that corporate media drafts its censorship policy in terms of viewership /readership in the best economical interest of its company. Thus, no sincere and professional journalism should be expected from the corporate media purposed to do business.

To be brief, in the latest incident of terrorist attack on Tuesday Oct 14 in Akhtar Abad,Quetta, where at least 14 innocent Hazara vegetable vendors were brutally murdered, I witnessed a number of media personnel belonging to various TV channels covering the incident from the very beginning to the very last moment of funeral and burial ceremonies.

Seeing all this, it was definitely expected that an enormous amount of coverage and a number of talk shows will be dedicated to the tragic incident to express some solidarity with the Hazara community in general and the families of the victims, in particular.

To everybody’s surprise, the Hazara community was shamelessly blamed, targeted and insulted by a TV talk-show host–a bigot who happens to look quite tidy, humble and patriotic. He was none other than Javed Chaudary who furiously expressed his hatred towards the Hazara ethnic minority by making an absolute false allegation against them that they set the same bus on fire which was driven to BMC Hospital carrying dead bodies and those injured by its courageous driver who could have escaped earlier without getting hurt. Javed Chaudary on his show, Kal Tak, keeps patronizing and symbolizing the driver as a hero while hurling abuses at the Hazara community.

The Hazara community would have wholeheartedly thanked and admired the driver given he had really driven the bus to BMC hospital. But the fact is that he had escaped as soon as the assailants were done. The bus that Javed Chaudary is talking about was driven to hospital by a police officer which was proudly claimed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations), Hamid Shakeel while talking to Geo News.

Meanwhile, the readers are requested to give a deeper thought on Javed Chaudary’s remark: ‘It was the same bus which had all the evidence against the terrorists in it’. Now you tell me, who benefits from burning the bus? The Hazaras? Absolutely not! Even if it had the evidence, there was a similar on Hazaras in Mastung just a week ago, what has come out of the evidence? It is a campaign of ethnic cleansing since the last 12 years, tens of attacks were carried, but not a single culprit has been punished. LeJ terrorists Usman Saifullah and Dawood Badini had escaped from an Anti-Terrorist Force jail in Quetta Cantt. And Javed Chauhdary is talking about evidence in a bus.

For Chaudary’s info, the Hazaras of Quetta have gained enough experience in last 12 years to value such evidence. Only the naïve would believe in your propaganda to defame the targeted community. The fact that the Hazara community has been peaceful and constructive is clearer than sky. Were it not for the community’s maturity,Quetta would have turned into another Swat or Parachinar years ago.

Further more, Chaudary Saheb uses the term ‘Jan ba Haq’–which is usually used for a non-Muslim dead–for the martyrs of Akhtar Abad incident which obviously shows his intention behind such flagitious show. He calls the imaginary driver ‘a hero’ and ‘a Benefactor of Hazara community’ and asks ‘Tamgha-e-Shuja’at’ for him while speaking out all his hatred against the Hazaras. No mention of what happened to the innocent lives!! Nothing about the poor families who lost their breadwinners.

Last but not the least, there are also journalists who buy all the dangers to listen to the plight of Hazara community and echo their voice. Sophia Jamal, Nusrat Javed, Mushtaq Minhas and Najam Sethi are prominent among those who deserve a salute.

The author is a doctor, and social media activist. He tweets at @mSaleemJaved

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Kamran Khan of Geo TV Talks Hazara Ethnic Cleansing

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To Pakistani Media and Journalists

Press Release of Amnesty International

(Washington, DC) — In reaction to the news that gunmen have attacked a bus carrying Shia Muslims in southwestern Pakistan, killing 13 people and injuring six others, Amnesty International said:

“Sadly this is only the latest in a long line of brazen attacks against Quetta’s Shi’a population. Sectarian violence has been a feature of the general breakdown in law and order in Pakistan, but these recent attacks seem to indicate a new targeting of the ethnic Hazara community,” said Mustafa Qadri, Pakistan researcher at Amnesty International.

“Routine targeted killings against the Hazara and other groups because of their ethnicity, religion or political affiliations raises serious questions about the will or ability of Pakistan security force to protect the people of Balochistan.”

