Posted by: Editor | May 8, 2011

Zardari, Gilani Mum, MQM, PTI Condemn Hazara Town Attacks

Quetta: Government officials in Islamabad have kept mum on the brutal attack in Hazara Town killing 8 innocent Hazaras on Friday. President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani of Pakistan Peoples Party have not even bothered with a condolence statement for the victims of rocket attack that has grieved the Hazara nation.

Mutahida Qawmi Movement (MQM) has condemned the terrorist attack in Hazara town calling it a conspiracy to provoke sectarian clash targeting peaceful people of particular section of society. MQM Central Committee demanded the Government, which the party has recently joined back, to arrest terrorists responsible for the attack.

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has also condemned the killing of innocent Hazaras. In a statement, Vice President PTI said that the law and order situation in the province had worsened. He said terrorists were killing innocent people on a daily basis through firing and bomb blasts while the government was not taking measures against them. He added the government had failed to maintain its writ in the province.


  1. Brother this is not the problem of Mr.Alqaeda or Mr.Jangawi, this is problem of Mr.Law enforcement agencies of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The tale of this string (Terrorism) in entire Pakistan and Afghanistan is in the hand of of these Pakistani agencies. They have ignited this fire throughout Pakistan and have destroyed Afghanistan but now the International Community is saving Afghanistan. You will see in few what happens with Pakistan. Now these agencies might have realized the real situation after their commander MR. Usama was killed by American in their military bases. Now they have realized that rather than killing their people better to do sincere politecs. They realized the strenght of mind and power which destroyed the whole histroy of Pakistani military power. Pakistani agencies have to draw a lesson from killing of Usama that their military history is fun. Now still this is time for these agencies to adopt ideal politecs and behavior and win the hearts of their people.

    What can they achieve by killing Hazaras??????????

    Iqrar Toronto

  2. Dear friends,

    as we know that the previous HDP members including Ibrahim hazara also has joined MQM which is a good news for us, but I think now the HDP will not join MQM because of their hatred with the previous members. HDP can be more successful if they forget their personal problems and personal hatred, if Muslim league groups joind with PPP and ANP with MQM then why not HDP.

    I think now is the time that the hazara people join hands with other parties of Pakistan, so that their problems can be heared and listened in the Pakistani medias, today why most of the parties of Pakistan comming to balochistan and broadcasting the misries of the Baloch people in the Pakistani media its because of the political objectives.

    HDP alone can not broadcast our problems to the world, they should join other groups and first make them known to its people, so that in future they will get more quantity of our people.

    I urge Khaliq hazara, HDP secretary general to visit MQM with the HDP leadership in karachi and make a deal with them. They will protest for us in karachi because many hazaras live in karachi, they will also boost our problems to the Pakistani media.

    HDP should also join with the baloch nationalist parties and arrange rallies.

    I hope that now is the time that hazara people in quetta should choose just one party, HDP because we have tested many parties, but now is the time that we should have our own party, like the pashtoons have pashtoonkhwa, every nation has its own party. MQM was also a nationalist party just for muhajeers, now they are getting popularity and spreading through out Pakistan.

    I hope that now is the time for every hazara person, specially the Australian Hazaras to start protest in the countries against the Balochistan govts attrocities to our nation. If we the hazaras of Quetta protest for the hazaras of Afghanistan in Australia and europe, then why not they protest for us.

    join hands with all over the hazaras of the world and show the world about your unity and strenght.

    God bless you all

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