Posted by: Editor | January 28, 2009

Humayun Jogezai Warns of Strict Action Against Protestors

Quetta January 27: Capital City Police Chief, Humayun Jogeza in a press conference after the martyrdom of  Yousufi has warned of strict action against the “violators of law”. He said any one found involved in damaging public or private property would be dealt with iron hands.

Humayun Jogezai further said that Quetta city does not belong to one group or individual. Police had allowed citizens to protest after the murder of Hussain Ali Yousufi which was their democratic right but, some elements tried to take law into their hands and resorted to riots in the city burning down public and private property. Police has registered cases against those arrested in this regard. He added law is above all and no pressure would be accepted in this regard.

CCPO Quetta Mr. Humayun Jogezai, son-in-law of Chief Minister Raisani,  did not talk a word about arresting any person involved in Yousufi’s murder neither he talked about the security concerns in the city. His press conference seemed more as attacking on an ethnic  group due to personal clashes. Hazara elites have strongly condemned his behavior.

It may be mentioned that those 12 Hazara boys arrested by Police after the riots in Quetta have been released after Hazara elites made efforts in this regard.


  1. it is very easy to sit here talk and assume things about an individual but sometimes the reality is either not known or mostly misunderstood through a deliberate plot to confuse massess and create misconceptions…
    i know this man personally and i know he caught the culprits involved in this criminal act, the 3 people belonged to the banned outfit of Sipa-e-Sahaba who are still serving behind bars two of them were also involved in the attack on Brigadier Bartarh (who is from our sect) and who was serving as the chief of NADRA, and one of the most important people in Jogezai’s team was DSP Kazmi who also belonged to our sect, he is currently posted in punjab, other than this there are many accounts of him bringing many other criminals to justice who were directly or indirectly involved in secretarian killings…
    he also killed in action a criminal/robber belonging to the kakar tribe his name was Ghulam haider, if the guy was such a racist he would have never killed someone from his own Kakar tribe instead he would have given him a safe passage or could have even used him for whatever purpose we can sit here and imagine…. we can call him for a face to face meeting with us at serena hotel in the presence of Brig Bartarh to clearify these misconceptins which are breeding hate against one another without a reason…
    when this propaganda surfaced the first people who showed support for mister Humayun were our hazara leaders, the Hazara Jirga went to his house to apologise for the misconceptions and rumors made by us and even showed him support and approved of his achievements and his will to bring forth criminals to justice i think even the news paper covered the jirga..
    so coming to a conclusion i just want to saythere are scores of people who have been affected by Humayun jogezai’s strict enforcement of law, the detection and punishment of criminal elements involved in heinous crimes who would use any and every oppertunity to spread dis-information and false propaganda, painting a honest and effecient officer of the Police service of Pakistan as a corrupt, evil and dishonest person…. Has anybody asked those who accuse him for proof, to substantiate the charges they make?

  2. Dear brothers Salam and Respect first.
    Az humans I think we have the right to protest and demand our rights.
    you know the constitution of Pakistan says that it’s citizens can protest for their rights and next to that the international human rights also says the same thing.
    Hazaras are the citizens of this country and we have the right to protest for our rights.
    now lets forget the bloody fool Jogeezai he can’t stop us from doing what we want.

    but I reckon we have to blame our leaders they are responsible for such kind of incidents or voilence , because they are in contact with the Government and they deal with this things.
    My advice to our leaders is : please don’t think about you personal interests think about the tribe beacause they are about to be hunted by wolfs and they are hunted already.
    Brothers and sisters, we have to learn from the situation you can see what is going on in the area in the city even in the whole country.
    lets be united, trust me if you are not united, alot of outlandish hands can work among you and then they will crack on to finish you.
    It is very said that we don’t have borders they are in the hands of bloody extremists they can do what they want and the Goverment is not able to control them.
    So I guess all the Hazaras located in Quetta should understand that if they don’t have leaders to be guided by, they will have to leave that city
    this is a potential incident which may happen.
    So Dear leaders think deeply forget your own interests think about the poor tribe which is about to lose confidents on you.