Increased attacks on Shia and in particular Hazara Shi’a, who are mostly Afghan refugees, demonstrate the increasing marginalization both groups face in Pakistan.

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14 Hazaras Killed

Fourteen Hazaras were killed while seven injured when armed-men opened fire on Hazara vendors in a local bus en-route to the vegetable and fruits market in Hazarganji on Tuesday morning.

According to the New York Times,

On Tuesday morning, attackers riding in a pickup intercepted the bus carrying mostly Shiite commuters traveling to a market. The gunmen forced non-Hazara passengers to get off and then opened fire on the Hazara passengers inside the bus, according to Abdul Khaliq Hazara, chairman of the Hazara Democratic Party, which represents the community.

Part 01

Part 02

Part 03

Part 04

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Timeline of Attacks on Hazaras in 2011: Express TV

There will be worldwide protest demonstrations in Asia, Australia, Europe and America on October 01 against the targeted killing and ethnic massacre of the Hazaras in Quetta, Pakistan. Details of the protest venue and time are given below. We request all the Hazaras and humanity loving people around the world to raise voice against the ethnic cleansing of Hazaras in Pakistan.


City: Karachi

Venue: In front of Karachi Press Club

Organizer: Hazara Mughal Yagjehti Forum

Contact Person: Sardar Mehdi Hassan Musa


City:  Lahore

Venue: Lahore Press Club
Organizer: Jawanan e Hazara Lahore & Hazara Students
Time: 04:00 PM
Contact Person: Ali Anwar
Phone: 0092-3895910

City: Islamabad

Venue: In front of the Parliament House

Organizer: Jawanan e Hazara

Contact Person: Sajjad Hussain
Phone: 0092-345-8521901

City: Quetta

Venue: Nichari Imam Bargah to Hazara Qabristan
Organizer: Jawanan e Hazara


City: Sydney

Venue: Town Hall to Hyde Park

Organizer: Australian Hazara Federation

Time: 11AM-12:30PM

Contact Person: Ahmed Raza Wakil
Phone: 0061400059000

City: Melbourne

Venue: State library 328 Swanston St, Melbourne
Organizer: Australian Hazara Federation
Time: 11AM-2PM
Contact Person: John Gulzari
Phone: John Gulzari + 61-404 833175, Yousafi: 0401 278 768,

City: Adelaide

Venue: Victoria Square Adelaide
Organizer: Australian Hazara Federation
Time: 9:30AM-1PM
Contact Person: Bismallah Rezaee
Phone: + 61-402 5411182

City: Perth 

Venue: Gearge Street Post Officer Perth City
Organizer: Australian Hazara Federation, Hazara Community Perth
Time: 12:00AM-12:00PM
Contact Person: Jaffer Batoor
Phone: + 61- 422195508

City: Rockhampton Queensland

Venue: Victoria Park wandal Rockhampton Queensland Australia 4700
Organizer: Australian Hazara Federation
Time: 11AM-1PM
Contact Person: Ali Raza, Mr. Mujtaba
Phone: Ali Raza+ 61-0421525371, Mujtaba 0435 772 264
Date: 1st Oct, 2011


City: Istanbul

Venue :Taksim Square Istanbul
Organizer: Hazara Student Assocaition
Time : 11:00AM to 1:00PM
Contact: Hassan Raza Mirzaie 00905068535999 , Hassan Rezai.00905382901021

City: Ankara

Veneu: Iran street, No.37 in front of Pakistan Embassy Ankara
Organizer : Hazara Student Association
Time : 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Contact: Abbas Ali Hussaini 00905073143631


New York

Venue: In front of Pakistani Consulate in 5th Avenue NY
Organizer: HOPE-USA
Time: 02:00PM-05:00PM
Contact Person: Liaquat Sharifi
Phone: 001-917-3790-161   Date: 30 Sept, 2011



Venue: In front of the Embassy of Pakistan
Organizer: Hazara International Forum of Great Britain
Time: 12:00 Noon to 15:00 Hours
Contact Person: Mama Marzuq
Phone: 0044-0208 521 7462 (Mama Marzooq)
Date: 3rd Oct, 2011


City:  Oslo

Venue: Utenriks Department (National Theateret) victoria Terrase 5
Organizer: Hazaras of Norway
Time: 02:30PM-06:00PM
Contact Person: Maisam Haideri
Phone: 004745805653

