Posted by: Editor | March 21, 2010

HDP Protests Hazara Target Killing

Hazara Democratic Party held protest demostration against Hazara target killing.

Quetta: Hazara Democratic Party held a large protest rally against the sectarian and target killing of Hazara. The protesters holding banners with slogans against the failure of Provincial Govt. demanded of the concerned authorities to immediately arrest the group behind target killing. Speakers called on all the nationalist parties of Balochistan Province to raise voice against target and sectarian violence.

Large number of people participated in the protest rally on Mezan Chowk Quetta. Protesters were chanting slogans against the Government displaying placards and banners against sectarian and target killing of Hazaras. The rally participants marched down towards different main roads of the Quetta and dispersed peacefully.

General Secretary of HDP Abdul Khaliq Hazara, addressing protesters at Mezan Chowk, said that the Government must take stern action against those behind the target and sectarian killing of Hazaras immediately. He added the Government is involved in creating conflicts among the brotherly nations of Quetta, while it has totally failed to maintain an orderly situation. He added that sectarian outfits have been given free hands and perpetrators of Hazara target killing have not been arrested.

Other speakers said that Hazaras have been against sectarian violence and ethnic conflicts. They added brutality has reached its peak and the Government is failed to take any action against the terrorists.


  1. Dear All Hazara:
    let us get togather once More like BaBa Mazar did Our enemy has one target to finish the hazara.and we are hepling them by our small internal disputes.if they got us they will nt Never ask wether u r hazara afghanistan,hazara quetta or hazara iran.dear i am working in bamyan(central hazarajat) i am in Practical Conditional that is why i am giving comments.when i read above paraghrap i was so much upsad that is why i writing to All to those who Creating Problem like above Mention.
    Dear All hazara we do nt have time to get in these small disputes our enemy is try to put us to the same as before but we will find leader like baba Mazar
    God bless u allllllllllllllllllllllllll

  2. زنده باد تنها شعاراست وقتي هزاره ها به جايگاه واقعي خود نزديك مي شوند كه چشمهاي خود را باز نموده و دنبال منفعت ملي خود در تمام نقاط دنياباشند و دنبال شعارديگران نباشندديديديم كه طالبان سني متعصب چگونه تعدادي را در كويته در روز قدس كه به حمايت سني فلسطين حركت كرده بودكشتار دادندبهتر است كه خود را گرفتار مسايل سياسي كشورها نكنندكه هيچ سود برايش ندارند

  3. Dear brothers,

    This is not just a single incident caused by our pro iran Akhunds and Mullahs, 6th July incident still reminds us about such incidents, where our ISO, Pro-Iran culprits used our youths and there was a big blood shed in Quetta.

    such Mullahs and Akhunds get dollors from Iran and they provok them to their agendas, but our emotional youths who dont have mind and thinking think that whatever they are doing will pay them in their paradise.

    as we know the current situation of Pakistan, where there was lahore incident and it was obvious that such incident will occure again in Quetta if any religious procession is occured, but now still ISO and other extremist provoke our youths that such processions will continue in future.

    I dont know, why our youths do not realize, that they are poor people a nation which dose not have any factory or university, a nation with half a million population in Pakistan with few people in Quetta, how can they think of revolution against their great enemies, which they have themselves created. The wahabis and extremist organisations get millions of dollars from saudis and other western interests, they have training camps and other facilies of high-tech equipment, how can we fight with them. The main thing for us is to pressure the present balochistan govt. to protect us from such culprits, when they made a security plan, then why our youths did not follow that.

    As we all know that the CM of balochistan is the most corrupt and unacceptable person, who cant even make a speech in front of the people, whose family deal with drug dealers and have a very bad reputation with smugglers and corruption, how can we achieve utmost security from his govt.

    the peoples party(ppp) is the party of looters and corrupt ministers, whose president is called Mr. 10% or even more for his corruption, a country which is fully devasted with flood and inflation, whose army is incapable of safeguarding its country from outside threats, whose army has no power to protect the people of its nation where in itself live many religious extremist, a country which call itself the worlds nuclear power, but its poor and desparate people dying everyday of powerty and bloodshed, in such a situation how can we get security from such people.