  3. Dear Brothers
    I am really sorry for the POOR HUMAYUN JOJOZAI. Its very correct that he used to be a car lifter. Poor fellow is helpless, what can he do? Nothing, But we must be sure that he is involved in all the criminal incidents in one way or the other. He has shares in the criminal world. In other words he is called BABU who is promoted just because of the age factor, otherwise talent-wise he is ver very weak. People can imagine that in the last few months poor fellow could not show any performance, this has two reasons 1. He is not talented/ experienced. or 2. He is involved in these crimes (himself a criminal). please think and you will come to know that one of the oprions is correct.
    Lastly I would say that “AZ CHAL CHALI SAG DARYA MURDAR NAMUSHA”.
    God bless all Hazaras.


  5. DSP,s are responsible for their areas.City police chief is responsible for the city and IG is responsible for the state.
    How comes that four police officers are assassinated and days later a prominent politician
    all on broad day light and busy streets?
    So either Jogezai and the others are idiot,stupid,foolish,corrupt and so on or they are part of the conspiracy themselves or they know very well the culprits but don’t have a stomach
    to bring it to the light because they are afraid and
    now he is talking of iron fist against demonstrators
    great but what is in the name of Jogazai?alas filth.
    Police officers were assassinated because they knew something and they paid with their lives
    the same was our politician because he was trying
    to shake hands of Belochs and Pashtoons and
    exactly this is the point that some elements are against it and alas he also paid with his life.
    one has to demonstrate for the resignation of
    jogezai,sho and IG of this state.

    Allah bless all of moderate Quetta people

    • Mr. Israr you took the message wrongly. This was not against Jogezai Tribe. This was about The police officer Hamayun who unfortunately bears the name of jogezai. He should be cursed for earning bad name for JOGAZAI by beaing incompatible and a failure to perform his duties honestly. So if you realy care about the name of Jogazai than instead of giving Dahmki to us….bahadur ban kar apnay officer ko bolain kay zara emandari say apni duty karain. Hamain ankain dika kar aap Jogazai ka nam roshan nahi kar sakthay…..bulkay aur badnami hogi aap ki….ham aur dunya samjay gain kay ….dahshat gardoon aur aap main zaroor koee baee bandhi hay.

  6. We had DIG who then was assigned in Traffic Police. We have CSS officers who are in any 3rd class groups but DMG,Police etc.
    When did Humayun Jogezai passed CSS ?
    Humayun ! We have motor bikes and can hide our faces…

  7. Dear watandar, I agree. What else will make the departed souls of those brave Hazara police officers proud. Our youths must consider this profession, a dangerous yet a necessary and a noble one.

  8. Salam Brotherha e Hazara

    Dar mustaqbil qareeb bisyaar ehteyat bayad konid ki khatra 100% mojood ast ……….

    Dar ehtajaji juloos khusosan ………..

  9. hi quoma.
    why dont we have hamuyun jogezie. guys do work hard to become IGP like him. it is not very much difficult. do your bachlors and work hard to pass CSS exame and opt police department as your first choice. you will be given the post of ASP,theb SP ,DIG. and then Inspector General Police.
    it is your ethical, moral and your national duty.dont think about going to europe, or australia. there is no thing. every body like labours work in a factory. dont think that you will enjoy any any thing. no thing beleive me. no respect in this society. please do this for your naton. pass the exame, work hard.

  10. Humayun jogzai was car lifter once! how come he became CCPO?

  11. I think instead of calling hazaras not protest. he him self should resign because he has failed to catch the muderers.

    Crupt people like him is a cancer cell in pakistan which will spread fast.

    He should think for a second before he says these sort of words and he dont understand his responsibility…

  12. Humayun, how long a man can live? Yusufi lived an honorable life among his nation. What about you? You are failed in your job. Accept it. Your Intelligence is zero. Any masked men from any corner can do it. No one catches them!

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