City: Trondheim

Venue: Trondheim Torg
Time: 12:00 – 14:00
Organizer: Hazaras of Norway


City: Stockholm

Venue: In front of Pakistan Embassy
Organizer: Hazara Association Norway
Time: 09:30PM – 11:30PM
Contact Person: Yasir Zaidi, Khadim Shafai, Mirza Hussain
Phone: Contact : Khadim Shafai 0046722961331 Mirza hussain 0046735806764 Yasir zaidi 0046700368654
Date: 3rd Oct, 2011

City: Malmo

Venue: Gustav Adolfstorg
Organizer: Bonyad-e-Baba Mazari & Hazaras of North Sweden
Time: 03.00 PM-05.00PM
Contact Person: Didar Qaemi
Phone: 0046-704402763



Venue: Dundas Square (Yonge and Dundas Intersection) Toronto
Organizer: Hazara Association of Canada
Date: 1st October, 2011
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00 pm
Contact Person: Eng. Jawad
Phone: 0061477801912



Venue: Hauptbahnhof ( Main Railway Station ) Hamburg
Organizer: Hazaras of Germany
Time: 12:00PM-03:00PM
Contact Person: Saleem Shah
Phone: Ghulam Shah, 0049017649752023,
Saleem Shah 004917648258905
Date: 1st Oct, 2011



Venue: Schwedenplatz to Stephansplatz
Organizer: Hazara Association of Austria
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Contact Person: Hadi SADIQI,
Phone: 0043 660 5626154, 0043 699 123 19444
Date: Saturday, 1st Oct 2011



Venue: Piazza Venezia
Organizer: Hazara Association, Italy
Time: 02:00PM to 04:00PM
Contact Person: Musadiq
Phone: Musadiq 0039-3297293930, Jafer # 0039-3282943334,
Date: 1st Oct, 2011



Venue: Schouwburgplein
Time: 1400 to 1600
Date: 1 Oct 2011
Contact person: Mohammad Raza
Mob# 0031641043946

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Killing of Hazaras in Mastung

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Hazara Youth Protest in Front of Parliament House

Islamabad: Hazara youth in Islamabad staged a protest demonstration in front of the Parliament House on Friday against the government failure to stop genocide of Hazaras in Quetta.

Holding banners and placards, the protesters, including member of National Assembly from Quetta Nasir Shah, were chanting slogans against sectarian violence and targeted-killings of Hazaras in Quetta. They were demanding the Federal Government to take immediate action and stop the genocide of Hazaras. MNA Nasir Shah criticized the Provincial Government in Balochistan for the Hazara killings saying those in government are responsible.

The protesters while talking to different media outlets were saying hundreds of Hazaras have become victim of this genocide in Quetta since last ten years. They demanded the Government for action, saying none of the culprits have been arrested so far. MNA Nasir Shah while talking to Pakistan Today said, “most of the violence incidence had taken place closer to the Frontier Corps (FC) check posts, which was a question mark on the performance of FC personnel.”

The protesters were saying  banned outfits like the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are behind such attacks and the Government has never tried to take action against them.

Watch BBC Urdu video report of the protest here.

Editor’s Note: This piece by Farrukhzad Ali was first published at Pakistan Blogzine. Below are excerpts from his post. Hazara News Pakistan doesn’t necessary endores views of the author.

Ejaz Haider recently visited Quetta with the purported agenda of meeting Hazara tribal and religious leaders and Deobandi/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leaders to inform his readers about the situation in Quetta. But what he has finally produced as a result of his Quetta sojourn is nothing short of an ISPR press release. Athar Abbas has most certainly lost credibility, and needs new faces to deliver his messages.

In his August 3 article published in Express Tribune, Ejaz Haider tells us that the situation in Quetta is not as simple as it might seem because Hazaras are actually not a persecuted lot, but an Iranian proxy in Quetta who are funded by Iran and operate for Iran’s interests. The miseries of Hazaras are therefore self-inflicted, and they fully deserve the fate they have been subjected to.