    the main thing for us now is to project such problem in the internation stage, because the PPP govt. is incapable of listening to our problems, I suggest the HIF of UK, who are working hard to project our incidents in the international level, we should proest again and again against the Balochistan govt. and its CM in the international level, those who live in europe should protest against the balochistan govts. attrocities to our nation, those who live in Australia should arrange demonstrations, those who live in America and Canada should protest and ask the International human rights organisations about our nation.

    we have worked hard for many years for the development of Pakistan, but its shame to get no results from its rullers, we projected Pakistan in different levels to the world, we have developed Quetta a city of education and civilisation, but its corrupt leaders and govts. never helped us.

    a country which dose not have self-respect for its citizens, where there is no security for its people is not a country, we can live with proudness in such a country when we protect our self and our policies, we should not act upon our emotions, whatever Iran Akhunds call upon us, we should not listen to them.

    I hope that our youths will get together and think about the current situation in Pakistan, in such a situation, HDP has a great role to play, they should teach our people about the situation, they should unite the people, they should give vision and courage to our youths, so that they get motivation. Its a great deal, I hope we will achieve it.

    God bless you all

    A. Azeem

    Noted: Please share it with every one and every where.

  4. Stop the Scholars”
    It is declared tat the scholar used to play a vital rule for the destruction of Hazaras in the past in Afghanistan and now they are again playing the game with the Hazaras in Quetta. The life and property of Hazaras are being used by them. The scholars they are the spy and they do not think of any one tat who are the Hazaras. They want to make Quetta as like Hell for the Hazaras. They are going to destroy hazaras in Quetta. They are spy of Iran.
    Question: Why Iran Hate Hazaras?
    Answer: In reality Iran is Shia State but unfortunately they do not think this tat Iran must help the shias’ and where ever the Shia’s are being killed the Iran feel sad and become worry. Iran is a coutry who just think for the race and nation. They said before many times at different places that ” We are Irani and we follow the racism and nationalism, we do not think of any religions. We are first Irani and then Shia”.
    Before eight ot seven years when the religious leader of Iran “Khamanaye” addressed with the people tat “We respect the pashtuns bcz they belongs to our race and nation. Alas! instead of this all statment we believe them and we accept their statments.
    2nd the Iran believe this is thing that we belongs to Changaz Khan’s nation and they hate Changaz khan because every one knows and knew this fact that What Changaz Khan had done whit Iranis’. I think this the fact that today we are becoming the victom of terrorism by Iran most time.
    I request from the Hazara nation tat plz try to know tat wat is going on. All the youth of hazara, all the leader of Hazara, all the mother of Hazara, All the sister of Hazara, All the son of hazara, All the boys of Hazaras must know this tat if this time we follow the scholars, we lose your sons, fathers, brothers and others. So plz think!
    I do not say this thing tat we have to quite our religion Shia. I think Shia is the best religion in the worlds. Shia is best believed if we think. I do not say this thing tat we leave the “Jaloos” and other religious practice. I do not say this thing that do not do “Matam”, do not give “Charity”, do not go in Imam Baragha for praying but I say this thing tat did you know about the “Shiaism” that this means and what this advise us.
    I do not say this thing that we do not like Iran, I say this thing that Iran is respected for us bcz of its “Shrines”, bcz of Imam Reza (a.s), bcz of Masooma (s.a), bcz of Imam Mehdi’s Masque “Jamkaran”, bcz of others Imam Zada’s Shrine. The people of Iran are our enemies and as it is cleared before and now tat Iran always play a vital role for our destruction and want to destroy all of us in coming time. They utilize us as a shia and day by day they are making new planning for our destruction. We have to be awear of their dirty conspiracy and make it unprogressively in coming time.
    We have to decrease our Religious practice bcz as we decrease this practice we will give the less chance to the terrorist to kill our innocent youths.
    I am far from you people and I can feel the pain tat now all the sisters, mothers, brothers, fathers of Hazara have. Alas! What should I do. But I just can do one thing tat I want to share my great sympathy with my great and brave nation “Hazara. I pray to God tat God, I pray to you with the source tat u bestowed us, in the name of Panjatan e Pak, bcz of Imam Zamana (a.s) tat bestow us Unity and faith tat we can fight against our enemies. God bestow us the patient for losing our beloves who got martyrdom in the last few years incidents.
    Once again I feel sorry and feel sadness on the incident of 3 sep 2010 at Quetta.
    Long Live Hazara
    Live like Ali======Die like Hussein

    Noted: Please share it with every one and every where.

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