The justifications Ejaz proffers to substantiate this buncombe are: the Iranian government invited 170 members from the Hazara community to commemorate Ayatollah Khomeini’s death anniversary this year; the Hazaras celebrated Shab-e-Barat this year by cutting a 40 lbs cake; Allama Domki is accused of being involved in a Deobandi prayer leader’s murder on July 28; Shia clerics indulge in sectarian sermons; and happenings in Quetta are of an action-reaction pattern. These are the reasons which according to Ejaz Haider have resulted in the killings of Hazaras ever since it commenced in the late 1990s.

Let me take each of his claims one by one.

For Ejaz Haider’s information, the Iranian government has been inviting Pakistanis from all backgrounds (including Hazaras) to attend Ayatollah Khomeini’s death anniversary for two decades now, and the list of invitees includes politicians, army officers, journalists, members of several religious parties, as well as ordinary citizens. The list of the invitees also includes names such as Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Munauwar Hasan, and Gen. Hamid Gul. So should we accept Ejaz Haider’s apology that Hazaras are being killed because Iran invited 170 of their members to attend Ayatollah Khomeini’s death anniversary in 2011? By the way, most of the 170 Hazaras who visited Iran this year were actually women and children, for whom the visit entailed no political connotations.

Shab-e-Barat celebrations in Quetta are as old a story as Hazaras themselves, and have never included sectarian sermons. Shab-e-Barat in Quetta, like elsewhere, is celebrated by using firecrackers, holding poetry recital gatherings and cutting of cakes – including one 40 lbs this year, which according to Ejaz Haider, was funded by Iran and resulted in killings of Hazaras. For his information, this wasn’t the first instance of a 40 lbs cake being cut – it is a tradition which has continued for quite a while now. And a 40 lbs cake in Quetta costs something like Rs. 6000, which doesn’t necessarily have to come from Iran. Half a million Shias in Quetta can afford to pool that much money. Ejaz probably mortgaged to Khakis his mind along with his character to become their spokesperson.

Allama Maqsood Domki’s involvement in Maulana Karim Mengal’s murder seems far from possible for several reasons. First of all, Domki – a Baloch – is not a native of Quetta and is therefore disliked by the somewhat ethnocentric Hazaras. During the past decade in which he tried to find footholds in the Hazara dominated areas of Quetta, not only did he fail, he was driven out of the Hazara localities. Assuming that the assassin was indeed Domki’s accomplice and hailed from Dera Allah Yar, can Ejaz Haider educate us as to where could he perish instantly after the attack keeping in view the fact that due to Hazaras’ distinct features and their abhorrence for Domki, he couldn’t seek refuge in the Hazara dominated areas which are the only Shia populated localities in Quetta? Does Ejaz Haider even know that Jaffaria Alliance is dysfunctional in Balochistan and doesn’t even command a dozen followers?

Ejaz Haider’s claim of indulgence of Shia clerics in sectarian sermons is perhaps the most ludicrous of all. While this may be construed as either their spinelessness or diplomacy, Shia clerics in Quetta do not indulge in sectarian rhetoric. Even while carrying dozens of corpses, instead of sloganeering against any other sect, they conveniently blame either some unknown enemies of Islam, or US and Israel – the easy punch bags. If Ejaz Haider insists he is right in his claim, I throw him a wager to name a single such cleric, or produce a single such sermon (which should most certainly be recorded by the ISI, and will be in easy access to him).

Ejaz Haider’s equation of the death of over 500 Shias of Quetta with the assassination of a Deobandi prayer leader, killed on July 28 is appalling, and characteristic of the cold and inhuman Khaki behavior. Ejaz Haider’s simplistic khaki logic deduces that the situation in Quetta is in fact a two-sided sectarian war, in which both the antagonists are killing each other. He conveniently ignores that Shia killings have been taking place for over a decade now, and during all this period, not a single act of violence can be traced back to them. This is not a sectarian war, but systemic genocide of a single sect. Isn’t it ridiculous to say that Shias in Quetta were killed between 2001 and 2011, because a Deobandi prayer leader was killed on 28th July 2011 by unknown assailants? This is exactly what Ejaz Haider is telling us.

As previously stated, Ejaz Haider’s purpose of visiting Quetta and penning a concocted version of the happenings there is to allay even the marginal feelings of sympathy for the peripheral Hazaras, in mainland Pakistan. He serves the agenda of his Khaki masters well by telling his readers that Hazaras are not innocent citizens under fire, but Iranian agents who are under strict control of war-mongering Shia clerics involved in murders of Deobandi clerics. By presenting the situation as an action-reaction binary, he tries to deprive Hazaras of the higher moral stead, and reduces them to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s level and holds them equally responsible for violence.

By trying to prove Iran and Hazaras as the main culprits who have provoked Lashkar-e-Jhangvi for violence, Ejaz Haider has absolved the Pakistani state, especially the ISI, of any culpability. By doing so, he is insidiously arousing the sentiments of the common Pakistanis against the Shias of Quetta, and sedating their consciences with the allegations of treason and violence against the latter.

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In Response to Ejaz Haider

Ejaz Haider has written an op-ed on the Express Tribune about the targeted-killing of Hazaras in Quetta discussing the sectarian dimensions of the terrorism in the city. He says,

The narrative is rather simple: the peaceful Hazara community is being targeted by a sectarian terrorist organisation. I remembered visiting, last December, what the Hazara call the Martyrs’ Graveyard, close to the Marriabad locality where Koh-e Murdar begins to get diminutive. The expanded wing of the graveyard has more graves of people killed in subsequent sectarian attacks. Finding: the Hazara have suffered and continue to at the hands of Deobandi sectarian terrorists.

But wait. Take a look at another set of ‘facts’. On July 28, as Abdul Karim Mengal, a Deobandi prayer leader at Jamia Albadar comes out of a mosque near Pishin Bus Stop, two motorcyclists kill him. Sources on both sides of the divide and in the police say there’s strong suspicion that the killers were linked to Allama Maqsood Domki, the chief of Balochistan’s Jafaria Alliance, and belonged to Dera Allah Yar, Allama Domki’s birthplace.

Domki himself was attacked in 2009 and his guards killed one of the assailants. In June this year, about 170 people from the Hazara community were invited by the Iranian government to attend the death anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini. “They were feted by the Iranian government. We don’t know what they were told but this year’s Shab-e Barat saw the biggest-ever celebration known to Quetta’s Shia community. They cut a 40 lbs cake, a novelty. It was an aggressive show,” a Hazara told me.

The chairman of Hazara Democratic Party, Abdul Khaliq Hazara, was even more forthcoming as I sat in his baithak sipping kehwa and talking to him. A man with a sense of humour, he criticised both Deobandi terrorists and Hazara and other Shia religious leaders. “They play in the hands of Iran, our religious leaders,” he said. Not one to mince words Khaliq has quite often fallen foul of Shia clerics for objecting to their sectarian sermons and being close to Iran. “Funds come from Iran through their consulate and we see this action-reaction pattern which takes toll of Hazara life.”

Law enforcement officers corroborate the Iranian connection but are more squeamish about the LeJ terrorists. How did Usman Saifullah Kurd, the LeJ terrorist, manage to escape from a high-security ATF prison situated in Quetta cantonment? What about Daud Badini? One source alleges that the night Kurd escaped, some Hazara guards were relieved from duty and the roster changed. It is difficult to corroborate this story especially if the duty roster was indeed changed unless one could compare it with the original roster. It would be naive to think that would still exist. But the question remains: how did Kurd escape?

Hazara clerics seem convinced the LeJ is supported by some elements in the establishment. This is the terrain of allegations which is utilised by all sides in Balochistan. The Deobandi side alleges that former General-President Pervez Musharraf had a policy of placing Shia officers in key positions, another allegation.

With this imbalanced piece, Mr. Ejaz in a very masterly skill tries to confuse his readers with mixing everything up to produce a perception that the mass genocide of Hazaras for the past decade in Quetta is a result of sectarian reaction-attacks. He starts to make this perception by mentioning the murder of Abdul Karim Mengal, a Baloch Deobandi cleric, saying that Alama Maqsood Domki, a Baloch Shia cleric from Dera Allah Yar, is suspected. The question is, What is the Hazara connection here? He makes it look like the Hazara genocide is a result of Karim Mengal’s murder. There have been sectarian attacks on Hazaras since 2000, and during this entire decade, Abdul Karim Mengal is the first Deobandi cleric killed on sectarian grounds in Quetta.

Then Ejaz intentionally jumps to Iranian Government’s invitation of some Hazara clerics for Khomaini’s anniversary. This is not new! However, Ejaz after mentioning Iran, doesn’t make his assumption clear what “Iran connection” means for the targeted-killing of Hazaras? If he means Lashkar-e-Jangvi’s genocide campaign against the Hazaras is a reaction to the “Iran-connection”, why its never a Hazara cleric killed, rather mostly secular professionals like engineers, doctors and Hazara security personnel are massacred? Ejaz’s perception-formation goes on with a selected quote from Khaliq Hazara of Hazara Democratic Party about the “Iran-connection”, and another quote from “a Hazara”, without any name and identity. The sectarian attacks in Quetta for the last ten years have been carried against the Hazaras only! Unlike Karachi, where victims of sectarian attacks are from both sides, not a single attack has been carried on any Deobandi gathering, while hundreds of Hazaras are killed in attacks on religious places, targeted-killing of secular leaders like HDP leader Hussain Yousafi and other professionals. The murder of Abdul Karim Mengal, which Ejaz exemplifies to make his perception-formation look solid, is the first incident of sectarian attack on a Deobandi cleric in Quetta during this entire decade! This single incident is probably more of a personal enmity rather than a random sectarian attack.

Later he jumps on Baloch-Pashtun nationalist rift on military funds for Balochistan, which is totally irrelevant to the sectarian attacks and targeted-killings of Hazaras. But it is the way he makes his perception-formation through half-truths to deconstruct the bigger picture.

However, what Mr. Haider doesn’t mention in his propaganda piece are the following:

  • Why the strong inteligence agencies have failed to stop these targeted-killings and genocide of Hazaras for the past decade? The leaders of LeJ are known to common men.
  • If its a proxy sectarian war with Iran-connection, why the victims are only Hazaras?
  • Why the military establishment has failed to foil this proxy-war perception of Ejaz Haider?
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11 Hazara Killed in Attack

Quetta: 11 Hazaras, including a woman, have been killed when unknown gunmen opened fire on a Suzuki pickup near the Pishin Bus Stop on Spini Road Quetta on Saturday.
Police has labelled it another sectarian attack of the series of attacks on Hazaras. Bodies of the several injured were shifted to Bolan Medical Hospital near Hazara Town, where enraged protesters burnt two vehicles in a blockade of road near Brewery Police Station.
Hazara Democratic Party strongly condemning the attack has announced a shutter-down strike in Quetta on Sunday.
The Suzuki vehicle was on its route from Hazara Town to Marriabad. The Hazara passenger-vehicles on this route have under several targeted-attacks previously. Recently last month, a hand-grenade was thrown inside a vehicle injuring several. The first attack on a vehicle on this route was in February 2001, when 5 Hazaras were killed. It was later claimed by Lashkar-e-Jangvi.

Protest in Australia Against Genocide of Hazaras in Quetta

Brief of Attacks on Hazaras in Quetta:

Target killing of Hazaras in Quetta started since 2000 when Sardar Nisar Ali Hazara was attacked by “unknown” gunmen. His driver succumbed to severe injuries and died, while Sardar recovered the injuries. In February 2001 five other Hazaras died in another terorrist attack on a passanger van. Later on June 8, 2003 “unidentified” terrorists killed 12 Hazara policemen in Quetta. Just a month after this tragic incident on July 4 2003, 2 suicide bombers blew themselves up in a Hazara mosque killing about 60 people. It didn’t stop here. On March 2, 2004 a group of suicide bombers attacked a Muharram procession killing 80 Hazaras and critically injuring another 150. In 2005, another major suicide attack was foiled when some Hazara policemen, risking their lives, encountered with suicide bombers hiding on the route of the Ashura Procession. the Hazara policement killed all three terrorists.
From 2005 onwards, it has been a weekly routine. In the last couple of years, almost on every average day, there is a Hazara targeted-killing of high-profile personalities, professionals and other times ordinary citizens.

Timeline of Attacks on Hazaras in Quetta Recorded on this Blog from 2007 Onward:

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